62 Anime Dog Names For Both Male and Female Dogs


In this article, you will find 62 anime dog names for both male and female dogs. You can choose from cute, sad, or gender-neutral choices. This is the ultimate resource for any anime dog name. Here are some examples of names from your favorite cartoons or anime series. The names listed below are all unique, adorable, or both. You can also check out our lists of favorite anima pet names! So, get inspired!

62 anime dog names

If you’re searching for dog names inspired by your favorite anime, you’ve come to the right place! There are 62 anime dog names you can consider for your new best friend! These names range from gender-neutral to utterly meaningless. So, which anime dog name is right for you? Scroll through this list of names and find one that suits your pup! Have fun! Here are some great examples. We’ve also included a short biography of each one!

First, choose a name that you feel comfortable saying. You might want to select a cute, cool, or even cute name, but keep in mind that you will be saying it many times throughout the day. Choose something that will roll out of your mouth naturally! It’s even better if the name has a Japanese influence! That way, you can be sure your dog will remember it! Moreover, it will remind you of your favorite cartoons and anime movies every time you say it!

Another popular anime dog name is Akamaru, which was given to Kiba by his mother when he was a student. It is a unique name, as Akamaru is a canine with special abilities, and he can sense the strength of enemies. Both Akamaru and Kiba are famous for inspiring memorable sentiments about dogs and their owners, especially in anime. In addition to dog names, anime dogs also have human counterparts. There are even anime dogs who look more like cats than dogs. Some of these dogs even grow their owners’ heads off!

Fuzzy is another interesting anime dog name. This one is based on the Borzoi breed and serves as admin for Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd., where he has many special abilities, including being a fantastic errand dog. In addition to delivering goods and helping the human characters, Fuzzy is also an intelligent, loyal, and brave wolfdog. Like his master Biscotti, Fuzzy is also a loyal friend.

Anime dog names that are gender-neutral

Anime dog names are a fun way to rename your new friend. While anime dog names might sound a little odd to people who are unfamiliar with the series, they’re a great way to honor your favorite character. If you can’t think of a perfect name for your new dog, there are plenty of options on the internet. Just make sure to choose a name that sounds good to you and rolls out of your mouth easily.

There are many great Japanese anime dog names that are gender-neutral. Among the most popular names are Aizen, which comes from a Buddhist deity known as “God of love”. You can also consider Asuka, which means fragrance in Japanese. Other options include Eri, which means “eight”, and Hachibei, meaning “bee.” Another unique name for a Japanese dog is Akira, which means “dog mountain.”

Aside from the characters themselves, anime names are perfect for both boys and girls. Whether you want to name your pup after a favorite Japanese series or a random word from pop culture, anime dog names will make your pup feel different from other dogs. In addition to that, anime dog names are gender-neutral, which means you can give them to any breed of dog. If you’re planning to name your new friend an anime character, consider keeping the theme within the theme of your favorite anime show.

Besides anime dog names, there are also plenty of classic animation dog names. Anime has many famous canine characters, including Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and Snuffles. Similarly, classic animation is another source of unique names for dogs. For example, there are plenty of names from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which are all good choices for your pet. Aside from anime, there are many other types of animation that have inspired some of the most well-known canine names ever.

If you’re looking for an anime dog name, you can opt for a name from the show. For example, Aiko is a sweet name that means child of love. Another cute name that means “clear” is Akira. The Japanese name for dog, by the way, is “inu.” These two names are both gender-neutral. You can also choose a dog name based on a Disney animated character if you’d like.

Anime dog names that are sad

Whether you’re looking for an uplifting or sad name for your pooch, there are many anime dog names to choose from. Anime dog names can range from names of popular anime characters, such as Naruto and Puella Magi, to names of traditional Japanese dogs. Even Disney animated characters can make a cute name for your new furry friend. Whatever your choice, anime dog names are sure to delight your pooch and make him/her feel special.

In “Bobby Shark” there is a Borzoi-based doggo named Inui, who is the admin of the Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd. She has cream-white fur and is a devoted companion to Saya. Her sweet smile belies her calm and demure demeanor. Though she may have been an adorable pet, she has a sad history that has gotten her into trouble.

In Tales of Vesperia, there is a strong bond between a boy and a dog, and this relationship is evident in the name of Repede. The dog carries objects and sometimes even speaks. In one of the anime dog names that is sad, it has the same name as Lambert’s, which was killed when the monster possessed him. As a result of the loss, the boy, Yuri, kills Lambert, leaving Repede as the only one who speaks.

Another anime dog name that has become popular is Kazuhito, who was reborn as a dachshund. His new form influences several story arcs and has a unique physical shape. Although he is not the smartest dog, he is loyal to his master and his family and is loyal to his devoted owner. His owner, Kirihime Natsuno, is a ruthless thief who takes Makkachin as his prized possession.

The title of this anime series makes this dog’s name a bit sad, but there’s no denying its cuteness. As a pet, he is a part of the Iwasaki family, where he interacts with a number of characters, including Minami. Moreover, he is part of several valuable scenes in the anime, including those between the Iwasaki character and Cherry. And, he brings emotional value to the series. Moreover, he’s a pomeranian dog, which makes him super cute.

Anime dog names that are cute

There are many unique ways to give your dog an anime-themed name. The wolf-dog from Wolf’s Rain or the orange-coated bulldog from Tada and Friends are two examples of popular anime dog names. However, you don’t need to name your dog after an anime character. Names from popular cartoons and manga are also great choices. Consider a series’ popularity and your dog’s personality when naming your dog.

If you are looking for anime dog names that are a little more dog-friendly, consider the following. Dogs tend to like names with two syllables. Short choppy sounds are best, while long, soothing tones may not be appropriate for your furry friend. The following are more anime-inspired pet names that are cute, funny, and unique. Choose one that you like! There are many different options for names, and your dog is sure to love them!

Anime is an extremely popular form of entertainment in Japan. As a result, anime is also a great source of cute and unique dog names. Some of these names are based on the characters of popular anime shows and manga. While many anime dog names are male-specific, you can find a name for your dog that will fit the gender of your pup. And if you are not a fan of anime, consider giving your dog a name from a series that features a female character.

The following are names from anime series that are both unique and adorable: Pluto from Kuroshitsuji, Pakkun from Naruto, and the Cowboy Bebop crew. In the Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Hayate is another cool name for your new furry friend. Another good name for your furry friend is Espresso from Hello Kitty. Aside from these cute anime dog names, you can also choose a name from Pokemon, such as Entei or Growlithe from the Pokémon series. Other more mature names include Wanta from Elfen Leid.

Some anime dog names are more unusual than others, but you can always choose one with a meaning and backstory that appeals to you. Shiro, for example, is a popular name from ‘Hoozuki No Reitetsu’. Similarly, there are names from ‘Elfen Lied’, ‘Akira’, and ‘Hoozuki No Reitetsu’.

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