Smartest Small Dog Breeds


If you are looking for a small dog breed that will keep your child entertained and happy, consider one of the smartest breeds, which are often called miniature dogs. Smaller breeds tend to shed less than larger breeds, and they make great playmates for children. The following breeds are known for their intelligence: poodles, Shetland sheepdogs, papillons, Welsh corgies, and terriers.

Labrador Retrievers

According to Cohen’s intelligence scale, Labradors rank among the smartest small dog breeds. Because of their high adaptive intelligence, Labs are able to learn new tricks and behaviors from their owners. They are also capable of learning new language. Labs can understand more than 250 different words, and they can learn visual signals as well. Their highly developed sense of smell, hearing, and taste are also remarkable.

Although Labradors may be the most popular dog breed in the U.S., they’re not the only breeds that are exceptionally smart. The American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club have both recognized Labradors for their excellent performance in obedience tests. According to these tests, they performed exceptionally well, coming in seventh place out of 10 breeds. The average Labrador Retriever is able to learn a new command in as little as five repetitions, and 95% of them will obey on the first try. Labradors’ intelligence puts them on the same level as dogs like Poodles, German Shepherds, and Border Collies.

The study also included 1,888 Labradors and found that they had an average intelligence of 68. This is higher than the average small dog breed and a good measure of a Lab’s intelligence. As with any dog, it’s important to remember that each breed was bred for a specific function and the level of intelligence is related to the job. Consequently, a large portion of small breeds were created for a specific purpose, which is the most important factor in determining a dog’s IQ.

Although a Papillon is traditionally associated with royalty, this breed is among the most popular and intelligent small dogs in the U.S. It has a very high success rate in water retrieval tests. As such, they are ideal for family pets and sporting dogs alike. They can learn new tricks and behaviors to help you or your family. They are gentle, loving, and intelligent dogs that are also good for the family.


Papillons are among the most intelligent small dog breeds. They are highly intelligent and trainable, and they thrive on mental stimulation and work. Papillons are also excellent show dogs, and excel in dog sports, tricks, and the show ring. Papillons’ endless mental energy makes them an excellent choice for owners who want a small dog that can do almost anything.

This small breed’s short and wiry coat is a characteristic of this type of small dog. It has no undercoat and is usually straight with a slight frill on the chest. They have silky, medium-length hair that covers their inner sides. Their hind legs are clothed with breeches or culottes, and their tail is long and straight. Papillons have relatively small mouths, so it’s important to brush their teeth regularly to prevent periodontal disease.

Papillons are the ultimate companion dogs. They love attention and need to be with you at all times. While they are playful, Papillons can become separation-anxiety-prone when they’re left alone for long periods of time. These dogs are not suitable for families with small children as they are prone to getting injured in rough play. Furthermore, Papillons are among the breeds that are highly sensitive to anesthesia.

Although they are small, Papillons are surprisingly intelligent for their size. They are often ranked number one in obedience competitions among toy dogs. This breed also excels in mini versions of nearly every dog sport. Papillons are also very good for outdoor dog training. The name Papillon derives from the butterfly-like shape of their ears. And, as such, they are one of the smartest small dog breeds.

Papillons are highly intelligent and trainable small dogs. They are also the most social dogs and can get along well with cats and other pets. Papillons are a versatile breed that makes excellent lap dogs and are great companions for many households. They are very active, but don’t be fooled by their cute little ears. They weigh around 10 pounds and are highly active. They also get along well with other breeds of small dogs.

Shetland Sheepdogs

Shetland Sheepdogs, or Shelties, are among the most intelligent small dog breeds in the world. They are highly intelligent, fast, and active. These dogs are extremely loyal and protective of their family, so it is not recommended to leave them alone for long periods of time. They need mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. The Shelties are also excellent herders.

While this breed may not seem like a smart little pup, its intelligence is evident in everyday life. Shelties are naturally herding dogs, and their desire to please their owners makes them one of the most intelligent small dog breeds. They also have an excellent sense of smell, making them the perfect companion for an outdoor lifestyle. A Sheltie can easily detect the scent of a sheep and follow it to the source. A Sheltie is highly intelligent, but it will not always respond to the same command.

Shetland Sheepdogs have been around for centuries. Once the best friend of Scottish farmers, Shelties would bark to scare off intruders, birds, and other animals to keep their flocks in line. While the Sheltie is often compared to the Rough Collie in size, they are surprisingly smart for their size.

The Shetland Sheepdog was once referred to as the Toonie. Its name derives from the Norwegian word “toon” meaning “farm.” Shelties worked in the rugged terrain of the Shetland Islands, and their strong sense of boundaries could cause them to fall into the sea. But today, the Sheltie is a highly sought-after family pet. They require daily walks and weekly brushing. Because of their thick double coat, Shelties shed heavily.

Because of their intelligence, Shelties are among the smartest small dog breeds. Their instinct for herding flocks makes them one of the smartest small dogs around. Although not all dogs are able to intelligently herd a flock, the Shelties are able to sense the movement of a flock and nip at small animals.

Border Collie

There are many reasons why Border Collies are the smartest small dog breeds, and one of the most common is their instinctual intelligence. Border Collies have an instinct to herd sheep, which they use to guide their flock. This high IQ helps these dogs be effective sheepherders. They can learn quickly and easily from their previous experiences, which gives them a highly adaptive IQ. However, their high intelligence does come with its own set of challenges.

In one study, researchers enrolled six border collies in a two-month experiment. They then taught them as many as 12 new words a week for two months. The dogs’ ability to learn new words was so high that they were able to recognize as many as 26 different toys. The study showed that Border Collies are also extremely quick learners. Their ability to learn new words is remarkable. A few of these dog breeds even learn names of objects from the names of the objects that they see in the environment.

The Border Collie’s coat is thick and weather-resistant. The breed is typically black and white, but can come in other colors, including red, brown, and white. The Blue Merle Border Collie is the most rare color, and can only be produced by the dominant merle gene. Blue Merle Border Collies have one blue eye, while Merle Border Collies may have two blue eyes.

A Border Collie’s high energy level requires daily mental stimulation. Without adequate mental stimulation, the dog may exhibit unwanted behaviors, such as digging, barking, and chewing furniture. Providing a Border Collie with a job can help keep him busy and mentally engaged. It also gives the dog the opportunity to exercise his mind and body. Moreover, a Border Collie’s brain can benefit from a variety of activities, including agility and Flyball.

The breed can learn new commands in less than five seconds. When taught correctly, it can follow a command over ninety percent of the time. Their intense stare technique is excellent at intimidating livestock and humans. The world’s smartest small dog breed is a Border Collie called Chaser. The Border Collie is able to recognize more than one thousand words and toys. He is also capable of competing at dog competitions.

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