The Most Affectionate Small Dog Breeds


If you’re looking for a pet that is both loyal and affectionate, look no further than the Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Border Collies, and Bernese Mountain Dog. These small dog breeds pack a ton of personality into a tiny package. These dogs will follow their owners everywhere, even when they’re not with them. The American Kennel Club considers dachshunds to be the most affectionate small dog breeds.

Bichon Frise

One of the most affectionate small dog breeds is the Bichon Frise. This breed is known for its cotton-ball looks and craves attention from humans. It enjoys a busy household with lots of people, and can experience separation anxiety when left alone. They also need lots of attention, so be prepared to provide plenty of it. A Bichon Frise does well with children, as they are very social.

Bichons are hypoallergenic and rarely shed. They must be given plenty of daily exercise to remain healthy. This breed was used in circus acts and street performances, and it still has a sweet nature. Although it is not a popular breed today, it is still a very affectionate breed. These dogs are also known to be extremely loving, so they make excellent pets for people with allergies and intolerances.

These dogs can be very playful and affectionate, but be aware that they are delicate. They may develop separation anxiety and engage in destructive behavior if they feel left alone. However, if you are looking for a small dog for an apartment, a Bichon Frise is a wonderful choice. Bichons are also excellent apartment pets and very trainable. They love human affection, and you will be delighted to meet them every time you walk through the door.

Shih Tzu

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, affectionate small dog, consider the Shih Tzu. These dogs were originally bred as companions and are very sociable. While they do require frequent brushing, they don’t shed or need constant lint rollering. They will bond with their owners quickly. Shih Tzus have one of the highest levels of affection of any small dog breeds.

These sturdy little dogs may seem a bit snobbish, but they love to interact with their human owners. Shih Tzus do not like to be outdoors all day. They like to play with toys in the yard and go for walks at the park with other dogs. These dogs check in on their owners periodically, which makes them great companions. However, despite their small size, Shih Tzus do have an enormous amount of energy, which can make it challenging to keep up with their exercise routine. Even a simple walk around the block can satisfy the dog’s exercise needs.

Although the Shih Tzu is known for its affection, they are not very good students when it comes to learning new commands. Their independence makes them a good choice for people who are not into obedience training. However, Shih Tzus are so cute and loving that they’d rather skip obedience school and run around the dog park with their new friends. This makes them perfect companions for people who are looking for a small, affectionate dog.

Border Collies

When it comes to loving hugs and kisses, Border Collies are known to have an exceptional affinity for human touch. These dogs were originally bred for herding sheep, and many still lead a working life on farms. With this long history of pleasing humans, border collies have developed techniques for understanding their owners’ needs and responding to them. They enjoy the company of their owners and will always want to be by their side.

Aside from being one of the most affectionate small dog breeds, Border Collies can also be prone to behavioural problems. They often suffer from spine and nerve conditions. A common neurological disorder is epilepsy, which results in seizures that can begin at a young age. Seizures in Border Collies appear to be painful, but they are not painful. If your dog does develop this condition, it will need long-term treatment.

These dogs need consistent exercise. They require long daily walks and moderate physical activity. Moreover, they need socialisation at a young age. Therefore, you should start socializing your pet from a young age. In addition to exercise, they need regular play sessions and physical contact. You should make it a habit to take your pet for walks at least twice a day. If you’re not committed to a daily walk, you should consider a different breed.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Although not the most sociable breed, Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the most affectionate small dog breeds. They love to be around their owners and need plenty of exercise. The breed has a high energy level, but they also require regular training sessions. You should consider acquiring a Bernese mountain dog for a number of reasons.

Bernese Mountain Dogs weigh between 70 and 115 pounds and are about two to three feet tall at the shoulder. They have tricolor coats and are prone to shedding. Their thick coats can be straight or wavy, depending on the type of breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a strong and muscular breed that was originally bred to work as farm dogs.

