Yoli’s Golddust Yorkie Puppies For Sale


Looking for a Yorkie puppy for sale in California? There are many options available. You can find a puppy from a breeder in your area or visit Yorkie Rescue Arizona, a nonprofit group that vets and trains new yorkies. This group is backed by the American Kennel Club. The American Kennel Club recognizes the breed as a breed of choice.

Yoli’s Yorkies

There are many great reasons to consider Yoli’s Yorkies puppies for purchase. These adorable little dogs have a beautiful silky coat and require regular grooming. Some of them even have floor-length hair. They are mostly hypoallergenic and have an average life span of 11-15 years. Whether you’re looking for a puppy for a new family or a new pet for yourself, you can find it here.

Alisa has been breeding Yorkies since 2015 and is extremely intentional about her timing. She usually has the puppies ready for their new homes between 10 and 12 weeks old. Each puppy gets a veterinarian check-up, vaccinations, and deworming before leaving the breeding facility. This way, the puppies are ready for their forever homes before they’ve even been socialized with other dogs. In addition, these dogs come with a one-year health guarantee.

If you’re looking for a companion dog that will keep you company and give you a lot of love and affection, this breed is perfect for you. It has a bright personality and is great with children. While they’re playful and friendly with children, they require plenty of attention and exercise. If you have time, they will bond with you and your family and become a part of your family.

Suzabel’s Yorkies

If you’re looking for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale in California, you can’t go wrong with Suzabel’s Yorkies. Their puppies are healthy, well-socialized, and adhere to the AKC’s breeding guidelines. They also come with an H.E.A.R.T. (Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Trust) certification.

At Suzabel’s Yorkies in California, you’ll find adorable puppies for sale by a family-run business. Owner Deborah Smith has been breeding Yorkies and Maltese for over 39 years. The breeders there take pride in carefully matching their Yorkies to create the best possible puppies. She knows that people are looking for a dog with unique characteristics, so she makes sure her Yorkies are up to the task.

If you’re in California, you can visit Tiny Yorkie Kisses, where teacup, miniature, and toy Yorkie puppies are for sale. This breeder provides quality care for each puppy, and offers health guarantees for the first year. It also offers care information for Yorkie puppies, including proper grooming and veterinary care. You can get to know the breeder better by visiting their website, and check out the available Yorkies.

Besides having a beautiful and healthy Yorkie puppy for sale, you can also get quality advice from the Hidden Oaks team. Their puppies receive first dewormings and vaccinations. And their playful temperament is unmatched by any other breed of dog. The best part? You can choose the color of your puppy from a variety of colors and patterns. There’s a perfect puppy for you!

Tiny Yorkie Kisses

If you’re thinking about buying a new puppy, you’ve probably come across the name Tiny Yorkie. This small breed is known for its bright personality and lively disposition. They’re also surprisingly easy to care for, and many breeders offer puppy health guarantees. You’ll also find information about Yorkies on the website, so you can make an informed decision. But where do you start? Where can you find a good breeder in California?

One of the best ways to find a Yorkie puppy for sale is to check with breeders and adopt a puppy from them. Some breeders offer their pets for adoption, so you’ll be assured of quality care. They’re also de-wormed and given standard vaccinations. Prices vary based on size, quality, color, and gender. Visit a website and look at photos of their available puppies.

Yoli’s Yorkshire Terriers

If you’re looking for a great breed of Yorkshire Terriers, you may want to consider Yoli’s Yorkies. This breeder specializes in producing the Toy Biewer and Golddust varieties, and their breeding practices emphasize health, temperament, and conformation to the Yorkshire breed. Yoli’s Yorkies is one of the few Yorkie breeders that uses Moringa as a superfood, a health food for Yorkshire Terriers. This superfood helps to keep the puppy’s teeth, bones, and energy levels up.

A great family environment is essential for this breed. It is ideal for apartments and small spaces, but they can be yappy and need plenty of attention. Because of their small size, they are easily injured by children, so they require a lot of playtime, attention, and love. Yoli’s York Terriers puppies for sale in California are available to purchase for your family.

Yorkies can be incredibly easy to train. This breed is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. As a result, you’ll be able to brush your new pet’s hair every day. Bathing your dog once a week will help keep the coat shiny and healthy. You’ll also find that Yorkies shed very little, making them ideal for apartment living.

Yoli’s Golddust

There are many Yoli’s Golddust yorkies for sale in California. Golddusts are small to medium-sized dogs with a coat that hangs evenly 3/4 down the sides. The coat should be clean, shiny white-gold, and free of black hair. They also need to have a daily walk, since Golddusts like to zoom around the house and romp in the house. It is best to have a large yard, as Golddusts will enjoy playing in it.

Yoli’s Yorkies specializes in the Golddust and Toy Biewer varieties of Yorkshire Terriers. They are well-balanced and will make wonderful companions. Quality over quantity is their motto, and Yoli’s Yorkies pride themselves on offering high-quality animals. Their dogs have healthy temperaments, which means you won’t need to worry about allergies, as your pup will have a coat similar to human hair.

Yoli’s Toy Biewer

When searching for Yoli’s Toy Biewe puppies for sale in California, consider the lifestyle of the breed and the price range. Biewers can survive hot weather but not extreme temperatures. They love snow and can even collect snowballs in their fur. However, you should never leave your puppy out in extreme cold. It should be properly socialized from puppyhood.

The Biewer breed was created in Germany in 1984 when Gertrud Biewer’s Yorkie gave birth to unusual-looking puppies. At the time, the breed was known as the German Yorkshire terrier, but its unique appearance and coloring led to its official recognition as a separate breed. It was only in 2003 that the breed arrived in the United States, where they are now recognized as a distinct breed.

The breed is known for its love of activity and will show off with a favorite toy or a big stick. They are also excellent lap dogs, jumping on your chest and trying to cheer you up. These dogs are good for apartment living, and they don’t mind a daily walk out in a fenced yard. However, they do not mind a little exercise if you spend the majority of your time indoors playing.

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