Low Maintenance Dogs For College Students


A college student’s lifestyle is usually quite limited, so a dog that is low-maintenance is the perfect fit. In addition to being relatively low-maintenance, the right dog is also low-energy and somewhat lazy. These traits make most large dogs or high-energy dogs out of the running. Here are some low-maintenance dogs for college students. Read on to discover the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is one of the most popular small dogs. They’re prized for their good looks and loving nature, but they can be a little difficult for younger kids and strangers to handle. The breed is not a low-maintenance dog, but owners find that they enjoy the range of styles and sizes. Considering this, Lhasa Apsos can be a great low-maintenance dog for college students.

Though the Lhasa Apso does require daily grooming, they are easy to train and are apartment-friendly. However, they’re not particularly good at housebreaking, so you should invest in a crate or similar enclosure. Another breed to consider for college students is the Chinese crested, which is extremely intelligent and needs little exercise. It doesn’t need much space, and they’re a great choice for those who are working while attending college.

Lhasa Apsos are small in stature, but they can be vocal and shy around strangers, and they require frequent grooming. Papillons are quirky looking dogs that are fun to play with and listen well to humans. While they may not be the most suitable dog for college students, they are an ideal companion for college students and are great for students. If you’re going to be away from home for a while, a Lhasa Apso may be the right choice for you.

The Lhasa Apso is an excellent low-maintenance dog for college students. The coat is made of hair instead of fur, making it much more acceptable for those with allergies. Lhasa Apsos are affectionate, playful and protective. They can be very protective and playful, as well as barking when needed. You can even train your Lhasa Apso to play fetch with your cat.

Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is the perfect low-maintenance dog for college students. This small dog is friendly, low-energy, and adaptable to apartment life. Unlike many other dog breeds, the Boston terrier is not difficult to train and does not require much care. You can expect it to stay in one place while you are at work or in class, which is great for college students who want a pet that is low-maintenance and not a major hassle.

Because Boston terriers are brachycephalic, they are prone to overheating in hot weather. Therefore, you should always consider layering your dog’s tuxedo with a sweater. For indoor pets, Boston terriers require minimal grooming, but you should keep them out of the cold when possible. However, if you must bring them to the park or other areas where they will have to run around, you should buy a larger dog.

Although Boston terriers are high-energy dogs, they are not aggressive. Compared to other breeds, these dogs don’t need lots of exercise and they don’t drool much. They are still energetic and can keep up with people, but they do not tend to be aggressive. In addition to their low-maintenance nature, Boston terriers don’t bark or howl, so they don’t need a lot of exercise.

A Boston terrier is the perfect dog for college students because it is a low-maintenance dog, according to Jackie Moyano, owner of Behavior United. This breed was first recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1893. In addition to its low-maintenance personality, this breed is extremely intelligent and people-oriented. As an added bonus, Boston terriers are excellent companions for college students, and they are often called “American Gentleman” due to their devotedness and loyalty.

English bulldogs

Many college students have no time to exercise their dogs and English bulldogs are a great choice. While the breed does require some exercise, they do not require too much. A typical English bulldog weighs between 25 and 50 pounds and is 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder. This breed does not have a high energy level and is not likely to become disruptive when you leave for class. Besides its low exercise requirement, this dog breed is affectionate and loves to be around their owners.

Another breed that is low maintenance is the Chinese Crested dog. Although it does look exotic, it is also relatively low maintenance. These dogs love to be with their owner and enjoy a good walk. However, they do require daily grooming in order to avoid mats and tangles. Despite this low maintenance level, they need to be well-groomed on a daily basis to keep their coat in tip-top shape.

The English bulldog has a short, curly coat and is an excellent choice for college students. Besides being friendly, they are also low maintenance. The only drawback of these dogs is that they do not like to be in the heat and cannot fly in planes. However, they do well in apartments. They are intelligent and don’t require much exercise. And while they are small, they are easy to train, which makes them an excellent choice for college students.

If you have limited time, an English bulldog may be the perfect dog for you. Their tame nature makes them a great choice for college students. They can be low-maintenance and very affectionate. These dogs are low-maintenance and do not require a lot of attention. Despite their small size, the English bulldog has plenty of personality to suit the needs of a college student.

Shih Tzus

If you’re a college student, Shih Tzus are an excellent choice. These low-maintenance dogs are low-energy and can fit easily into a student’s schedule. The basset hound is another low-maintenance choice, because they are quiet and do not need to be crated. Their intelligence and low-energy levels make them excellent choices for students.

These easy-going dogs will last through college days, as they’re not too active or need extensive grooming. They’ll also be happy to hang out with other pets and people. Unlike cats, Shih Tzus won’t overly be anxious around new people or other pets. They’re also easy to train, which means that they’ll fit right in, even if you live in an apartment with limited space.

This dog breed is an ideal choice for college students because it’s easy to train and low-maintenance. Whippets are low-maintenance and have minimal exercise needs, but they do need frequent grooming. A good walk or a game of fetch can burn a lot of energy. The small size makes them easy to carry around and keep safe. Despite their low maintenance requirements, they’re highly intelligent and love their families.

Although Shih Tzus require frequent grooming, they don’t require large amounts of exercise. They also don’t need much space to exercise. A daily walk will satisfy their exercise needs. A Shih Tzu also tolerates moderate alone time. College students who are not able to spend long hours at home with their dogs can get a Shih Tzu, who adapts easily to routines and takes care of the house when their owners are away.


Because of their relatively low energy level, pugs are great low-maintenance dogs for college students. Pugs have a short snout, which can pose health risks and lead to laziness. Pugs are also good listeners and are not too vocal, making them the perfect pet for those who are often cooped up in their dorm room. They are also incredibly social and can be excellent couch buddies, so you may want to consider adopting a pug from a shelter. The dogs you find there are usually rescued, so they are most likely to have a good attitude, low-maintenance fur, and a great disposition.

Although small-breed dogs are better suited to college living, larger breeds are also suitable. Golden retrievers are the most popular breed in the U.S. and are intelligent and love to please their owners. These dogs also require very little training. They require little space and do not get into trouble, so they are ideal for college students. If you’re looking for a dog that is low-maintenance and requires a low amount of time and attention, a pug might be the perfect dog for you.

Another low-maintenance breed is the pug. Pugs are low-maintenance, yet they need special care. Their flat faces and short noses make them prone to heatstroke and other respiratory problems, so it is important to find a veterinarian before adopting a pug. Also, Pugs can snore. If you’re concerned about Pug health, see a veterinarian immediately to make sure your Pug is not suffering from any problems.

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