21 Coolest Looking Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets


If you’re not sure which dog breed is right for you, look no further! Here are 21 cool-looking dog breeds that make great pets. From Basenjis to Rottweilers, these dogs will make great pets! Regardless of your lifestyle, you’re sure to find the perfect pet! Whether you prefer a playful poodle or a loyal, protective dog, you’re sure to find a dog that will delight you!


As far as the looks go, Basenjis are among the coolest looking dogs you’ll ever see. Their big ears and large skull are the first thing people notice about them. Other than being cool-looking, Basenjis require very little grooming and shed very little hair. Basenjis also have a low-maintenance coat and wash themselves like cats. Keeping these two qualities in mind, the Basenji is the perfect companion for people who are looking for a dog that’s easy to maintain and care for.

The Basenji was developed in central Africa as a light-built hunting dog. The breed is known for its wrinkled forehead, erect ears, and high-curled tail. This dog breed does not bark, but instead makes sounds that resemble a yodel. The small athletic build and long legs of the breed enable it to run with double-suspension gallop. These dogs have short coats and erect ears that dissipate heat well. They are better at locating game in dense bushes than they are at trotting.

Although they are strong-willed and independent, they are also highly affectionate and playful. They can be shy around strangers, but they’ll warm up to them after a while. They’re also good for outdoor exercise, and need plenty of mental stimulation to prevent boredom. However, they do need early socialization, and they’re extremely picky about their hygiene.


The Bullmastiff is a cool-looking breed with an amazing personality, and if you’re in the market for a new dog, you should consider this breed. Bullmastiffs make great pets because of their cool-looking appearance and ability to train. Sadly, the Bullmastiff is prone to certain conditions, such as cancer. The most common cancer in Bullmastiffs is lymphoma, which affects the immune system, but is highly treatable.

Though these massive dogs are known for their intimidating appearance, Bullmastiffs have been used as guard dogs for centuries and can adapt to an apartment lifestyle with ease. Though they can be wary of strangers and bark at perceived threats, Bullmastiffs are friendly, affectionate, and fun to have around. Bullmastiffs are great with children and can be gentle with them.

Despite their impressive appearance, Bullmastiffs are not a very easy pet to train. They are fierce guard dogs, so a dog owner must be very consistent with training and socialization. They must also be taught not to pull on leashes or jump on people. They can knock over a professional NFL linebacker! If you want your Bullmastiff to make a good family dog, you must spend time socializing and training them from a young age.

Yorkie terriers

A yorkie is an adorable and affectionate pet. It’s small size makes it easy to handle, walk on a leash, or even hold in your lap. This makes them an excellent choice for people with limited space or a fear of strength. These dogs are also great for seniors, people with medical conditions, or those who are concerned about their health.

Besides being one of the coolest looking dog breeds around, Yorkies are also among the hypoallergenic and shed infrequently. They’re also sociable pets, but they do become lonely easily, so they’re best in a home environment with other pets. Black Yorkies are rare and not purebred. If you’re interested in owning one, be prepared to spend a little extra time grooming it and keeping it clean.

Another cool thing about Yorkshire terriers is their adorable and playful nature. These dogs come in a variety of colors, including black and blue, tan, and gold. Despite their small size, they’re fierce, and love attention. The smallest dog in the world, the Yorkie can weigh up to seven pounds. The American Kennel Club doesn’t recommend a minimum weight, but the breed is among the most popular in the world.


While a Rottweiler is one of the most handsome looking dog breeds, the lifespan of a Rottweiler is about nine to ten years. As with any breed, you should get your Rottweiler a health checkup if you think he has any problems. The breed needs at least two hours of exercise a day to stay in good health. If possible, get a large yard and let him play with a ball for a while.

Rottweilers are extremely intelligent and love to be active. As a result, they are ideal for active families. However, Rotties do need constant attention and training. Even though they are intelligent and lovable as puppies, they do have a certain amount of stubbornness, so expect to spend a great deal of time with them. As long as you’re a dog lover who’s willing to spend the time to train them, a Rottweiler is an excellent pet.

The Rottweiler was originally a German cattle dog used to guard and drive cattle. They are large, sturdy, and strong dogs, which allowed them to dominate larger bulls. They eventually became popular again as draught dogs for butchers. Their size and strength make them great companions and are generally healthy. Their lifespan is about 12 years. You can’t go wrong with a Rottweiler.

French bulldogs

One of the coolest looking dog breeds that make fantastic pets, the French Bulldog was once the favored companion of English lace makers. It’s wide-set eyes and squishy face are sure to catch people’s attention. These dogs have great personalities and make good pets for large families and singles alike. French bulldogs are great pets for many reasons, including their size and ease of maintenance.

While the French Bulldog does not rank high on the list of the smartest dog breeds, it does seem to understand human commands. Depending on its mood, it will either obey or disobey you. It’s important to train your Frenchie well to avoid any problems, like accidents. If you’re having trouble housebreaking the Frenchie, try using a crate and giving treats as incentives.

A French Bulldog comes in many colors. The most common are brindle, cream, fawn, and white. Black Frenchies are also popular and are usually black with different colored markings. Rarer and more expensive colors include merle and chocolate. If you’re looking for a unique looking pet, look for a French Bulldog in a rescued shelter.


The corgi is known for its foxy face, big ears, and irresistible grin. These characteristics make the breed an excellent choice as a pet. A corgi also has a very squishable butt, which is why they are a favorite with people. You will never want to get rid of this furry friend!

While corgis have a regal history and are often associated with Queen Elizabeth II, their personalities are very different from one another. They range in temperament from playful and affectionate to smart and stubborn. They are also great with children and other pets. Despite their ferocious nature, the Corgi makes great pets and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a fun and loyal companion.

One of the most notable disadvantages of corgis is that they are extremely alert dogs. As such, they react to unfamiliar sounds and people by barking. The barking, however, may be annoying for some people, and it is also difficult for them to keep quiet if they are left alone for long periods of time. Fortunately, they make excellent pets and are a great choice for families.


Australian Shepherds are a hardworking member of the Herding group. They’re devoted to their humans and generally want to be part of whatever you’re doing. Aussies are the perfect pet for people who aren’t interested in large, spacious yards and prefer city living. They can make great pets in city apartments and are great for apartments. They can also live on a small property, as they’re generally smaller than other Aussie mixes.

The Australian breed of dogs is among the oldest living dogs in the world, with fossils dating back 3,000 years. They’re close to their ancestors, and have undergone little or no selective breeding. These dogs are feral and, as such, controversial to own as pets. They need a lot of exercise, a lot of room, and regular exercise. But their playful nature and loyalty make them great pets.

Australian cattle dogs, also known as blue heelers, are incredibly tough and resilient. They were originally bred for herding cattle, and their ability to survive in harsh conditions contributed to Australia’s beef industry. The Australian cattle dog’s ancestors date back to the 1800s, when a pair of Yorkshire terriers crossed in a dog breeding program.

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