Your Toy-Sized Dog Questions, Answered; Three Things You Need To Know About Teacup Pups


Celebrity teacup dog-parents were these toy-sized canines’ ticket to fame, initiating a trend to own a dog small enough to fit in your purse. There’s no denying that these tiny furry balls of fun are adorable, but it’s not all sunshine, roses, and cute dog-breath. Countless misconceptions are making the web-rounds about teacup dogs, and these dogs are certainly not for everyone. So let’s look at the top three things you need to know before bringing a toy-sized pup home. 


They Experience Health Issues

 While every dog is different, teacups are known to suffer more frequently with things like cataracts, low blood sugar, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, fragile bones, and more. Smaller dogs have smaller systems, faster metabolisms, and more frail bone structures than their larger counterparts – meaning teacup dogs definitely need loyal parents who’ll take them for vet checkups more regularly.


Unethical Breeding

Bad breeders intentionally raise runts of the litter and breed them with another, hoping to produce entire litters of dogs who can fit in your pocket. It’s crucial to buy a teacup dog from a reputable source that does NOT engage in unethical practices. That’s why at Puppy Heaven we strictly work with private and home breeders that provide the dogs with a happy and healthy environment.


 They Don’t Live As Long

Seeing as teacup dogs weigh in at just three pounds or less on average, they are cautiously prone to health complications – However, with proper care and attention, your teacup puppy will live a long, happy life. That’s why Puppy Heaven designed a thorough nursing instruction chart that will give new owners a guideline on how to take care of the puppy and make sure to follow a set routine.

 Overall, it’s always better to trust a reliable pet boutique when you want to buy a teacup dog instead of going to the shelter where they might not be clued up on the dog’s true history. At Puppy Heaven, we are passionate about giving ethically bred teacup and toy-size puppies loving homes. If you can give our dog family just that, reach out. Our Gucci-size pups can’t wait to set meet you. 

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