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Is a Pomeranian Poodle Mix Right For You?


If you’re considering getting a Pomeranian poodle mix for your family, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve never heard of these dogs before, read on to learn about this breed and other small Poodle mixes. You may also be interested in learning more about the Pomapoo, another popular name for the hybrid dog. Here are a few tips to help you decide if this breed is right for you.

Pomeranian poodle

If you are looking for a small breed of Poodle to adopt, consider the Pomeranian poodle mix. This dog is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Toy poodle. Unlike the Pomeranian, the Pomapoo is very friendly and small, yet it is also extremely intelligent and energetic. It is a great breed for small spaces, especially apartments.

The Pomeranian poodle mix dog breed has moderate energy levels and does not require excessive exercise. Its weight may vary from five to fifteen pounds, but it does not require much exercise. A Pomapoo will need a daily walk, but no more. You should clean their ears and keep their nails trimmed twice a month. Oral care is also important. The Pomapoo’s lifespan ranges from 12 to 15 years.

The Pomapoo can weigh anywhere from five to fifteen pounds, depending on its parents. This is a small breed that can be very playful and petite. They are about the size of a toy poodle. A typical Pomeranian weighs between five to fifteen pounds, while the Standard Poodle is the largest. Both breeds are available in Mini and Standard sizes. Pomeranians can range from tiny to medium size and can be either male or female.

The Pomeranian poodle mix originated in Poland and Germany, where they were originally bred as hunting dogs. Despite their small size, these dogs are highly intelligent and extremely loyal. They need lots of exercise and stimulation in order to thrive. They are also good with children and require a lot of daily attention. They should be trained early to stay happy and healthy, as they are very sensitive to stress.

The Pomapoo is highly intelligent and responds well to positive reinforcement training. If your Pomapoo behaves well, reward them for it! Make sure to start pampering them while they are still young so they don’t become too headstrong. As with all dogs, Pomeranian poodle mix breeds have the potential to inherit some genetic health problems from their parents. However, this is something to look out for before purchasing a Pomapoo.

Toy poodle

A Toy Poodle Mix is a hybrid dog created by crossing the Pomeranian and a Poodle. Both breeds are extremely sociable and love children, but Pomeranians tend to be more lively and energetic than Poodles. Pomeranians are also good swimmers and need socialization and exercise to stay fit. This breed is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a dog that can be both small and playful.

The Toy Poodle is one of the oldest dog breeds and the Toy Poodle is one of the smallest. It is one of the smallest Poodle breeds and the Pomeranian is the smallest Spitz breed. Toy Poodles are the result of selective breeding and are not considered a unique breed. However, this breed is growing in popularity in the United States, which explains why it is not a purebred dog.

The Toy Poodle and Pomeranian are very similar in appearance and temperament. Both breeds produce litters of two to six puppies, but the Toy Poodle is the smaller of the two. They both weigh between eight to sixteen ounces at eight weeks and two to three pounds at three and six months. They do not grow much after that, and can reach nine pounds. They are great companions, and can live up to 16 years if cared for properly.

Both breeds get along well with one another. However, they do not get along well with small children. However, Pomeranians will probably be jealous of the Poodle and vice versa. In the long run, they will get along great with each other if they are properly socialized. The small size and high energy levels of the Pomeranian and the Toy Poodle make them a great match.

A Toy Poodle and Pomeranian mix is called a Pomapoo. Its adorable teddy bear look is the result of a cross between these two breeds. Pomapoos inherit features from both parents, including a small, triangular skull. They also have a large personality. Pomeranian parents are affectionate and playful. They are also smart and can learn quickly.


A Pomeranian poodle mix is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Poodle. These small dogs can weigh anywhere from five to fifteen pounds, and they can live from 12 to 14 years. Because of their size and high energy levels, they can get along well with other pets, but they might exhibit jealousy behavior if the Poodle is dominant. For this reason, it is important to socialize the dogs early on and get them used to each other.

A Pomapoo weighs between five and fifteen pounds and is anywhere from eight to ten inches high. The size of the Pomapoo depends on both of its parents, as Pomeranians are smaller than Poodles are larger than Pomeranians. The Pomeranian is usually tiny, while the Poodle can be medium-sized or even large. A Pomeranian can be small and adorable, depending on their parentage.

A Pomapoo’s coat varies based on the parent breed. Depending on where the coat is coming from, the Pomeranian or Poodle will have a more furry appearance. Colors may include red, fawn, white, and black. Pomapoos typically have a short to medium-length coat, which needs brushing regularly to prevent mats.

The Poodle and Pomeranian are both hypoallergenic, but they are not the same breed. A Pomeranian may inherit the toy coat from its parent. A Pomeranian poodle mix can be prone to matting, so a daily brushing routine is necessary. Although both breeds are very smart, their personalities differ. While Poodles are fast learners and playful, Pomeranians tend to be extroverted and playful.

The Pomapoo breed was first bred as designer dogs during the late 1990s, but designer breeders purposefully crossed Pomeranian and Toy Poodle to minimize health issues associated with pure breeding. As demand for this breed grew, they continued to produce Pomapoos, which subsequently resulted in some Pomapoos ending up in shelters or rescue organizations. So, how do you find a Pomapoo?


A Pomeranian poodle mix is a great choice for people who are looking for a small dog that will never shed. These dogs are very affectionate and get along well with other people. Because they are a mix of two popular working dog breeds, they do not have very high exercise needs. They do, however, need a lot of attention and human companionship. This means that Pomapoos are not suited for apartment living or those with children under 12.

A Pomeranian poodle mix is not an inexpensive breed. You will likely pay around $500 to $2,000 for one. It is important to research the price tag before making a decision to purchase a Pomapoo. Some Pomapoo mixes are cheaper to adopt than others. The adoption fee is also much lower. In addition to the lower cost, you’ll be able to see the parents of the puppy.

As with any new puppy, socialization is vital. It’s important to start socializing your new dog as early as possible, as Pomeranian pups are not as sociable as poodles. However, it’s important to remember that a Pomeranian poodle mix is a good choice for families with young children. They are also a good option for seniors, who need a companion who is both friendly and affectionate.

Because Pomeranian poodle mixes are a hybrid, there is no recognized breed club for this mix. But it has been recognized by other organizations such as the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club. The Pomeranian poodle mix has floppy ears and a narrow Poodle muzzle. The face is small and has dark eyes and a small button nose.

When it comes to training, the Pomapoo is an excellent choice for family homes, since they are gentle, affectionate, and good with kids. Although they are generally good with children and other pets, Pomapoos do not get along well with underage children. However, it is important to keep your Pomeranian poodle mix separated from large dogs and kids. You can start socializing your Pomeranian poodle mix with children at an early age.

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