Because of their double coat, Bernese Mountain Dogs require regular grooming. Because they are prone to shedding, they should be brushed daily and bathed every few months. They shed moderately all year, but they shed heavily twice a year. Regular grooming will prevent future health problems. And as with any dog, Bernese Mountain Dogs need regular exercise.


When it comes to affection, Pomskies rank as one of the most affectionate small dog breeds. However, they can be stubborn and require an experienced owner to train them. In addition, the high energy level of a Pomskie can make them incompatible with families with young children. As such, pomskies are best suited for single adults or young couples.

A Pomsky is not a very social breed and is best suited for a family with only two adults or one small child. They can get along with other pets as long as they are kept away from small children or noisy household members. Pomskies are also very energetic, so make sure to provide plenty of exercise to keep them active and happy. This breed is also great for people with busy lifestyles.

The Pomskie is a large and loyal dog, and their long, thick coat makes them suitable for cold climates. They come in a variety of colors, and the coat pattern of the parents is similar. In addition, Pomskies are known for their bravery and curiosity. A thick coat is an excellent defense against cold weather. It is one of the few small dog breeds that can survive harsh winters.

Cocker Spaniels

Despite their small size, Cocker Spaniels are one of the most affectionate small dog breeds. These playful and intelligent dogs are incredibly devoted to their families. They are also highly trainable and easy to socialize. Cockers grow to a height of fourteen to fifteen inches and weigh less than 30 pounds. They are an excellent choice for homes with children, and can even be raised with other dogs.

As small dogs, Cockers are one of the easiest breeds to train. Their curly, soft coats come in a variety of colors and patterns, and their ears are long and lush. The breed is extremely easy to train, but it is best to begin early. Training should be gentle and positive – harsh training methods could lead to undesirable behaviors. You should also take the time to groom them regularly to keep their fur looking beautiful.

A Cocker is known for biting, but this type of bites only when they are upset. A Cocker is a very sensitive and affectionate dog, and it is not advisable to overstretch or rough-house train one. They are a great choice for families because they are small but tolerant. Although they are not suited for rough play, they are affectionate and can live up to ten years. If you choose a Cocker Spaniel, you will be rewarded by a loyal, mellow, and loving family member for life.


A classic wiener dog with a long torso and stubby legs, the Dachshund is an extremely affectionate, loyal, and devoted pet. Their long ears and short legs make them a perfect fit for cuddling and are known to be fierce protectors of their family. Dachshunds have a long, wavy coat that needs occasional grooming. They shed moderately and are considered average shedders.

A Dachshund’s coat comes in a variety of colors including black, white, tan, and red. Some dachshunds have dappled or spotted coats. They live about 12 to 15 years. Dachshunds are known to be brave and are good with children if they are well-behaved and trained. Their long and wire coats make them more calm and easygoing than their smooth-coated counterparts.

While they are among the most affectionate small dog breed, they are also very active. They are apt to develop obesity and other skeletal problems, so owners should pay close attention to their diet and exercise routine. Dachshunds are very easy to train. Although they may require some extra time to learn to be friendly, they’ll be a joy to own. A Dachshund Pug can be trained and is an excellent lap dog. While they’re prone to separation anxiety, they are gentle and will not attack humans.


Labradoodles are playful, affectionate dogs. They’re very intelligent and enjoy being around people. Labradoodles need regular exercise and should be taken for frequent walks. This playful dog breed may need a dog walker at times, but it’s easy to train. This dog breed is great for families and children of all ages, including teenagers. It’s also a good choice for active seniors.

While some Poodles and Labradoodles have been promoted as hypoallergenic breeds, they should not be assumed to be so. All dogs shed dander, which causes allergies. Some people are allergic to dander, but they may not react as strongly to a specific dog breed. Even reputable breeders cannot guarantee that their dogs will be hypoallergenic. However, they should provide written documentation of their health clearance.

While a Great Dane is a gentle giant, a Labradoodle is a warm and loving companion. They like to watch over you while you sleep. Labradoodles are also easy to train. They’re easy to get along with adults and children and are even good with other animals. They are also great with children, so they’re a great choice for families with children.

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