Should You Buy a Male Or Female Yorkie?


Are you considering adopting a Yorkie? If so, you will be wondering whether to buy a male or female Yorkie. This article will discuss the differences between the two sexes and some common characteristics of each. You will also learn about the cost and grooming of each type. A Male Yorkie will cost more than a Female Yorkie, so make sure you can afford both.

Gender differences

Although male and female Yorkies are almost identical in appearance, there are a few key differences between them. Male Yorkies are generally less sociable than females. They are more protective of their family and are not as friendly toward other dogs and children. On the other hand, female Yorkies are more tolerant of children and may be more affectionate around other animals. Here are some tips for choosing the right dog for you!

Yorkshire Terriers are great pets for families. Although both sexes are sweet and lovable, males are more protective of their families. They are also more aggressive than females. While male Yorkies can be aggressive, females have a strong nesting instinct and will alert their owners to potential threats. They also have a much larger range of facial expressions, which may make them more adaptable to different social environments.

Male Yorkies weigh between 7 and 8 pounds and are slightly smaller. Female Yorkies may vary slightly, but neither is significantly larger or smaller than the male. Female Yorkies may become overweight because they don’t exercise as much as males. This can be a sign of an inbreed difference between males and females. These dogs also require more grooming than males. Female Yorkies need a classier cut than males.

Gender differences between male and female Yorkies may be a bit confusing, but it’s important to remember that both breeds are loyal and devoted to their owners. Females are more likely to respond to praise and attention than males. They are also likely to be less aggressive than males and are less likely to act out when praised. A female Yorkie might be the more submissive dog, but it’s a good idea to take your time and look into the characteristics of both sexes before deciding on which breed is right for you.

Common qualities

There are some characteristics that distinguish male and female Yorkie dogs. Females are more independent than males, and they may have a strong nesting instinct. However, males are territorial and may show this characteristic if they are not neutered. Both types of Yorkie dogs get along with other dogs, but they are slightly different. Female Yorkies are better suited for households with other dogs.

A Yorkshire Terrier is a sweet and loving breed that craves human attention. Female Yorkies may be more impulsive and assertive, but with proper training, this trait can turn out to be endearing. However, male Yorkies may also try to establish himself as the “Pack Leader” more often. Proper training will allow you to demonstrate that you are the pack leader. These qualities can be very endearing, but if you are not aware of them, you may want to get a female Yorkie instead.

Despite their gender, both Yorkies are affectionate, lively, and domineering. However, males are more difficult to train than females. The females can be stubborn and bossy, but they also get along better with other dogs. Females may also be a little more docile. If you’re looking for a companion, consider a Yorkie! There are some differences between male and female Yorkies, so make sure you know what you’re looking for!

Yorkshire Terriers have different coat colors, so it’s important to know how to groom them. The male Yorkshire Terrier has a black saddle, while a female Yorkie has a blue saddle. This color combination reflects its heritage as working terriers from the 1800s. The tan-colored Yorkie may retain its black-and-tan coloring into old age.


While both sexes are friendly and loyal companions, the costs of a male and female Yorkie are different. While male Yorkies can be put to stud, females will produce several litters in their lifetime, making them a more expensive choice in the beginning. Regardless of your choice, you should neuter or spay your new pet to avoid health problems in the future.

The price of a male or female Yorkie depends on many factors. You should be aware that the more expensive ones are usually purebred. Also, make sure to buy from a reputable breeder. While backyard breeders are known to sell puppies for high prices, you should be aware that you should avoid them. Although some backyard breeders might sell their dogs for high prices to attract more responsible buyers, it is better to purchase from a reputable source.

The cost of a male or female Yorkie can vary between $300 and $10,000. Prices vary by breed and location. However, they can go up to $10,000 if you want a champion male Yorkie. A male Yorkie puppy is usually more expensive than a female, but a local breeder without AKC registration can charge anywhere from $300 to $800. A female Yorkie can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000, but it’s usually cheaper to adopt than to purchase a puppy.

Both male and female Yorkies have health problems and should be treated accordingly. Males are more likely to bite while protecting their family, while females are generally more docile. They should also be kept away from small children and male dogs with a large frame. These conditions could lead to the dog being injured by the bigger ones. A female Yorkie is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pet that is easy to train and care for.


Before you start grooming your male or female Yorkie, there are a few things you should know. You can cut off the excess hair around the face and ears, but you should avoid shaving your dog’s genitals. If you can’t afford the full groom, you can try doing it yourself. However, if you’re on a budget, you might want to check out the services of a professional groomer.

First, determine how much hair your Yorkie has. Male Yorkies generally have a full head of hair. To prevent excessive hair from clogging the follicles, trim the hair in those areas. Grooming a male Yorkie can also be a challenge if your male Yorkie has lost a lot of hair. This type of haircut is a major pain for your dog, so avoid it if possible.

Another area that requires regular grooming is the ears. Make sure to trim away the long hairs from the upper part of the ear as they can weigh down the ear and cause many problems. It is recommended that you use scissors with 0.8-mm blades. You should also have grooming scissors for the paw pads, between the toes, and between the paws. Also, keep a comb nearby so you can gather long hairs.

Another important part of grooming a Yorkie is using a proper shampoo. Yorkies can be difficult to brush, so make sure you use a special dog shampoo. Don’t use human shampoo as it may cause skin irritation. Also, avoid using shampoo that is too drying for your dog’s skin. And remember to always sanitize your dog’s eyes. If you don’t do this, your yorkie will suffer from allergies.


Whether you have a male or a female Yorkie, you should be aware of the differences between their personalities. Female Yorkies are known to be moodier and more aggressive than their male counterparts. Moreover, they are often confused with children and may pick fights with other dogs. Hence, it is essential to socialize your Yorkie early on. Use treats, affection, and praise to help your Yorkie learn about human interaction. In addition, take your Yorkie to a dog park. You’ll notice many other dogs and families with kids.

The difference between a male and a female Yorkie has a lot to do with hormones and the breed of the dog. Different races have different genetic qualities that make them distinct. A male Yorkie is known to be more independent and daring, making him better suited for guard duties. On the other hand, a female Yorkie is known to be affectionate and attached to its owner.

Both male and female Yorkies are equally playful and friendly, but a female is considered more submissive. While males are stubborn and bossy, female Yorkies tend to listen to their owners’ directions. Both sexes are equally susceptible to health problems. However, females are often easier to train than males and are much more likely to pay attention to training. If you plan to get a female Yorkie, take time to train it properly.

Health problems: Despite being adorable, male Yorkies can develop liver shunts, a heart condition known as Legg-Perthes Disease, and many others. Moreover, both sexes are susceptible to skin allergies and teeth problems. Female Yorkies have more problems with Hypoglycemia, a condition that affects low blood sugar. Regardless of whether you choose a male or female Yorkie, keep in mind that females are more sensitive than males.

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