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Getting a new puppy is exciting and fun. However, there are a few things you should do to make sure your new pup is a healthy, happy member of your family. You should train them, check their health, and prevent bad habits.

Prevent bad puppy habits

Keeping a puppy in the house can be stressful. The best way to prevent bad puppy habits is to ensure that your dog is under constant supervision. During this time, you can train your pup to obey certain rules. For example, you can crate your dog when not home and stow your personal items out of reach.

The best way to prevent bad puppy habits is not to allow your pet to eat anything, including poop. This is not a good idea for any number of reasons. Not only can stool taste like food, but it can also transmit parasites and illnesses. Ultimately, the best way to keep a puppy from eating poop is to provide a diet that is high in nutrients and low in fat.

The best way to prevent bad puppy behaviors is to supervise your pup during playtime. This is especially important for young dogs. It is also a good idea to give your dog a safe chew toy. This will help keep your dog from destroying furniture and other household items.

You can also train your pup to wait patiently for you to feed it. This will not only keep the puppy from nipping and barking, but it will also allow you to give it a treat without rushing.

You can also make the ol’ doghouse more interesting by putting some fun toys in it. Toys will not only entertain your pup, but they will also help you catch him if he misbehaves. You can also teach your pup to fetch with a ball.

The best way to prevent bad puppy tricks is to provide your dog with a safe and appropriate place to play. This should not be the basement, but instead should be a comfortable and safe space, such as your bedroom or kitchen. If you do not have a room specifically designated as a playroom, make sure that the area is clutter free and that the bedding is warm and inviting.

The most important component of this exercise is to provide your dog with a reward when he does something right. A small dog treat will not only occupy your puppy, it will also help him feel included and that you are interested in his well-being.

Check for health issues

Keeping your Yorkie healthy can be difficult. The breed is very fragile and susceptible to a variety of diseases. But if you can detect the symptoms early, it is possible to treat the disease before it causes significant damage.

The first step to maintaining Yorkie health is to make sure your puppy gets regular checkups from the veterinarian. He can diagnose these diseases and recommend treatment.

There are a number of common Yorkie diseases, such as lymphangiectasia, luxating patella, and retinal dyslapsia. These conditions are inherited or acquired and require immediate medical attention.

The luxating patella is a condition in which the kneecap lays temporarily out of place. The kneecap will often slip back into place. It can be caused by trauma or a genetic transference. It is a normal part of development in the puppy’s body, but it can also be a symptom of a larger problem.

The liver shunt is a congenital disability in toy-sized dog breeds. It occurs when an abnormal vein develops. It can cause weight loss, stunted growth, and other problems. It can be diagnosed by blood tests and an ultrasound of the liver.

Kidney disease can be detected by a urinalysis. In more serious cases, surgery is required. It may also need to be treated with medication or anti-diarrhea medicine.

Arthritis is a disease that affects joints. It can be managed with iron supplements, analgesics, and calcium. In severe cases, surgery is recommended to remove the affected joint.

If your Yorkie’s coat is matted or soiled, you should brush it regularly. You can also rub sugar on its gums. It will help stabilize your puppy and keep it clean.

Skin allergies in dogs are very common. They can cause itching, redness, and hair loss. In some cases, they can even lead to blindness. Managing your Yorkie’s allergy symptoms can be done through diet, flea control, and medication.

In addition to a good diet, a Yorkie needs exercise, fresh water, and access to a sanitary bathroom. These five steps will help you keep your Yorkie in top condition and prevent some of the most common Yorkie health problems.

Keep them safe from hypoglycemia

Keeping yorkie puppies safe from hypoglycemia can be a challenge. The tiny dogs have reduced weight and food intake, which make them vulnerable to a drop in blood sugar. They are also susceptible to stress.

While you can’t prevent hypoglycemia, you can control its symptoms. Symptoms include twitching, weakness, dilated pupils, and listlessness. In severe cases, your puppy may go into a coma or even die. Your vet will likely test your dog’s blood for glucose and will give it a sugar drip. You can also stabilize your dog with a sugar syrup on its gums.

If your puppy has a low blood sugar, it will begin to exhibit symptoms. Your puppy’s condition may develop gradually or rapidly. You should immediately call your vet to get help.

Your vet will examine your dog and will need to know a lot of information about your dog’s life, including the amount of food your puppy eats, how often it eats, and what it has been doing. The vet will perform diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound, a cortisol test, or an electrolyte test.

Your vet may also prescribe a medication, such as insulin or glucose. These drugs can be given intravenously, or orally. In extreme cases, your veterinarian may also give your puppy sugary liquids added to its food.

If your puppy develops a bacterial infection, it can cause a divergence of the blood sugar. In severe cases, your veterinarian will administer an IV drip of dextrose, a sugar, into the bloodstream.

It is possible to keep your Yorkie puppy safe from hypoglycemia by maintaining a steady flow of nutrients and keeping a close eye on its food intake. Your dog can’t afford to lose a lot of blood.

If your Yorkie shows any signs of hypoglycemia, you need to get it checked by your veterinarian. The vet will treat the condition, but it may take a few days before the dog is back to its normal energy level.

To keep your puppy’s blood sugar at a healthy level, be sure to provide it with regular at-home dental care. It is important to deworm your Yorkie regularly.

Train them

Whether you’re training a new yorkie puppy or teaching an older yorkie to behave, it’s important to have patience. Yorkies are energetic dogs that need plenty of attention. You’ll need to train your dog to stay quiet, to not bark and to follow your commands.

The best way to train your yorkie is to use positive reinforcement. This means that you praise your pup every time it successfully performs a command. When he or she obeys, reward him or her with a treat.

It’s also important to be consistent with your instructions. Your yorkie may be a bit distracted during training, so it’s important to have a dedicated training area that is free from distractions.

The most important rule for training a yorkie puppy is to never get frustrated. Your yorkie will act out for a treat, so make sure you give it a tasty one every time he or she is obedient.

A dog that is hyperactive or prone to anxiety may need more mental and physical stimulation. Using toys and music can help them to curb their barking habits. It’s important to take your yorkie out frequently for exercise and potty breaks.

If your yorkie puppy isn’t potty trained, you should start immediately. Use the same command phrase each time, such as “go potty,” and give a treat when your pup eliminates in the right spot.

It’s also important to avoid harsh punishment. Your yorkie will be afraid of you getting upset, so never punish him or her. If your pup has an indoor accident, clean it up as soon as you can.

You can also teach your yorkie to go on a puppy pad, when your pup’s eyesight begins to develop. You can also use a clicker to train your pup. It’s a handheld clicking device that emits a short, click sound when your dog is doing a good behavior.

If you have a Yorkie that has a habit of barking, try using a toy or a song to distract him or her. A good dog trainer will know how to handle your pup’s behavior.

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