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There are many different types of dog names. Each name has its own meaning and can reflect the owner’s personality. Some names are more descriptive than others, reflecting an owner’s feelings and interests. Indian dog names, on the other hand, are more universal and can reflect the owner’s personality. There are many categories of Indian words for dogs. Read on to learn more about each type and their popularity! Below you will find a list of the most popular Indian dog names.


If you’re looking for a unique name for your pooches, you may be interested in Indian dog names. These names are both sweet and meaningful, and many of them are also easy to say. Some examples of Indian dog names include Amaya, which means pure. The name is also appropriate for male dogs with strong personalities. Other examples of Indian dog names include Kumar, which means sky, and Kairav, which means pure doggy.

The names of these dogs are mostly related to their Indian origin. Some Indian dog breeds are named after gods. Many are named after important historical figures and mythological creatures. Dogs named after gods are often called “prayogas,” which means “prayer dogs.” Other names, like Sagara and Yasti, honor the gods. Some Indian dog breeds are also named after Hindu deities. Listed below are some names with their meanings.

Native American dog names are filled with mysticism. Names like Akai are perfect for older males and clever males. The meanings of these Indian dog names are fascinating. While they’re derived from the Native American culture, the names are unique and powerful. Some of the most popular Indian dog names are Hotha, Awendea, and Atotoztli. Some of these names also commemorate great Native Americans, including many famous warriors.

A Scottish name, For example, means small hill. The English version, Tom Sawyer, is a popular literary character with the same meaning. Tom Sawyer is a mischievous boy with a big heart. Another Latin name, Silas, is good for hunting dogs. In addition, it means beautiful in Swahili. It’s also good for a dog breed with a big heart, such as a husky.


Origins of Indian dog names are rich and diverse. The first one is derived from the Sanskrit word, “Amrit,” meaning immortal. A second name comes from the Sanskrit word, “Saryu,” meaning moving air. Dogs with the name “Sagar” are described as courageous and smart. Similarly, dogs with the name “Gayan,” a reference to the famous Indian comedy dog, are described as courageous, smart, and feisty.

Other names that come from India include Rampur Greyhound, which is native to Rampur, a city in northern India between Bareily and Delhi. The Rampur Greyhound, also known as Bully Kutta, is an ancient breed that shares its origins with the bulldog of Pakistan, which has the same name. It is most commonly found as a guard dog, but many Bully Kuttas are still bred to fight.

The most famous breed of dog in India is the German Shepherd, but if you’re looking for a name for your dog that’s not as familiar, consider giving it a Native American name. Many Native American tribes based their names on the wolf, which they believed played an important spiritual role. While some Native American languages have many varieties, such as Cherokee, Iroquoian, and Algonquin, others share a single language. As a result, Indian dog names are derived from both languages.

Another Indian dog name that may be apt for your pup is Nirav. The word “Nirav” means peaceful in Sanskrit, so it would be a great choice for a dog that likes to rest and nap. Another name that is very meaningful in Indian culture is Parth, which is related to the Hindu god of war, the name of a warrior prince. This name relates to the phrase “Never misses the target,” which is apt for an active dog.


When choosing a name for your new pup, consider its origins. While the dog itself is not indigenous to India, it was thought to be related to wolves. In fact, the Hare Indian dog was closely related to the domesticated coyote. These dogs were used for various tasks, including hunting, herding, guarding, and sledding. Their ancestor breed, the Chihuahua, was bred and kept by the Mexica elite.

In India, the name Pariah was originally used to describe all feral or stray dogs. It was derived from the Tamil word pariyar, which meant “outcast” in the caste system. The term now focuses on dogs that live alongside humans. There are several regional names for this breed, including Pye-Dog and Desi dog. The word ‘pariah’ is often dropped in favour of the more modern “INDog” term.

Gull Terriers are fiercely loyal, and often risk their lives for their family. They aren’t recommended for families with young children, but if they sense a threat, they will devote themselves to the kids in their pack. Gull Terriers are a rare breed of dog from India, and their many names over the years include Gull Terrier, Bully Gull Terr, and Indian Bulldog.

Jonangi dogs are known for digging large ditches to relieve pent-up energy. Another breed, the Pandikona, is named after the village of Pandikona near Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. This breed was bred to survive the intense heat of the region. While these dogs were bred for these purposes, they are also used for hunting and protection. They are often regarded as pests by fish farmers, and their name derives from the local word for heavily wrinkled.


If you’ve ever heard of an Indian dog, you’ve probably wondered how it got its name. While many of these names sound distinctly Indian, they’re not necessarily appropriate for your dog. Choosing a name that sounds more Indian may lead to certain issues, such as a change in behavior. If you’d like to give your dog an Indian name, avoid using names inspired by food. You should opt for names that sound gentle and calm, instead.

Interestingly, several popular Indian dog names have a meaning. Among them, Bairaj, which means “mighty king,” is perfect for a male dog that’s fierce and has a lot of strength. “Kumaru” is another great choice for a small, playful dog. Another name that sounds like Bollywood, Bolly, is the diminutive form of Bollywood. Male dogs may also want a name that represents the Indian culture, such as “Ali” or “Panaji,” which are both names with meaning.

Besides flower names, Indian dog names can mean various things. Jasmine, for example, is an ideal choice for a small, powerful female dog. Jasmine is a conceptual name that is suitable for both male and female dogs. A more traditional Indian name is “Kai,” which is a reference to Indian tea. This name is great for female dogs that are unpredictable. Another name that is perfect for male dogs is “Kairav,” which is the Hindi word for the flower.

Native American dog names evoke strong feelings and a sense of nature. Dog names that reflect nature spirits and other native words are truly unique. Names in Indian language should conjure images of the wild west and the rugged landscape. Animals from the wild west, like buffalo, wolves, and bears, were revered by Native American cultures. As a result, these names are also ideal for strong male dogs. You can even name them after your favorite foods and celebrate the beauty of the ancient Indian languages and Sanskrit.


An authentic name for your dog can come from the Indian subcontinent. These names honor the culture and heritage of the country. They can be from any one of the tribes or even famous individuals such as Pocahontas. For unique names for female dogs, try the names of famous Indian people. In addition to traditional Indian names, you can also find a variety of Western names for your dog. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Most Indian dog names are from the Hindi language. The main language of India is Hindi, spoken by over 400 million people. Many of the Indian dog names are based on Hindi and are therefore not very appropriate for dogs. If you are unsure about the authenticity of a name, you can read the description below. It’s always best to use a reputable source. You can read descriptions of the names of your dog to determine whether they’re appropriate or not.

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