Smartest Breeds of Dogs


Despite being small, some dog breeds have been known to be very smart, and this is especially true of the German shepherd, Shetland sheepdog, and Belgian Sheepdog. These four breeds have extremely high intelligence, and are known for being highly trainable. Below are some of the smartest breeds of dogs, in order of increasing intelligence. These breeds are known for their high levels of energy and intelligence.

Border collies

Though border collies are not the most intelligent breeds of dog, they are very observant and can quickly learn commands. Once trained, they can perform their duties with little to no human training. They are also very athletic and intelligent. They have won numerous agility competitions and have consistently topped the rankings at Crufts International. Here are some of the ways to train your Border Collie:

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a Border Collie for your home is that they need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Their intelligence is high, so they are great for active families. While they may be reserved around strangers, they get along well with children and other pets. They are also good with cats and may even try to corral small children. But don’t expect them to be the most playful and energetic dog in your household.

The Border Collie’s intelligence has been confirmed by the results of a survey of obedience trial judges conducted by canine psychologist Stanley Coren. The Border Collie was ranked among the smartest dog breeds in five repetitions or less. The study was initially criticized, but the results have since been widely praised. But Border Collies still have much to prove to their owners. The smartest dog in the world is Chaser. He passed away on July 23, 2019 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

German shepherds

A recent study suggests that German Shepherds are among the smartest breeds of dogs. This may be attributed to the extensive training these dogs receive as puppies. While their intelligence may have a lot to do with genetics and their environment, the German Shepherd also excels in instinctive intelligence. They have the ability to learn quickly and respond to their owner’s commands. Combined with their strong protective instincts, German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs and are among the smartest breeds of dog.

The most common test used to determine a dog’s intelligence is the cognitive ability test. The task requires the dog to perform a simple task: to free itself from a large sheet of cloth while holding on to a command. The dog must do this without panicking and must keep still, and then be asked to sit. The test results were published in a scientific journal, and scientists have proven that German Shepherds are among the smartest breeds of dogs.

In a test of instinctive intelligence, dogs in the least intelligent class need to perform an action 80 to 100 times before they have learned it. Compared to other dog breeds, German Shepherds are 16 times faster at learning a new command and are three to four times more obedient to it. Even if the dog hasn’t been trained at an early age, it can still be trained and socialized. But it may take extra effort and patience to train an adult German Shepherd. If you find that your dog is having trouble training, you may want to seek professional help.

Doberman pinschers

Adaptive and working intelligence are two dimensions of canine intelligence. Doberman pinschers scored particularly well, placing them among the top 10 smartest breeds. Adaptive intelligence refers to the ability to learn on their own. Dogs with high adaptive intelligence can solve problems by themselves and learn from mistakes. In one case, a Doberman pinscher escaped a wolf by anticipating the wolf’s movements and then cutting it off with ease.

The Doberman Pinscher has a high level of energy, requiring a lot of exercise and a strong pack leader. While this breed can be protective, it is incredibly intelligent and is capable of learning a variety of tasks very quickly and following instructions without fail. Shetland sheepdogs are among the smartest breeds of dog in existence. They thrive in families and enjoy being part of the family.

The Doberman Pinscher’s intelligence can be attributed to the fact that it was developed as a guard dog during World War II. Though it has an athletic build and a regal appearance, Doberman Pinschers remain fearless even in adverse conditions. As a result, these dogs make excellent companions for family members. These dogs can be found in shelters or rescues near you. If you’re interested in adopting one, be sure to contact a local animal shelter.

Shetland sheepdogs

Shelties are highly intelligent and obedient. In the past, shelties were needed to herd sheep and other animals. Their intelligence helps them perform their job well. Besides being loyal and eager to please, they can also be a great watchdog or guide for children. Although shelties are known as one of the smartest breeds of dogs, they don’t like to spend a lot of time alone. They need mental and physical stimulation, as well as exercise.

Some of these breeds have natural abilities, including herding sheep. Others are bred for certain traits. Instinctive intelligence refers to the ability to perform certain tasks. In addition, it includes instinctive behaviors such as guarding, herding, retrieving, flushing, and companionship. While all dogs have some level of intelligence, Shetland sheepdogs are among the smartest breeds of dogs in this category.

While Shelties are considered one of the smartest breeds of dogs, they can sometimes be abused and abandoned. Many of these dogs end up in rescue groups. However, if you’d like to adopt an adult Sheltie, you should consider contacting a rescue group to adopt one. The breed’s uniqueness makes it a good candidate for adoption as a family pet.

Irish Water Spaniels

A recent study showed that the Irish Water Spaniel is among the smartest breeds of dogs. It ranked 24th out of 130 breeds and belongs to the excellent working dog category. It learned a command after five to fifteen repetitions. In comparison to cats, the Irish Water Spaniel has twice as many brain neurons, making it a highly intelligent breed. While the Irish Water Spaniel has low intelligence when it comes to obedience, it excels in other areas.

While it is true that Irish Water Spaniels are one of the smartest breeds of dog, this does not mean they are perfect for all homes. They are playful and devoted to their owners and can be good with children but can be shy and suspicious around strangers. Moreover, this breed of dog needs extensive socialization and exercise to stay healthy and happy. Irish Water Spaniels are very active and are good watchdogs. But, it is recommended that owners avoid the breed for small children because it can be aggressive toward them and other dogs.

Despite their smarts, Irish Water Spaniels do have a few issues. They are prone to eye and hip dysplasia and may have ingrown eyelashes. However, this trait can be easily overcome with proper socialization. Irish Water Spaniels also don’t bark, but they do love to be in water. Moreover, swimming is an excellent exercise for a high-energy dog.

St. Bernards

This giant-size dog is one of the smartest in the world, and the IQ test that evaluates it is a good way to see just how smart he is. During the test, he is asked questions about things like his training abilities, recollection, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. A dog that scores 12 or higher is considered a genius, but you can still hug your St. Bernard, if you wish!

The Saint Bernard breed loves to please humans, and they can learn many tricks. Even though they’re mellow and easy to train, they still require constant mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys, playtime, and frequent human interaction. These traits make them a popular choice for families with children. Here are some of the ways in which you can keep your Saint Bernard happy and well-behaved.

The Saint Bernard has a wealth of tricks that have won over thousands of hearts, and they are often trusted with children. However, while they may be the smartest dog breeds in the world, their performance in obedience and working intelligence tests is not as high as some other breeds. But, they still rank 123rd among all breeds. If you’re looking for a dependable companion and a great guard dog, the Saint Bernard is a good choice.

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