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Teacup and Toy Pomchi Puppies

Before getting a Teacup & Toy Pomchi puppy, it’s important to understand the different health issues that they can face. Read up on separation anxiety and socialization. You should also be aware of common health problems, such as dystocia. Listed below are some of the most common health problems you may encounter with a Teacup & Toy Pomchi puppy.


As a breed of dog, the Teacup and Toy Pomchi are quite territorial. These puppies have an intense desire for attention and affection. If they encounter other dogs, they may react with barking, kicking, and pushing them away. The best way to ensure peaceful cohabitation is to socialize Teacup and Toy Pomchi puppies early on. It’s important to know what triggers your pup’s fear and how to address it.

Teacup & Toy Pomchi breeders should do their research before selling their pups. This breed is small and can be difficult to handle. Make sure the breeder is legitimate and trustworthy. Teacup puppies can be prone to serious health problems. It’s important to get the information on a puppy’s health and socialization as soon as possible. The following are some tips to successfully socialize a Teacup or Toy Pomchi puppy.

Teacup and Toy Pomchi puppies need to be able to interact with people of all ages and abilities. Pomchis enjoy fresh air and time spent outside. The small body can make them nervous or nippy. Ideally, they should be given a moderate amount of exercise. A Pomchi can easily become overweight because of its small size. However, this is a trait that can be cultivated over time by an experienced owner.


Inbreeding Teacup &Toy Pomchi puppies can produce health problems. This breed is often susceptible to heart and lung conditions, dislocated patella, and skin and eye infections. Other health problems associated with Teacup Pomeranians are allergies, collapsed trachea, and collapsed trachea. When purchasing a teacup Pomeranian puppy, be sure to ask about its health and look for any relevant paperwork.

Pit Bulls are not ideal for families with young children. Pit Bulls get along well with other dogs, but children should be trained not to pet them too roughly. These dogs do well in households with other pets, but they tend to be the center of attention. If you are considering buying a toy Pomchi puppy, be sure to do a little homework before you make a decision.

Although Teacup & Toy Pomchi dogs are cute, breeders should not use breeding practices that could harm these tiny dogs. Many teacup dogs are underweight and suffer from health problems related to underweight and malnutrition. Inbreeding translates to an increased risk of malformations and the ability to pass on genetic conditions to future generations. Additionally, teacup puppies may suffer from malnourishment, stunting the development of internal organs and skeleton. Despite the cute looks, teacup dogs should not be bought from unreliable breeders or people who are scam artists.

Many teacup breeders starve their puppies to make their pups smaller, and this stunted growth is the cause of failure to thrive. This condition is known as fading puppy syndrome. The puppy may die suddenly. Other health problems associated with teacup dogs include hypoglyceemia (low blood sugar), heart defects, and dental and gum problems. These puppies can also suffer from brain defects.

Physical appearance

The difference between the Teacup and Toy Pomchi puppies lies in their physical appearance. Teacup Pomeranians are tiny dogs, but their physical appearance isn’t so different from a standard toy Pomeranian. Interestingly, both teacup and toy Pomeranians are genetically identical. However, breeders often label their dogs as teacup or toy because of marketing purposes. In these cases, teacup or toy Pomchi puppies are likely to have size-related health issues.

Teacup & Toy Pomchi dogs are extremely tiny – they are typically under eighteen inches tall. Their physical appearance may be too small for some people, but if you love this tiny dog breed, you will love the fluffy, tame puppy! Be sure to do extensive research before adopting a teacup puppy. You may be able to find a high quality teacup puppy through a local breeder, but you should always do extensive research on the breeder.

While Teacup & Toy Pomchi pups have a short coat, they can still cause a nuisance around the house. They also tend to be prone to dental problems, so they should be properly groomed and socialized from a young age. However, their short coat can cause them to shed excessively, so you should be prepared to deal with extra dog hair all over your home.


The first step in Teacup & Toy Pomchi puppy training is to establish trust. If your puppy is aggressive or possessive, they need to be taught how to behave around other animals and people. To start with, try sitting with them before rewarding them. If they do not respond to your voice, replace it with a treat. Then, move on to the next step in training: turn down. Make sure that each command is learned thoroughly. Keep treats in your pocket and only offer them to your dog when you call them.

A Teacup & Toy Pomchi puppy training routine includes ensuring that the teacup puppy has fresh water all day. The water bowl should be easily accessible for the teacup puppy. You should also make sure that the water bowl is large enough for your puppy to drink. When training Teacup & Toy Pomchi puppies, keep in mind that they need mental stimulation and should have plenty of mental games. Toys that stretch the mind include puzzles, slow feeders, and sensory toys.

A teacup & toy Pomchi puppy is a miniature version of a large Pomeranian. It descends from the large Icelandic sledding dog. The royal family owned these dogs for many centuries and their miniature versions became popular in recent decades. They are also good companions for kids and are excellent pets. The size of a Teacup Pomchi means that they’re susceptible to being injured, so they should always be supervised when training.


  • 1. Are All Teacups Vaccinated and Dewormed?

