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Mythological Dog Names


If you’ve always loved mythological dogs and stories, then naming your dog after one of these creatures is the perfect way to give it a unique and fun name. This is because mythological dogs are powerful and celebrated for their strength. This can be a great choice for a girl’s dog, or one of the most adorable pet names on the block. Listed below are a few ideas to get you started. There are plenty more possibilities too.

Mythical Greek gods

Mythological Greek gods make a fun theme for fantasy dog names. This ancient culture is known for its mix of religion and belief. Most of their mythology was passed on orally. While there are some stone tablets containing references to some of their gods, most mythology was passed on orally and in poetry. The names of their gods are often symbolic of their relationship with humans and the land they inhabited.

Another god to consider using for a fantasy dog name is the Titan Atlas, which means hard. It was this Titan that led the charge against Zeus and was punished by being forced to carry the heavens on his shoulders. This mythical sphere is often mistaken for Earth, so the name makes sense. Another mythological dog name is Nyx, which is the Greek primordial goddess of darkness and beauty. A domestic dog with a dark coat would be a great candidate for this name.

In mythological mythology, there are many gods and goddesses that influenced humans. For example, the goddess Venus is a good choice for a female dog. Venus is a goddess of love and beauty, and is associated with fertility in Roman Mythology. The name Diana is another popular choice for female dogs, and makes a good reference to Lady Diana. These gods often fought in battle and helped the ancient Greeks overcome their foes.

Mythical continents

You can choose mythological dog names for your lovable pup, from the stories of the gods to the famous historical figures. These mythological characters often have a similar storyline across various cultures, though the details vary. In addition, mythical dog names can be a great way to reflect the personality of your dog. Read on for some ideas. We hope this guide has helped you choose a dog name!

To begin your research, consider the following mythological and fantasy symbols. For example, the Lyfing (a magic sword) is used by the Norse gods, and the Tonbokiri is a legendary Japanese spear. The Obelisk (also known as the Libra, the scale of justice in Roman mythology) is a tall, narrow monument. The name “Obelisk” also signifies violence and death.

Lemuria (the mythical continent in the Indian and Pacific Oceans) is also popular for fantasy dog names. Lemuria was the site of an ancient civilization, and the ancient peoples believed it was home to missing link fossils. While scientists have ruled its existence unlikely, ancient peoples and occult writers have embraced it. The occult writer Helena Blavatsky has claimed it sank and is no longer there.

Other mythical continents include Muspell, the land of fire in Norse mythology, and Atlantis, the legendary lost continent. Other mythological places with fantasy dog names include Endor, the forest planet of Star Wars, and Aaru, the afterlife paradise ruled by the Egyptian god Osiris. Finally, the fictional New York City of Final Fantasy 7 is a great inspiration for fantasy dog names.

Dr. Who characters

The fictional television show Dr. Who has inspired people to give their pets unique names. Characters such as the Doctor and his companions often give their pets names from the show they love. Doctor Who, which began in the United Kingdom in 1963, has reached cult status. The show is centered around an extraterrestrial time traveller called “The Doctor.” He travels the universe in a spaceship known as the TARDIS and is usually accompanied by different “companions” who help him face various foes and help those in need.

The name “Einstein” is a popular one from the Doctor Who show. It is thought that the dog was named after the famous hotel in the show, which was frequented by The Vicious Circle and Dorothy Parker. Another common name for a fantasy dog is “Wildfire” based on a story by Jack London. The story was originally a silent 1925 movie. In 2006, Cole played Spot, a mutt in the comedy “The Shaggy Dog.” A German Shepherd named Lili appeared in the film “Mr. Magoo.”

During the 1967 film, Doctor Dolittle’s pet dog, Jip, rescued a stranded man. In the 2020 version, he’s named “Kimchi”, after the famous koala. In the original 1967 film, Jip is a Labrador Retriever. In the new film, he’s a different breed and has glasses. Octavia Spencer voices her in the 2020 version. In the 1967 film, the animal companion, Dab-Dab, was a duck. She eventually became a housekeeper when Sarah Dolittle left the show. Similarly, Prince Bumpo, a blind plowhorse, is sent to study at Oxford University. He’s not accustomed to wearing shoes, which makes him a perfect match for the Doctor.


You can name your new puppy an anime fantasy dog name. Dogs do not understand names the way humans do, so anime fantasy dog names are perfect for your new furry friend. These cute and quirky names are derived from popular Japanese anime series. And they will be sure to love their new name! You can also use an anime dog name for your own pet. The following are some anime fantasy dog names that you can choose for your new best friend:

Besides being cute, anime dog names are unique, too. They sound like dog names, but they’re short enough to be short without being a command. Choose a name that you feel comfortable calling your dog. Although canines can learn anything, some names are just too difficult to pronounce. The following are some tips for choosing an anime dog name:

Inui: This Borzoi-based doggo is the administrator of Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd. He serves as an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates. His demeanor and sweet smile are sure to make anyone fall in love with him. Its loyal nature makes him a great dog name. But it’s a shame that he only makes appearances in one short anime series.

Video game characters

If you’re a fan of Japanese anime and manga, why not name your pup after a character from the same series? Choose from names like Cloud, Vegeta, or Bulma. You can also get a name based on a favorite character like Akira or Vash. There are many great dog names from Japanese anime and manga, so there’s sure to be one that you love!

Another option is to choose from video game characters that you’ve always liked as a child. The characters in your favorite game can make great dog names, as long as they’re unique enough to fit your dog. If your dog has a unique look, Yoshi, or Boo, are great choices. If you’ve got a dog that’s mostly white, you can choose to name him or her “Boo.”

In “The Last of Us” video game, the protagonist Ellie is a clumsy and stubborn teen who’s in love with the Celtic goddess Epona. In “The Legend of Zelda,” Epona is the name of Link’s horse, which he named after the Celtic goddess. In the Dead or Alive series, Helena was introduced as a French Opera singer, and she quickly became the main character.

In Fallout 2, Dogmeat is a canine companion of the non-player character Clavicus Vile. This dog was created by Toby Fox, the game’s creator. In the game, Dogmeat recognizes the player by his Vault Dweller jumpsuit. If the player fails to take care of him, it’s best to leave him alone, but if you’re having trouble finding him, he’ll alert the Vault Dweller.

Literary characters

Literary characters make for great dog names. From The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain to Kazak the Space Hound by Kurt Vonnegut, fantasy dogs can be named after their favorite characters. In addition to literary characters, popular movie and book titles make great sources for fantasy dog names. Some of the most popular literary characters that have inspired dog names include Hermione Granger, A Boy and His Dog, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

A literary dog name is a great choice if you enjoy reading. Some of these characters are legendary and renowned for their loyalty. Other literary dog names are based on the names of books, authors, or cities. Some of these names are subtle while others are uber-formal. Whatever you decide, your dog will enjoy its new literary name! You can read a comprehensive list of literary dog names and choose the best one for your pooch.

While literary dog names are available in many styles, these names are best for dogs with large, active ears. If you’re choosing a name for a small dog, try something a bit more unusual, like the great Gatsby or the famous Daisy. If your dog’s name is based on a famous author, try a work by Samuel Beckett. However, remember that Samuel Beckett’s dogs are not the most fetching.

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