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How to Help Your Overweight Yorkie Lose Weight


If your Yorkie is over-weight, he should start by reducing his calorie intake. To do this, control his portion size and limit table scraps. Another helpful trick is to exercise him. Exercise can help him burn off excess fat. If you are not able to exercise your Yorkie, you should consider adopting a strict diet. But how do you know when it’s time to start the weight loss process?

Reduce calorie intake

If your Yorkie is overweight, you may be wondering how to reduce its calorie intake. Luckily, you can do this in several ways. By increasing your Yorkie’s daily walk, you will be able to provide her with plenty of exercise, which will not only benefit her health but also help her lose weight. If you can’t get your Yorkie outside, try taking your dog along with you on errands. However, be sure to remember that some stores or other places may not allow Yorkies on the premises.

Another way to reduce your Yorkie’s calorie intake is to cut down on the amount of food they eat. They don’t have a sense of fullness, so they will eat as much as they see. By dividing their food into several smaller meals, you can control their weight and avoid obesity. You can also provide treats between meals and reduce their calorie intake, which will keep your Yorkie trim.

Obesity is a very common problem for Yorkies. Many owners don’t pay attention to their dog’s calorie intake. While it may be easier to cut a human food portion, your Yorkie’s diet will be far more challenging. If you’re having trouble reducing your Yorkie’s calorie intake, ask your veterinarian for a diet plan that will help him lose weight.

Another way to reduce calorie intake is by cutting out table scraps and treats. Feeding Yorkies table scraps and fatty treats can be a source of extra calories. Instead, offer your dog healthy snacks and treats as a substitute for calorie-rich treats. However, it is important to note that not all Yorkies will enjoy these foods. If your Yorkie likes them, they should be able to eat them.

You can begin by cutting your dog’s food by five percent. Then, feed your dog smaller portions for a week. Check on your dog’s weight every two weeks and continue cutting their food until they reach a healthy weight. You can start with small changes and continue doing so until your overweight yorkie begins to lose weight. You can then increase your yorkie’s calorie intake gradually as it continues to lose weight.

Control portion size

It is important to control your Yorkie’s portion size to ensure proper health. Yorkies are naturally voracious eaters, and this makes them prone to obesity. The reason for this is because they are not used to being efficient eaters, which leads to their overeating. By carefully regulating the amount of food your Yorkie eats each day, you can help them lose weight.

To help your dog lose weight, choose a pre-weighed dog food. This will remove the guesswork and allow you to properly measure portions. Look for a brand that offers foods in different volume ranges to meet the specific needs of your dog. Avoid canned pumpkin pie as it contains high amounts of sugar. If you are unsure of your dog’s weight, consult a veterinarian. The right food for your dog will help control his weight and help him feel better.

If you notice any unusual growth or belly curve, it’s time to visit a vet. Overweight Yorkies may not be as easily noticed as overweight ones, but they are prone to developing diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes in Yorkies include weight loss, increased thirst, and an irregular bowel movement. Changing their food can also cause digestive problems, so switch slowly and select foods your Yorkie can easily digest.

The amount of food a Yorkie eats depends on its age, gender, and special needs. Puppies under three months of age survive mainly on the milk of their mother and demand for it. During the first couple of months, it’s wise to limit their meal size to a third of its usual amount. If you want your Yorkie to stay fit and trim, make sure to schedule regular workouts.

A few simple adjustments can go a long way in helping your overweight Yorkie lose weight. Control portion size for your Yorkie and it will be happier and healthier as well! Try these simple changes and watch your Yorkie’s weight steadily decrease. If you have any trouble, you can try increasing the amount of veggies, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and celery. Then, gradually increase the amount of physical activity your dog gets to keep their weight under control.

Cut back on table scraps

If your overweight Yorkie is always asking for more of your table scraps, it might be the cause of his obesity. Besides being unattractive, feeding table scraps to your dog is a sure way to give him more calories than you realize. Instead, try to curb your puppy‘s begging for “people food” and focus on reducing the number of table scraps you give him each day.

However, most Yorkies do not react well to a diet where they are offered less food than usual. In fact, dogs on such a diet become restless and agitated, wearing down the willpower of their owners. The goal of a diet is to feed your Yorkie the same amount of food, but with less calories. There are two types of food for your overweight Yorkie: canned and dry treats, and table scraps.

Providing less food will also make it easier for you to exercise. Your dog will appreciate the exercise and attention. If you are worried about how much food your overweight Yorkie is eating, consult with your veterinarian to determine if this is a good idea. It is crucial to control your Yorkie’s weight and help him stay healthy. The more exercise and food he gets, the better.

Besides reducing table scraps, you should also reduce the amount of meat in your home. This will give him a chance to digest his food properly. Cutting back on table scraps will help your Yorkie lose weight faster, and you will be happy to see your pup become a more active dog. Keep in mind that humans also need regular calorie burn to stay healthy.


Yorkies can benefit from a regular exercise routine. Walking and other forms of physical exercise are beneficial for both you and your Yorkie. Exercise can also help your Yorkie burn fat. Exercising together can be fun and a great bonding experience for both of you. But it’s important to remember that exercise isn’t just for humans; your Yorkie will benefit as well.

Overweight Yorkies have a harder time jumping into laps and waddle when walking. They are more likely to develop musculoskeletal problems. Their knees may be more prone to patellar luxation, which causes them to walk in a skipping motion. Their excess body weight can also aggravate vertebral disk problems. By exercising regularly, you can help your overweight Yorkie lose weight and keep it off.

In addition to exercise, you can play games with your pet. This will help them stay physically active while strengthening the bond between the dog and its owner. You can also take your dog for a daily walk or play games with it. The activities can be fun and help combat obesity and promote health. Try obstacle courses, jumping, or water activities to help your dog lose weight. It’s not only good for your dog but for you, as well.

Your overweight yorkie may also be suffering from underlying health problems. Overweight dogs are more prone to heart disease, hip dysplasia, and other forms of joint problems. Their immune systems may also be compromised. Cancer is another possibility, so regular exercise will make your dog feel much better. And remember to always consult your vet if you find your yorkie is overweight or obese. The sooner you address this problem, the better.

You can also introduce small meals to your Yorkie’s diet. Even though they’re small, they can still get hungry after eating a large meal. You can supplement your Yorkie’s meals with vegetables, such as raw or canned. Be sure to rinse canned food to reduce sodium content. Vegetables are low in calories and can help your Yorkie feel full longer. So remember to offer them healthy foods at mealtimes.

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