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Gangster Dog Names For Your Pup


If you’re looking for a unique gangster dog name for your pooch, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some suggestions. These names will make your dog stand out among the pack. Ghetto names can mean anything from ‘father of peace’ to ‘ruin.’ Bane is a Slavic name that means brave, Beast is of American origin, and Yosha is Latin.


The sassy girl of the world has many ways to express her personality and it is perfectly appropriate for a female dog. She is confident and stylish but still loves cuddling with you when she wants some peace and quiet. Her name can be a perfect reflection of her independent personality. Whether your female dog is small, medium, or large, this name will suit her perfectly. This girl dog name is also great for a young lady who loves to flaunt her personality.

The inspiration for the name “Prissy” comes from several different sources, including the infamous mob boss, Carlo Gambino. The name was first used in the 1930s as a nickname for the mafia’s boss, the Gambino family. The name is also a short form of Priscilla, which is a Greek word for a young deer. The name is also derived from the name of a SLA member, and the word ‘Gamblino’ means ‘woman’ in Sanskrit.

Another feminine dog name, Lola, is a girly and prissy nickname. Lolas enjoy frilly dresses and frilly hair. The Tennessee Williams lover Stella is a level-headed and loving dog name. She is perfect for a younger sister or for an independent dog. A girl with this name is a great companion for both you and your daughter. You can also use this name if you want your pup to be more independent than her brother.


In the roaring twenties, gangsters reigned in major U.S. cities. The name Tavora evokes a sense of intimidating weight. It can mean anything from a fearsome god to a renowned gangster. You can also use hip hop-inspired names to add extra spice to your pup’s name. Whatever the case, a gangster dog name is sure to turn heads.

In addition to the gangster dog name, Tavora can also represent the witty, savvy, and resourceful nature of a woman. She is a former member of the Gambino family and the Gotti family. She is the devoted companion of former mobster James Giuliani, who turned her life around by volunteering at a rescue center for abused animals. In fact, she’s helped rescue over 50 dogs and cats, and on a few occasions, even pigs!

Other gangster dog names include: Clyde (fort in Cornwall), which was inspired by the name of a gangster from the movie “Gangster Squad.” A second gangster dog name is Dogzilla, which is a clever twist on the classic movie monster. Other popular names include the surnames of famous musicians and artists. Some names are even more unusual, such as “Malik”, a tribute to hip-hop icon Dr. Dre (which means ‘just’) and Foxy, which is a term of endearment.

For a girl’s gangster dog name, choose one of these cool names. They sound cool and cut-throat at the same time, and they’re also edgy and cool. Choose a name inspired by your dog’s favorite movies or TV shows, or from an iconic hero in history. Consider making your pup a part of the action with a unique name for your gangster canine!


There are many variations of the popular name for a gangster dog. Evangelina comes from Greek mythology, while Fleur is based on a powerful witch from the Harry Potter series. Gotti, a French crime family, is another popular choice. Other popular options include Havoc (German Shepherd) or Huntress (English). Both of these names have the same meaning: chaos. If you are looking for a shorter version of the name, consider Ingrid, which is Germanic in origin and is easy to say. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that is more feminine, consider Gaia (from Greek mythology, the personification of Earth). Ingrid is short and easy to pronounce, Jinx is a Latin name that means endless omen. Laika is a Russian word meaning balalaika. It is

While there are several great choices for mob dog names, there are a few that really stand out. Bugsy Malone is one, and Al Capone is another. Interestingly enough, many of these names have a connection with the real-life superhero Batman. Others come from popular culture, like Bruce, from Scotland. Among the names with a mob dog vibe include Bolt (German), Bolt (Dutch), and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Whether you’re looking for a male or female gangster dog, there are hundreds of names to choose from.


The word ‘Yosha’ is derived from the Sanskrit word for woman. It has many meanings, including ‘a beautiful wolf’, ‘a break,’ and ‘a fracture.’ Similarly, the Hebrew word ‘Tavora’ means ‘a broken bone.’ In addition, the word ‘Fauna’, a short form of the word ‘young deer,’ has a meaning of ‘woman.’

Gangsters once ruled U.S. cities, from New York City to Detroit to LA. Whether your dog is named after an iconic gang leader or a fearsome god, a name that evokes a feared reputation carries a strong weight. If you’re looking for a name that can carry some serious intimidation, consider a hip hop name. Yosha has a rogue’s attitude and is the perfect name for a street fighter.

If you’re looking for a name with a history behind it, you can look at Yosha’s ancestry, including its linguistic and geographic origins. Yosha was the nickname of legendary mobster Marion Roberts. It’s a name that evokes the hard-core character of this legendary mobster. Although there are countless variations of the name, Yosha is the most widely used among all gangster dog names.

Another famous gangster is Carlo Gambino. His famous crime family had a gangster, so he was named Gambino. He is the male half of the famous crime duo. Other gangster names include Blaze and Bruce, which is a reference to Batman, the real name of the super hero. Similarly, Giorno is Italian, and refers to a powerful man. A more uncommon name is Copernicus, which is the name of a famous scientist from the “back to the future” movie series.


Xena is a fictional character from the 90s, a warrior princess who was one of the baddest women in television. If your dog is a fearless boss lady, Xena would be a great name. The movie version would be most appropriate for larger breeds of dogs, but a smaller girl might find it hilarious. If you want a more “realistic” character, try naming her Ursula, a villain in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.


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