Health Issues, Nutrition, and Exercise Needs of a Sheltie Yorkie Mix


When looking for a dog food for your Sheltie, you may be wondering what to look for. Here are some characteristics, health issues, nutritional requirements, and exercise tips. Learn about the health issues, nutrition needs, and exercise needs of your new Sheltie! Also, make sure you know what breeders recommend for your specific type of dog! In addition, don’t let the name scare you! Shelties are a great fit for families who love a mix of two lovable breeds.


A sheltie is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shetland Sheepdog. Both breeds have strong herding instincts and are excellent at obedience, agility, flyball, and other training activities. The Yorkeltie enjoys being part of the family, so daily outdoor time is important. The breed is known for its long, pointed nose. The coat of a Yorkeltie is hypoallergenic.

A Sheltie’s head and body shape resemble a rough collie. They have long, wedge-shaped heads and almond-shaped eyes. Their small, high-erect ears are prominent and have a distinctive Sheltie smile. Shelties are also extremely friendly. A Sheltie’s sensitivity and loyalty makes them an excellent companion for people of all ages.

A sheltie and yorkie mix’s coat is characteristically soft and wavy. It weighs from 10 to 15 pounds. The Yorkie may have a short coat, but a sheltie is typically a longer-haired dog. A sheltie Yorkie mix is generally a calm and obedient lapdog. Whether he is left alone or accompanies a family, the Carkie is a loving companion.

While some sheltie yorkie mix dogs are more obedient to children and adults, they do have some traits in common. They are small in size and cute, but they are both lively, intelligent, and obedient. The same goes for a sheltie-jack russell mix. If you’re interested in a sheltie, consider adopting one from a shelter or rescue. The animals in these shelters and rescue organizations are typically in desperate need of homes.

Shelties are known for their love of people and family. They are great with children, but they also get along well with cats and other dogs. As long as they don’t get hurt, shelties make excellent pets. And don’t be afraid to share your home with them. They’ll love being in a dog house with your family! If you’re considering a Shetland Sheepdog mix, get ready to have fun and watch your pet grow!

Another characteristic of a sheltie-yorkie mix is their personality. Though small in size, the breed has a big personality. It has a high energy level and can be a great family pet. They are prone to bark excessively and chew things if left alone. But with proper training and exercise, a sheltie-yorkie mix is a lovable companion.

Health issues

There are several health issues common to Shelties. One is hypothyroidism, which occurs when the body does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Some of the signs of hypothyroidism include excessive urination, weight loss, and susceptibility to certain skin diseases. Other symptoms include aggression, fear, and behavioral changes. A blood test is usually sufficient to determine the level of hypothyroidism, and treatment generally involves administering replacement hormones.

Another health issue that affects Shelties is the collie eye. This disease affects the retina and optic nerve. While mild cases do not affect the dog’s vision, severe cases may cause blindness. While there is no cure for this disease, it is common in this mix of breeds. Getting your puppy tested for eye problems and thyroid disease is a good idea before bringing it home. Additionally, some dogs are not able to tolerate ivermectin. Another major health issue that affects Shelties is the presence of merles. It is important to avoid breeding two merles to avoid causing the problem.

Another health problem that may affect your Yorkie-Sheltie mix is dermatomyositis. This inflammatory disorder affects the muscles and skin. It is believed to be genetic and passes as an autosomal dominant trait. This means that if one of your dogs has this disease, your puppy will inherit it. Treatment includes corticosteroids to suppress the immune system.

Whether your puppy is a Yorkie or a Sheltie, getting a DNA test will help you find out. Embark DNA testing is expensive, but it can give you the answer. If you’re unsure, consider getting your dog tested for genetic diseases. They can also be susceptible to certain conditions. However, it is always best to get your dog tested to ensure that it is healthy and happy.

Obesity is another common health problem in Shetland Sheepdogs. Excess weight can worsen joint issues, digestive problems, and heart disease. To prevent this, don’t feed your Sheltie leftovers or treats. Instead, give your pup lots of love and attention. Exercise will also help them feel better. It’s important to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise on a regular basis, or it’ll be prone to health problems.

Nutritional needs

The nutrition needs of your Sheltie should be carefully monitored. This breed has a sensitive digestive system and should be fed high quality food. Ideally, a meal should contain around a quarter pound of protein and vegetables. Other ingredients in Shelties’ diet should be cooked rice, yams, and fruits. Dry kibble can be used to supplement the meal. Its chewing action can help prevent periodontal disease.

As a puppy, sheltie pups require more calories than an adult dog. Fats are included in dog foods in small amounts to maintain healthy skin and fur. They also support liver and digestive health, and contribute to the luster of the coat. Fats can also be found in essential oils and in some types of meat. Dried yams are also available at specialty stores and are a healthy snack for your Sheltie. They provide fiber and nutrients without adding empty calories.

If you plan to breed your Sheltie, make sure to consider its nutritional needs. This breed is prone to joint issues and hip dysplasia. Although genetics plays a large role in hip disease development, there are still many risk factors associated with diet, including rapid growth and too much calcium. Excess weight and excessive calcium put extra strain on the joints, which is why over-weight Shelties are prone to hip dysplasia and early onset arthritis.

The nutritional needs of sheltie yorkii mix puppies differ from adult Yorkies. Ideally, Yorkies should eat a high-quality diet that includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, and meat products. A high-quality diet is important for the healthy development and shiny coat of your puppy. The National Research Council of the Natural Academies recommends that Yorkie puppies consume about 400 calories each day. As their stomachs are small, you should feed them four times a day.

Shelties are generally healthy, but the breed may suffer from joint dysplasia, heart disease, and luxating patella. Several other health issues may affect Shelties, including vision impairment and allergies. Because of their high intelligence, Yorkies are suitable for obedience and agility training. You should include morning walks in your Yorkie’s daily exercise routine. As with all breeds, Yorkies enjoy daily outdoor time.


Whether you’re looking to make your dog more energetic or simply want to get rid of extra pounds, your Shorkie needs daily exercise. This breed is a mix of Papillon and Yorkshire terriers, and will inherit both their personalities and physical traits. These dogs are known for their petite size, but they do enjoy human attention. Listed below are some tips for exercise for your Shorkie.

Shelties are highly agile dogs that can benefit from daily exercise. Exercise can range from leisurely walks in the park to participation in activities such as flyball and agility training. If your Sheltie does not receive enough exercise, it may become bored easily and start chewing up household items. If you neglect your dog’s exercise routine, he or she will gain an unhealthy amount of weight.

A good way to provide your dog with exercise is to take them to the park or a nearby park. While they are not as energetic as Shelties, they still need regular exercise. Exercise is important for Shelties because they have a strong herding instinct and are excellent choices for agility, obedience and flyball. Your Yorkie will be happiest if you spend some time with them outside each day.

Embark DNA tests can determine your dog’s race and breed. Although these tests are expensive, they can be very helpful in identifying whether your Yorkie mix is pure or a hybrid. Breeders of both dog breeds can be found in many places. If your puppy is rescued from a shelter or rescue group, you can check his or her history by looking at the pictures. Breeders are rarely sure of the exact mixture, so it’s always wise to take a photo of the dog and try to recognize the similarities.

Although Shelties are generally healthy, they need socialization. Even though these dogs are very friendly and outgoing, they do need early socialization. This will ensure that they are well-rounded dogs. They can be very affectionate, but can be shy or reserved around strangers. Exercise for Sheltie Yorkie mix

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