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Mini Bernedoodle Vs Mini Aussiedoodle Comparison


To answer this question, we’ll compare the Temperament, Lifespan, and Health of these dogs. Read on to learn more about both dogs! In this article, we’ll look at the Mini Aussiedoodle’s attributes and the differences between them. And, of course, there’s always the important matter of price! What’s the Difference Between the Mini Aussiedoodle and the Bernedoodle?

Mini Bernedoodle vs Mini Aussiedoodle

The main difference between the Mini Aussiedoodle and the Bernedoodle is their energy level. Australianedoodles are gentle and calm dogs while bernedoodles are more energetic and require more activity. While both dogs can be great with children, each has its own distinct personality and temperament. Mini Aussiedoodles have a perky personality and are better suited for hyperactive children. Both breeds need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to thrive.

Both breeds have similar coat types, but the Ausiedoodle’s are longer and curlier than the Bernedoodle’s. While the Bernedoodle coats are short and easy to groom, Aussiedoodle coats are prone to knotting and tangling. As with all dogs, make sure to do your research when buying a Mini Aussiedoodle.

A mini Aussiedoodle is a good option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming. They require daily brushing and may require a haircut every eight to twelve weeks. Although both breeds are easy to train and are easy to socialize, mini Bernedoodles can be stubborn, so you need to have a lot of patience and firmness in training.

While the Australianedoodle has a shorter coat, the Bernedoodle is usually the smaller and tamer of the two. They are both loyal and devoted pets and will be happy to spend time with their families. Mini Aussiedoodles are also known for being more energetic than the Bernedoodle. So, what are the differences between the two breeds?


While both the Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle share a Poodle parent, there are some key differences between the two. Although these two breeds are similar in appearance, you should study the details of each breed before deciding which one to buy. We’ve compiled a list of the major differences between the two breeds, including appearance, temperament, grooming, and pricing.

Although these two breeds are similar in appearance, their life spans are quite different. Typically, Australian bernedoodles live about twelve to eighteen years. The average life span of a Mini Aussiedoodle is 12 years, while the life span of a Mini Bernedoodle is around twelve to fourteen years.

When comparing life expectancy, the Bernedoodle has a longer lifespan than the Aussiedoodle. While both breeds have the potential to live up to 18 years, the Aussiedoodle is estimated to live twelve to fifteen years. Although Aussiedoodles can live up to eighteen years, they are also more likely to experience prey drive, which can be problematic if you have small children.

While Aussiedoodles are highly loyal and intelligent, they need a lot of attention. They are ideal for active lifestyles, but aren’t recommended for young children. They are prone to nipping when trying to herd small animals. But with proper training and socialization, you can prevent Aussiedoodles from herding your children.

The life expectancy of the Bernedoodle is about the same, although the smaller breeds may require more exercise. But both breeds are smart and active and need early socialization to avoid boredom. Although they can get along with other dogs, the Bernedoodle requires a bit more mental stimulation than the Aussiedoodle. Early socialization is important as it helps them avoid problems later on.


Before you make your decision, consider what temperament your new puppy will have. While both breeds have similar characteristics, the temperaments of each differ slightly. If you want to be sure your new puppy has a positive temperament, consider their appearance. Australian and Bernedoodles have similar appearances, but they differ significantly in their coats. Depending on which parent dog they came from, the coat color may be black, red, or blue. Alternatively, they could be solid-colored, or a mixture of all three colors.

A small Ausiedoodle is much smaller than a Bernedoodle, but both breeds have a curly coat. The coat of an Aussiedoodle is curly and requires regular brushing. The Bernedoodle coat is longer and requires less grooming, but it is not entirely free of fur. Ausiedoodles do shed, though. Their hair will often be more difficult to brush and tangle than a Bernedoodle’s.

When considering which breed to buy, keep in mind that the Aussiedoodle is the less expensive and less demanding of the two. They both require daily training and mental stimulation, but the Aussiedoodle is often known to be more playful and loving. Before making your decision, read up on both breeds to determine which one is best for you. Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, you can start looking for a breeder.

The Aussiedoodle has a good working temperament that makes it ideal for farm work and ranch life. This hardworking breed will herd family members and do their best in an environment that provides ample mental and physical stimulation. While Aussiedoodles are extremely affectionate with their family members, they may be timid around strangers unless they are properly socialized. This temperament may also lead to problems around children and other animals, and socialization should begin at a young age.


If you are looking to get a new dog, but are unsure which breed is better, compare the health and nutritional needs of a Bernedoodle and Mini Aussiedoodle. The two are similar in appearance, but differ in their dietary needs. They also require regular veterinarian visits, which is important to detect early signs of health issues. As mini dogs, both breeds are smaller and easier to raise than their large counterparts. However, you must have a sufficient budget for their upkeep and care.

The two breeds shed, but they have different types of coats. Mini Aussiedoodles shed less than their Bernedoodle cousins. Both breeds require moderate grooming, though the Bernedoodle sheds more than the Aussiedoodle. Both breeds require weekly brushing and bathing, but the Aussiedoodle is the most low-maintenance of the two.

As for the Australian breed, it inherits a number of conditions from both of its parents. The two are susceptible to cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and sebaceous adenitis. Australians have a longer coat than Bernedoodles, which is harder to keep clean and tends to knot and tangle. Both breeds have similar life expectancies. Regardless of the breed, you should consult with your veterinarian if you plan to bring home a Mini Aussiedoodle for your home.

A crossbred breed will have a healthier life span than a purebred one. A crossbred dog will inherit a trait known as Hybrid Vigor from its parent breed, which means that it will be healthier than its purebred counterparts. This means that they will have less risk of developing common health problems like allergies and obesity. While you should never buy a mini Aussiedoodle if you don’t plan to live with it for several years.


The cost of a Mini Aussiedoodle vs Mini Bernedoodle will depend on a number of factors. For instance, both breeds are able to live up to their names, which means that they are similar in size. However, the two breeds have some differences, so it is best to ask your vet for advice. A reputable breeder will be happy to provide health documentation for their puppies, so you can be sure that they are healthy.

The physical appearance of both breeds is similar, but each needs a different type of space. While Aussiedoodles are more suited to apartments, Bernedoodles are more comfortable in large living spaces. As a result, both breeds can live happily with other pets. The only major difference between the two breeds is their overall size, which makes them a popular choice for apartment dwellers.

The cost of mini Aussiedoodles varies between $750 and $1,200, though the smaller breeds are not as popular. The price of a Mini Bernedoodle varies based on location. The cost of a Mini Aussiedoodle varies from $700 to $1,200 depending on location and the breed. Both breeds are adorable and highly intelligent.

In general, the health of mixed breeds is better than that of purebred dogs. Although both breeds are relatively healthy, the wider gene pool makes certain diseases less common. However, both breeds share some health risks. A Bernedoodle can develop hip dysplasia, ocular disease, and allergies. Additionally, the Aussiedoodle has a higher maximum life expectancy. The lifespan of a Mini Aussiedoodle is slightly shorter than that of a Mini Bernedoodle.


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