    All Puppy Heaven Teacup Puppies have complete up-to-date shots and dewormings. This does not mean that they have gone through the full set of them. We give them their shots as needed. Once you pick up or your new puppy, or once we have your puppy delivered to you, you will most likely have to continue the set of shots and dewormings until the puppy is fully up-to-date. Remember, there is absolutely no taking your puppy out in public before it receives all of its shots.

  • 2. Are Puppy Heaven Teacup Puppies Fully Registered?

    Some purebred puppies will come with a full pedigree certification aplication which indicate the puppy’s date-of-birth, breed, coat color, 2 generation lineage of registered sires and dames, and more. Our puppies are registered with one of these registry agencies: American Kennel Club (AKC), Continental Kennel Club (CKC), American Canine Association (ACA) , or World Dog Registration Club (WDRC).
    The puppy information tab will indicate if a puppy is registered and if so, the type of registration.

    All mixed breed puppies do not come with any type of registration papers.

  • 3. Does Puppy Heaven Provide Health Guarantees?

    Puppy Heaven has a very fair health guarantee policy. Every puppy comes with a health guarantee. Some of the things we cover include: life threatening viral diseases and congenital defects. To see the full terms and conditions, please contact us directly so we can send you a copy.

  • 4. Does Puppy Heaven Ship Their Puppies?

    Yes. We ship our puppies if you live far away. If the airport allows it, we will ship your teacup puppy to your nearest airport. In addition to the cost of the puppy’s adoption, charges $300 for shipping. This covers the Health Certificate, Traveling Crate, Water Dispenser, Air Flight, and Care and Handling. Once payment is made in full, Puppy Heaven books the flight, makes the arrangements and gives you all the information and details for pickup. Service depends on weather conditions as well as individual airline and airport policies. Ask about our special hand delivery service. More info can be found on Puppy Heaven’s Shipping & Handling page.

  • 5. How Big Do Teacups Get?

    The first indicator is the breed of the dog. To estimate what the puppy’s full-grown size will be, first figure out which breed you want. Every dog has its own characteristics and no two teacups will grow the same. Yorkies weigh about 1.5 lbs (24 oz.) at 10 weeks old and will likely grow to become 3-4 lbs. For more information on how big the teacup puppy you want to purchase will become, please contact us directly for an accurate weight measurement.

  • 6. How Can I View Your Puppies?

    We invite you to visit our nursery located in the San Fernando Valley right outside of Los Angeles City or our location in Las Vegas. Please call or e-mail to schedule an appointment. Business hours are listed on the contact page. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about who we are, what we do, and the puppies we match to loving families. We’re happy to share our knowledge, we’re happy to help, and we’re especially happy to welcome you to the Puppy Heaven Family!

  • 7. How Do I Use the Make an Offer Feature?

    Puppy Heaven understands the value of your business and wants to give you the easiest way possible to buy the puppy of your dreams. In order to do so, we’ve created the ‘make an offer’ feature. We want you to give us your best price and if we find it matches with what we can do for you, then we will approve your offer. Simply go to the profile page of the dog you wish to adopt and click the ‘make an offer’ button on the bottom of its’ profile. We will send you a response and get the ball rolling.

  • 8. Under What Circumstances Does Puppy Heaven Deny the Purchase of a Teacup Puppy?

    Puppy Heaven takes the time to get to know the families and people that will be adopting our rare and remarkable teacup puppies. We hold interviews in person, over the phone, or both with all potential buyers and adopters. From time to time we must deny a family ownership of a puppy from our kennel. This is based on our own set of standards, intuition, and feelings after an interview. We only want the best for our puppies because our puppies deserve the best loving and safest environment possible. We hope you understand and we apologize for any frustration this may cause to those who get denied.

  • 9. What Happens If I Purchase a Sick Puppy?

    Every customer is required to get his or her new teacup puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup or delivery. If the vet finds a defect in the puppy’s health, you may return the puppy within 72 hours for a full refund. For those who live in and around the San Fernando Valley, we recommend taking your puppy to the Northridge Pet Hospital for a free check-up. For puppies that have to board a plane, we issue a Health Certificate that ensures the puppy’s good health status. However, you are still required to take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours from the time you pick up your puppy from the airport or when it gets delivered to your doorstep.

  • 10. What's a Teacup Puppy?

    Teacup is a term of endearment for a very small dog. It is not a breed or a kind of dog. This term is not recognized by any official dog federation. But every breed has a smallest kind of dog, and teacup is the common way to describe them. Simply put, Puppy Heaven carries the world’s smallest dogs. Sizes of teacup puppies vary between breeds.

  • 11. Why Should I Join Your Waiting List?

    Because you know you want a teacup puppy but there is not one currently available that you’re in love with yet. Once you join the list, we will let you know your place on it along with the next estimated availability for new breeds — usually 1-4 weeks old. When you are the first on the list, you’re the first to know and the first to choose. Once you make your choice then you can transfer your deposit to place your new true love on hold.

  • 12. You Only Have Males, So How Do I Get a Female? Or Vice Versa?

    Just leave a deposit and we will notify you when your breed becomes available in the gender of your choice. Or come back often to check our available puppies listing.

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