Teacup Puppy Potty Training

Potty train

So, To make it a bit easier on you, we have composed our wonderful and easy to follow 6 steps teacup Puppies Potty Training guide. Simply follow these easy steps and you are sure to succeed.

No. 1 : Be consistent. The key is to follow one technique and stick to that hoping your teacup puppy sooner or later will get the point and eventually will be potty trained. If you are having a hard time with the training, enroll your new teacup puppy in puppy training school. However, do not switch programs repeatedly. This will confuse your puppy (and you) about what you’re trying to achieve in the long run. We suggest trying it yourself first using the MARAN Illustrated Dog Training Guide (Available on Amazon.com) for 4 weeks before giving up on training classes.

No. 2 : Decide if it’s potty training inside or outside you are interested in before beginning with your teacup puppy training. Inside Potty training Inside can be reinforced with crates and paper training methods. Outside potty training can be reinforced with regular walks and practice that makes your pup understand it can pee only outdoors. Once you stick to a regimen, don’t change track.

No. 3 : Use the word ‘Outside’ and make sure your puppy understands its significance. When you say ‘Outside’ in a firm and excited tone, your puppy will correlate it with pee timing and soon, will be potty trained.

No. 4 : Designate a place indoors and outdoors and leave it covered with papers and crates.

No. 5 : Don’t give up. Be consistent. Consistency is really important for you to achieve sound results in the end. Keep saying and doing the same things over and again, and your puppy will soon understand what you want it to do.

No. 6 : Do not underestimate your puppy. With a few weeks of practice, they’ll successfully be potty trained and your house will be a poop-free place to live in!

The most important this to keep in mind is that a teacup puppy is like a baby. It needs to feel that you will always love it and be there to take care of it no matter what. Never yell, punish or hit your teacup puppy if it doesn’t get the point right away.

Use only positive reinforcement methods with treats and voice praises.

Good Luck!

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