Working Kelpie Dog Breed Information


If you are considering getting a Working Kelpie, there are some important things to know. Read on to learn more about the Working Kelpie’s unique characteristics, care, and training. Whether you want to train a dog or simply show him, this article will help you to make an informed decision. Here is a brief description of this unique dog breed. Ultimately, a dog’s appearance is a personal choice, but there are some things you should consider first.

Working Kelpie

You may have heard of the working Kelpie dog breed, but do you know its characteristics? Kelpies are special breeds that are bred to work in cold climates and over long distances. Its tenacity and stamina make them excellent working dogs. They are reputed to be worth many men, and they have many uses in yards and paddocks. They are used to drive sheep and force them up ramps and into trucks.

Although working kelpies are usually medium-sized and well-muscled, they have a double coat that sheds seasonally. If your Working Kelpie is shedding heavily, brush it daily. Once a week, a slicker brush will help you remove dead hairs. If you find your dog has a strong odor, it may benefit from a de-shedder. These dogs do not require regular baths. Although they are very clean and need only a few baths a year, it is important to consider your pup’s coat and grooming needs.

While Australian Kelpies are excellent companions, they are not suitable for apartment living. They can become bored and hyperactive if they are not given enough exercise. Hence, it’s best to choose a dog breed that allows you to be active and creative. Australian Kelpies are highly energetic, independent, and can work for long hours in hot and humid conditions. They are also great performers in agility and flyball. These two sports require plenty of exercise and daily attention.


The Working Kelpie is a medium-sized dog with the temperament of a working dog. This breed is very energetic and needs constant interaction and activity. The working Kelpie can be a great family pet. They have a high level of energy and will make great running and hiking companions. The Working Kelpie also makes a good mountain explorer. The Working Kelpie is not particularly obedient outside of its working environment. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t obey commands, as they will not do so outside of their work environment.

The physical features of a working Kelpie include a slightly rounded skull, large pricked ears, and a well-proportioned, medium-length, tapering muzzle. The lips are clean and without excess flew and the teeth are large and strong. The eyes are dark and oval. The body of the Working Kelpie is a robust, muscular dog with a short, dense undercoat and thick, straight hair. This breed is typically black and tan in color, but other colors are also possible. Some kelpies also have yellow coats, which is believed to be a descendant of the dingo.

The Working Kelpie was created as a result of three working Collies. It is unclear whether these working Collies were Border or Scottish Collies, but they are known to be prone to Collie eye anomaly. They can work for up to nine hours per day and are very intelligent dogs. This dog breed is the most popular working dog in Australia. If you’re interested in getting a working Kelpie, make sure to read up on the breed’s history.


Care for the Working Kelpie Dog Breed begins with early socialization. This breed was bred to be a good watchdog for livestock and must be properly trained to follow commands. This breed sheds minimally throughout the year, but moderately during shedding season. They require weekly brushing to remove loose fur and dirt. It is also important to secure the yard and fence the dog’s area. A working kelpie needs plenty of exercise and socialization.

Working Kelpies are intelligent, hard-working dogs that were bred to herd sheep over vast expanses of rugged terrain. While they are renowned for their herding abilities, Australian Kelpies make good companions in cities. Although they are not suitable for newcomers, they can be trained relatively easily by a skilled owner. While a working dog, Australian Kelpies are loyal companions who love high-octum activities.

Working Kelpies require daily exercise, including daily walks. Their strong constitution makes them excellent companions for active families. They are loyal and intelligent, making them great family pets. These dogs are also great for farm animals and other environments that require a lot of mental stimulation. However, working dogs can be temperamental, so the ideal breed for your family is one that matches your active lifestyle. And if you’re looking for a faithful and loving pet, the Working Kelpie might be right for you!


When selecting a working Kelpie dog for your household, it’s important to consider several aspects of the breed, including personality, work habits, and exercise. These characteristics make the Working Kelpie a great choice for people looking for a highly intelligent dog. The Working Kelpie should be alert, friendly, and well-balanced between work and rest. This breed of dog requires a firm but loving leader, and ample daily exercise. If you’re unsure about whether a Kelpie will fit into your lifestyle, hesitate before getting one. If you’re not sure about the dog’s ability, an under-working Kelpie can cause all sorts of destruction and be a nuisance.

The overall appearance of a Working Kelpie is fairly variable, with slight variations in head size, ears, and structure. They should be muscular and well-proportioned, with clean, long lips and an even, overshot bite. They should also have dark, oval-shaped eyes and a pronounced snout. The body of the Working Kelpie should be well-muscled, with a long, lean chest, and a short, straight topcoat.

Due to the double coat of the Working Kelpie, it is necessary to groom the dog once a week. However, you should brush your pet daily or weekly if it sheds heavily. It is important to brush your dog frequently with a slicker brush, as this will remove dead hairs. While Working Kelpies do not have a strong smell, regular brushing is an essential part of their grooming regimen.

Health care

Although this dog breed is generally clean, there are a few things you should know about the health care of this breed. First of all, it is important to have your dog bathed every eight to twelve weeks. Then, you should brush its teeth and ear. Working kelpies are not the most healthiest breed and may be prone to some common health problems. However, these issues can be easily treated with a little extra attention.

The Working Kelpie dog breed originated in Scotland and is a medium-sized sheepdog. This breed has been bred for their working ability, and is often confused with the Australian Kelpie, which is more tame. This breed is still widely available in rescues and shelters, however, and needs to be tended to regularly. This is because of their specialized training and health requirements. However, they are a popular breed for both working and showing.

Health care of Working Kelpie Dog Breed includes keeping the dog active and healthy. Australian kelpies need lots of exercise and mental stimulation, which makes them great pets for active families. They require daily exercise and are loyal companions. But if you can find the time, you may consider adopting this breed to your home. They are a fantastic choice for active families. And if you have a yard that allows you to exercise the dog, you will be pleased with their energy and loyalty.


Working Kelpies are excellent herding dogs and are highly active. Although they may not be suitable for apartment living, they do well with other pets and children. The high level of energy level of this dog breed can lead to trouble if not given enough physical exercise. However, despite their high energy level, this breed is relatively easy to train. Working Kelpies excel in agility, obedience, dock diving, herding trials, and Frisbee toss.

The working Kelpie was created by crossing three pairs of Collies. These Collie dogs were either Border Collies or Scottish Collies. The Working Kelpie was prone to a defect called Collie Eye Anomaly, so it is still unknown which of these breeds were used to develop the Working Kelpie. Nevertheless, it is clear that the dog was bred to be extremely intelligent and well-suited for working sheep.

This breed is medium-sized and highly athletic. The stance is low and its legs are stout, making it a good choice for working in cold conditions. This dog breed has oval-shaped eyes that should be dark brown. A good Working Kelpie must have an alert expression and dark brown eyes. Their dark nose is self-colored. The working Kelpie has a short, straight coat that covers the whole body, but can also have a stubby tail.

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