Are Yorkies the Smartest Small Dogs?


When it comes to intelligence, Yorkies can easily top the charts, but is the breed the smartest of all small dogs? IQ tests aren’t the only factor to consider, but they do provide an important guideline for prospective owners. Some Yorkies are highly intelligent, while others are not. Below, we will compare the IQ scores of different breeds to discover which one is the best fit for your family.

Cocker Spaniel

If you’re looking for a dog that is both lovable and intelligent, look no further than the Cocker Spaniel. This breed was bred to be a highly intelligent companion. They enjoy problem-solving activities and learning new things. Their intelligence can be developed by proper mental stimulation and positive reinforcement training. Like all dogs, Cockers enjoy playing and cuddling with their humans.

These two small dogs have many benefits that make them ideal family pets. For instance, both are hypoallergenic and are very easy to train. The Cocker is also an excellent therapy dog for people with allergies or other issues, while the Yorkie makes for a great companion for families with children with special needs. Cockers are also very intelligent and are good pets for people with allergies or those who suffer from anxiety.

There are several factors that determine a dog’s intelligence. Although judging a dog’s IQ is challenging, some breeds are easier to train than others. Miniature Poodles and Toy Poodles are among the smartest small dogs. These breeds were once used for truffle hunting, but now excel at many other dog sports and are easy to train. However, you should also consider the lifestyle of the owner and the type of home they have.

The Schipperke is another intelligent small dog breed. These dogs are often used as companions for people with hearing loss. They are excellent at obedience training and agility, and are excellent competitors in dog sports. These small dogs are also extremely adorable. These dogs require plenty of exercise and make great companions. But the Cocker Spaniel and Yorkie are not the only two breeds that are smart and cute. They’re just two of many types of small dogs!

Other small dogs that are considered smart include the Papillon, Yorkie, and Shelties. All three are small dogs with extremely high intelligence. The Yorkie is the smartest of the bunch, and the Yorkie is the smartest small dog breed. The Papillon is another popular breed, and its butterfly-like ears make it unique. They grow up to 10 pounds, so they can be both small and smart.

Rat Terrier

Though it may seem like a strange choice for a small dog, the Rat Terrier is a very intelligent canine. Although it may not compete with the smartest dogs in the world, the Rat Terrier is actually one of the smartest small dogs in existence. Developed as a farm dog, this breed has an innate desire to please its owner and is very intelligent. However, they can be difficult to train, as they like to think for themselves and are not always willing to be trained.

The Rat Terrier is an excellent family pet. Because of its high sensitivity to moods, they can understand human emotions and be very sensitive to praise. Because they love to play outside, this breed requires a lot of exercise, as they tend to become devious if bored. This dog breed is also very prone to separation anxiety, so socializing your puppy early will ensure that they’re socialized and well-behaved.

The Rat Terrier’s ears should be checked for redness or an odor weekly. These are signs that an infection may be present. Regular cleanings with a pH-balanced ear cleaner can help prevent this, as well. In addition, make sure to handle your puppy’s paws frequently and examine its mouth carefully. A positive grooming experience will result in an easy examination at the vet.

The Rat Terrier has a short, dense coat that requires frequent brushing. The coat sheds a bit more during the fall and spring seasons, so brushing their teeth at least twice a week is necessary. Brushing their teeth is important to prevent tartar buildup and gum disease. Regular brushing will also prevent bad breath. If your Rat Terrier is affected by this disease, it may need surgery to correct the problem.

The Rat Terrier can be a good hunting dog. With the right training, they can learn to work independently. Normally, they follow instructions, but occasionally, they will ignore your orders if they think they know better. They can be a bit quirky-looking, resembling Ewoks from Star Wars. They stand about 7-10 inches tall and weigh between eight and twelve pounds at full size. Originally, the Rat Terrier was bred in Belgium and was used for hunting vermin in farms.


The most common question posed by Yorkies owners is whether they are the smartest small dog breeds. Well, this depends on a number of factors. For instance, a dog may be extremely intelligent if he or she performs exceptionally well on the various tests. On the other hand, a dog that performs poorly may be considered less intelligent than those with a higher IQ. Depending on the breed, the IQ of a Yorkie may range from below average to average.

In addition to their intelligence, Yorkies also make great family pets and are suitable for families with small children. This is because they are very adaptable and can blend into any family, even with young children. Moreover, they are highly intuitive and social, which makes them the perfect dog breed for homes with young children. These dogs can pick up on their owner’s emotions and respond accordingly. And, despite their small size, these dogs have a spunky personality.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is another breed with high intelligence. It is a dwarf herding dog, with a long and bobbed tail. Its ears tend to be pointed or rounded. Its ability to learn new commands is remarkable – the breed can learn a new command after five or six repetitions. This makes them one of the smartest small dogs in the world.

Another intelligent small dog breed is the Papillon. It has huge ears, giving it the name “butterfly dog.” They are small enough to be a lap dog but grow to ten pounds. They are incredibly active and love to engage in obedience and agility training. Although they are often classified as lap dogs, they are very smart. So, you may not want to ignore this charming breed. You might be surprised to learn that they are the smartest small dogs in town.

A Yorkie can learn new commands within 15 to 25 repetitions. That means you can teach them to do new things as long as you have time. They are extremely obedient – many commands can be memorized by a Yorkie. And, they usually obey on their first try. Few dogs are this obedient. Yorkies are in the same level of intelligence as Dalmatians, Samoyeds, Newfoundlands, Giant Schnauzers, and Bearded Collies.

Yorkshire Terrier

Originally bred for ratting, the Yorkshire terrier is one of the smartest small dogs. This dog’s personality makes it very adaptable and responsive to training. In addition to their intelligence, they also excel in some dog sports, including agility and flyball. A Yorkshire terrier’s intelligence is unsurpassed among all small dogs. To make sure your terrier is happy and healthy, you can offer them proper exercise and socialization.

This small breed’s instinctive intelligence is based on its ability to hunt. Its hunting aptitude indicates a high degree of instinctive intelligence. Adaptive intelligence, on the other hand, is a more general term that refers to the dog’s capacity to learn by itself, make mistakes, and solve problems. While these traits can vary from one Yorkshire terrier to the next, the dog’s ability to learn is common in all Yorkies.

Besides being incredibly adorable and loyal, Yorkies are also very smart. According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, a Yorkie can learn and remember new commands with fifteen to twenty repetitions. With a little training, this tiny dog can learn new tricks in one afternoon. Their social intelligence makes them excellent companions and lap dogs, but they are also quite independent. Their quick-learning skills make them a good choice for families with young children.

Although a Yorkshire terrier is one of the smartest small dogs, there are also two other types that are equally smart and adorable. Both breeds share the same traits and are also popular as pets. Traditionally, the poodle was bred for hunting foxes, but now they are more commonly seen as a family companion and show dog. Regardless of the size of your household, these dogs are one of the smartest small dogs around.

While judging dog intelligence is a tricky proposition, some breeds are known to be easier to train than others. Miniature Poodles, Toy Poodles, and Yorkshire terriers are among the smartest small dogs. Though originally bred for truffle hunting, these dogs are now excellent in dog sports, and they’re also easy to train. So, if you’re considering a Yorkshire terrier for your family, be sure to read up on the breed’s history and personality.

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