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Big Dog Names


If you love the name Duke, it is the second most popular honorific title after Monarch. This name gives your big dog a sense of nobility. Rex, on the other hand, means reigning king, and is synonymous with the king of dinosaurs, T-Rex. It is a popular choice among owners who want their big dog to look and act like royalty. Listed below are some other big dog names.


If you’ve ever seen a movie, you’ve probably seen a character named Max. The name is very memorable and is a great choice for big dogs. He is outgoing, adventurous, and very rambunctious. As such, it’s important to give your new pet a name that fits his personality. In this article, you’ll discover 19 of the most popular big dog names. Some of the best choices are Max, Maximus, Duke, and others.

Another big dog name is Gula, which means “gluttonous.” This name suits large dogs. Nala, a strong female character from the Lion King, is another cute choice. Dino, which is short for dinosaur, is also a cute choice. Other cute names include Butterball and Inca. They are both adorable and unique, and are also appropriate for a large dog. Aside from the popular names, they also fit big dog personalities.


Bruiser the big dog first appears in the 2001 film, Legally Blonde. The movie focuses on Elle Woods, who is dumped by Warner Huntington III, the governor of her state. Elle decides to go to law school, and her dog Bruiser becomes her constant companion. As Elle struggles with the challenges of university life, Bruiser also becomes one of her most important friends. Bruiser’s plight also prompts Elle to start a movement to change animal rights.

Another big dog name that evokes the presence of a mighty giant is Boomer. Boomer represents size and presence. The name Tank is an apt choice for a big dog. It also evokes the idiom, “raising Cain.”


Mack is a big dog name, a favorite of truck owners. This American-American mascot has long been associated with trucks, and the truck company adopted the bulldog as a mascot. This nickname is both playful and adorable. Another name that is great for big dogs is Kane, which means warrior and evokes the old Irish idiom ‘raising Cain’. These names are both unique, and they are sure to please any big-dog owner.

The name Mack is derived from Scottish and English origins. It means “king’s settlement,” while the English version translates to “champion.” The Scottish name, in turn, comes from the Old English word mack, which means “scotch.” While it may sound like a trendy name for your pup, it’s also important to remember that it’s likely to be the same for ten or more years.


If you are planning to give a big dog a name, you may have many ideas at hand. Mack is a famous brand of big trucks, and the company adopted a bulldog as its mascot. While Mack might not be the most appropriate big dog name, it is a unique sounding one. Another interesting choice is Kane, which means warrior in Celtic. However, the name may bring up the idiom ‘raising Cain’.

The best male dog names tend to be the most original, which is why you should try to create a mindmap of many possible options. Create a few mindmaps and save them on your phone. These mindmaps will help you come up with a new theme for your pup! Here are a few of them:


The female version of Sierra is an adorable big dog name, and the name is inspired by the famous mountain range in California. It captures the wild beauty of the West. If you want your dog to be named after the highest mountain peak in North America, consider Denali, the most famous giant in the world. This nature-loving name is versatile and can be used for both male and female giant breed dogs. Its unique pronunciation makes it a great choice for both male and female dogs.

There are many other big dog names you can consider, ranging from Disney movies to TV shows. There are many examples of big dogs from movies like 101 Dalmatians and Disney movies. Choose a funny name to make fun of their size, or a serious one to show that this big dog is serious business. Listed below are a few of the best choices for your big dog. You may want to give your dog a name that evokes their loyalty and honors their size.

Sierra is a funny name for a big dog

If you’re having trouble naming your new big dog, consider this unusual choice. This name for a big dog is derived from the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and evokes the wild wonder of the West. Another funny name for a big dog is Denali, which is a Spanish word meaning “giant” and has been used for a large dog breed since the 18th century. It’s a great name for a big dog with a wild side, and it’s a cute choice for an outdoorsy dog as well.

Other big dog names are derived from moose, which is another animal with a large body. This name is cute for a big dog that has large brown fur. It’s also a cute choice for a big dog that thinks it’s small. And because this name is both humorous and descriptive, it works well for big brown dogs. It’s also a nice choice for a big brown dog that wants to occupy a bed!

Sierra is a Germanic name for a big dog

The Germanic name for a big dog is Sierra, which means “big”. The origin of this name is obscure, but it comes from the goddess Freya, which is equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She was the chief goddess of fertility and love, so her name came from the goddess of beauty. In addition to her beauty, she is a powerful goddess. Sierra is an excellent dog name for the family with plenty of energy.

Other great Germanic names for big dogs include Heidi, which means “noble white.” It’s a classic name that has biblical origins, although many people associate it with the iconic movie character Liesel von Trapp. Another cool choice is Beethoven, which means “beetroot farm.” This name is a tribute to German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Another classic German name for a big dog is Fritz, which is short for Friedrich. Friedrich means “peace” and “ruler.” There’s even a feminine version of Fritz, which is called Fritzi.

Sierra is a Swahili name for a big dog

A big dog with a sweet and playful nature may be called Sierra. Its name derives from a Swahili language, which is widely used in the African continent. The name means “leader,” but it can also mean “sweet.” The African continent has produced an amazing range of dogs over the years, and Sierra is a Swahili name for a big dog. The svelte sighthounds of West Africa began life as hunters and are now involved in lure coursing.

In the original film, a trio of lions could have been dispatched. The three lions were featured in almost every subsequent Lion King film. The trio’s appearance has since been immortalized in four Disneyworld rides. While some African dog names may seem strange to Americans, Swahili names are usually beautiful and evocative, conveying complicated concepts with ease. Alternatively, you can simply pick a name that sounds good. But don’t rely on random naming!

Bruiser is a Scottish name for a big dog

The Scottish word bruiser means “big” and has long been associated with big dogs. Bruiser is also the name of Elle Woods’ Chihuahua. Bruiser has a strong reputation in pop culture, and the name has even been used for a large breed dog. However, the name is an ironic choice for a small breed. Its Scottish origin makes it an excellent choice for any dog, big or small.

While it sounds like a tough choice, this name is a classic choice. The surname “Coopser” comes from the Old English and Scottish languages. Cooper is also a classic name, fitting for any boy dog. Duke is another traditional Scottish dog name. Duke comes from the highest rank of English nobility, and is a common surname in the region. In addition to Scottish history, Duke is a popular surname among musicians.

Bruiser is a Germanic name for a big dog

Bruiser is an interesting dog name. It was first used in German in the 14th century. It means “to be strong and tough.” Bruiser was also used as a nickname by German soldiers. It is also an apt name for a Chihuahua, as he is small but very fierce. It is also one of the most popular pet names. A dog named Bruiser is the perfect choice for any dog.

Bruiser is a popular dog name. This Germanic name means “sword.” Bruiser was a huge football player, standing over six feet tall and weighing nearly two hundred pounds. Bruiser is a great choice for a big dog. The name is not only a fun way to describe a big dog, but it also conveys its powerful character. A big dog that weighs more than two hundred pounds is often called a bulldog.


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