Badass Girl Dog Names For Girl Poochs


If you’ve always wanted a dog named like a badass movie character, here are some good names for a girl pooches. They’re Xena, Roxie, and Rambo. But what about a girl pooches version of these popular names? These names might not be the most appropriate for your puppy, but they’re sure to be a hit with any female dog owner.


There are many Greek mythology-inspired badass girl dog names. Athena was a Greek goddess who was fiercely jealous and often brought suffering to her husband’s lovers. Hera is a name that is equally fierce and fiercely feminine. Both of these names have a bit of sass and are sure to inspire fierceness in your dog. Here are some more ideas.

Greek mythology hero Ajax is another tough badass girl dog name. He is fierce and fearless. Mystique, the blue-skinned mutant from the X-Men, was adaptable and shapeshifter. She also was suspicious of strangers. Her name makes her sound like a badass! Whatever her name, she’s sure to have an attitude!

Other Greek goddesses are represented in badass girl dog names. The goddess Athena, the war goddess, was the mother of Zeus. Artemis, who was a goddess of the moon and hunt, has also inspired many badass girl dog names. Hera, the Greek goddess of war, is another popular choice. A softer version of Athena is Raven. Raven is a dark-colored dog name. Other strong female names include Brighid, which is Irish and comes from the Celtic goddess of wisdom. Brighid, the Celtic goddess of fire, wisdom, and poetry, is also a popular choice. Finally, for a French-inspired name, consider Colette. This French-inspired name means “victory” and is a great fit for a French-style family.


Guinness is a classic Irish stout beer. This cool, Irish name is a perfect fit for your pooch with its dark color and rich scent. Another great option for a dark-coated girl is Mylo, an Australian version of hot chocolate. Both sound cool and are perfect for small breeds. There are lots of other Irish dog names to choose from, but Guinness is sure to become one of your dog’s most favorite.


One of the best ways to identify your new puppy is by the name it bears. Dogs are loyal to their masters, and they will do anything in their power to protect them. However, naming your new pet after an infamous badass can offend people and may even put your pet in danger. To avoid such issues, you should choose a name that isn’t offensive.

Another great name is Black Widow, which comes from the Marvel universe and the character that wears a hooded helmet. Other good girl dog names are Zelma, which is Greek for helmet, and Zao, which means evil. Aldo, on the other hand, is an Italian name that means little sword. Alpha, which is derived from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, also means top dog. The name is also a reference to a Badass Greek God called Ares.

Ajax is also a popular name among dog owners. The Greek mythology hero Ajax was known for being fearless and powerful. X-Men fans can consider Mystique, a blue-skinned mutant. She was shape-shifting and adaptable, but was also suspicious of strangers. These qualities make her the perfect choice for a dog. There are many other female names that are perfect for your new canine friend, but Ajax is one of the most popular.


If you’re looking for a name that says “strong,” there are many badass choices for your girl dog. Greek mythology is full of powerful mythological heroes, and Hercules is one of the most powerful. If you’re looking for a strong boy dog name, you can choose a hero-inspired moniker. One of the most powerful mythology dog names is Zeus, after the god of thunder. Zeus rules over all divine beings, controls the skies, and is responsible for the creation of the universe.

There are also plenty of names for your tough girl dog that are not just cute but tough. Those names aren’t necessarily feminine – some of them are gritty, hard, and even a little sexy. Some of these names come straight from the baby name lists and are based on reality. You can find names that are strong and sexy for your dog, and they won’t turn your neighbors into a troll.

Another way to find a badass girl dog name is to look for a mythological figure. Many mythical figures have a strong presence in the history of humankind, and this theme is certainly reflected in badass girl dog names. Consider names like Hercules, Hera, or Circe, which are related to strong, virtuous, and courageous women.


A badass girl dog name can be anything from a superhero to a mythological character. From the Norse god of thunder and lightning to the god of the sky, you can find a badass dog name. Thor is strong, bold, and courageous. His name is also the origin of Thursday, which makes it a great choice for a dog. And since Thor is so famous in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also works as a funny name for a Corgi.

Other names for a badass girl dog include Pyro, which is short for pyromaniac, Rambo, and Samson, which are both masculine and male dog names with unmatched strength. These names are not only strong, but also feminine and sassy. These names are often inspired by strong female characters or traits. There are even some badass girl dog names that come straight out of baby naming lists.


If you are looking for a name for your new puppy, you have come to the right place. This list of Badass girl dog names is sure to inspire a smile on your face! From Hermione to Harry Potter, your pup can be a sassy addition to your home. She’ll be confident and stylish, but will also be a cuddly pup when you need her to relax.

Harry Potter is another source of creative dog names, and these are some of the most memorable. All of these names are based on beloved characters from the films. From the obscenely magical to the downright mundane, these names are sure to please. No matter what breed your dog is, you’ll be sure to find a good fit with one of these names! You’ll be glad you gave your new puppy a name that will stand out from the rest.


When you think of rebel dog names, your mind may wander to myths about savage warriors and the Greek goddess Circe, the witch who turned men into pigs. There’s also the Roman goddess Juno, the counterpart of Hera, the goddess of love and marriage. Another popular name for your badass girl dog is Katana, after the iconic martial arts character from DC Comics. The name “Kat” is also a common choice. Other names for badass girls include Kylie, which comes from the Aboriginal word for “dagger”; and Leia, a nickname for the Greek goddess of war.

If your dog has a good personality and has the attitude of a badass, consider giving him a name from one of the many badass movies or books. For instance, you can give him the name of the Greek god Poseidon, or you can give him the name of a famous gladiator, Mr. Miyagi. Likewise, you can name your pup “Bonnie” if you have a girl with a badass personality.

The badass name trend has reached the dog world, and badass dog names have joined the party. Some of the most popular badass male dog names include Axel, Hendrix, and Maverick. For badass female dogs, consider names like Scarlett, Mabel, and Lilith. If you want to avoid traditional dog names and go for an edgy and sexy name, you can go with something more obscure, like “Sadie” or “Ryan.”

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