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If you have an unusual lifestyle and are interested in finding an exotic dog, you can find one in an exotic dog breeds for sale directory. There are many options, including Saluki, Catalburun, Otterhound, and Leonberger. Each has their own characteristics and personalities. Read on to learn more about these dog breeds and what they can offer you as a pet. Then you can make a decision on whether an exotic dog breed is right for you.


Saluki exotic dog breeds for sale are a great choice for those looking for a quiet, gentle companion. They are a great watchdog, but don’t try to challenge them to footraces. Instead, they will make excellent family pets. They can reach up to thirty-five mph and are strong jumpers, so a six-foot fence is recommended. You’ll also need to add special features to your yard to prevent your new furry friend from escaping.

The Saluki is an extremely affectionate dog, with deep bonds with their human owners. Although this breed is reserved, it is very sociable, and may develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. They are strong athletes and have been known throughout history as gazelle hounds and wind drinkers. Their origins date as far back as 7000 BC. For these reasons, Saluki exotic dog breeds for sale are in demand among those looking to add a new member to their family.

The Saluki was first introduced to Europe in the mid-1800s, when it began to gain popularity among the British upper class. They were often left behind while British officers returned from hunting expeditions. British officers also brought Salukis to the Middle East after World War I, but only a few survived. It took several years for the breed to re-establish itself in the west, and it was only in the 1920s that the Saluki was first recognized by the American Kennel Club.


If you are interested in buying a Catalburun, you may be wondering whether this exotic breed is suitable for your family. This breed stands at around 20 inches at the withers, and is a little shorter at the rump. Like many other exotic breeds, this dog has short, smooth coats, and is typically brown in color. Its tail is long and slender, with a slight curve to it. The slender coat of a Catalburun is also short and smooth, but still not as long as some other breeds.

The name Catalburun means “forked nose” in Turkish. The breed’s ears are also unique, with a distinctive shape. Its appearance is somewhat strange for a dog from the Americas, and it’s no wonder that the Inca Orchid has been elevated to National Patrimony status by Peru. However, because two-thirds of its body is bare, many Westerners find the dog to be somewhat odd. This is due to the fact that their skin is very sensitive to sunlight.

The Tarsus Catalburun is a rare breed. There are only 200 of them in the world, and most of them are imported from Turkey. They make an excellent family pet, but can be very destructive if bored. However, if you can train and socialize them properly, they’ll make a great pet for the right family. A few caveats: Despite their unique appearance, the Tarsus Catalburun is a highly protective and intelligent dog.


If you’re considering purchasing an Otterhound for your home, you need to know that this dog is high-maintenance. Besides brushing its coat weekly, this breed requires at least an hour of exercise each day. Otters are active and social dogs, so they should be part of your household’s activities. However, you should also remember that this breed is prone to developing hip dysplasia and bloat. To prevent this problem, you should purchase an Otterhound from responsible breeders who test their dogs for inherited diseases.

An Otterhound is a large, stocky breed that weighs between 80 and 115 pounds. Their double coats protect them from cold water and brambles. Otterhounds are also known for their deep ‘bay’ and vocalization. They have a long, distinctive voice. They make wonderful pets for families who enjoy the outdoors, but they should be kept under constant supervision if they are to survive in urban environments.

If you’re interested in a rare, exotic dog breed, you can start by asking local breeders for referrals. They may have dogs available for adoption, but you should check with breeders to make sure the dog will fit in with your family’s lifestyle and your budget. Otterhound breeders can also be found on the American Kennel Club’s website. Breeders are listed on the breeder’s website, and you can contact them via email or phone. You can also ask vets and pet groomers for recommendations for breeders in your area. Lastly, you can also contact your local kennel club and ask about any available puppies.


If you are looking for a cute but unique breed of exotic dog, consider purchasing a Leonberger. This breed is great for any type of family, from active retired couples to singletons looking for a playful pet. Leonbergers are known for their affection for children and are a great choice for households with younger children. If you are looking to adopt a Leonberger, make sure to find a quality breeder.

Leonbergers do not automatically come aggressive, but they do have a long adolescent phase. They can be stubborn and destructive, especially puppies. Their long, thick, snouty legs make them a major chewer. They should not be given free run of the house until they have fully grown. You should keep them busy with training and playing activities so that they do not become bored.

The AKC recognizes breeders with proven temperaments and a history of successful litters. If you are interested in Leonbergers, contact a breeder in your area to find out their waiting list. You’ll have a chance to meet puppies before they are sold. A few breeders only breed one litter per year, so you might have to wait a few years for a Leonberger puppy.

Pharaoh hound

If you’re looking for a unique dog to add to your family, you may want to consider purchasing a Pharaoh hound. This exotic dog breed is unique not only in appearance but in history. Pharaoh Hounds are reminiscent of the Egyptian god Anubis, which is why they have long, slender bodies and recognizable pointy ears. They also have a strong prey drive. Despite their appearance, Pharaoh Hounds are generally well-behaved and don’t show aggression.

Though this breed is not very active indoors, it still needs a yard to run around in. You should invest in soft bedding for your dog so that it can sleep in your bed. They like warmth and will sleep with you and your family. Pharaoh Hounds are great with kids and can make a great addition to any family. This breed is playful and energetic and gets along well with children.

The Pharaoh Hound is an ancient dog breed that has not changed much in five thousand years. They are an intelligent dog with the attributes of a lapdog and an elite sporting dog. While they’re very good with kids and other dogs, their work ethic and intelligence make them the perfect choice for busy homes. If you’re interested in a Pharaoh hound, it’s best to consider adopting one as a pet.


If you’re looking for an exotic dog breed for sale, consider the Samoyed. These heavenly pups need plenty of exercise and will need regular playtime. This breed originated in Siberia where they protected their tribe from predators. Their constant barking will keep your neighbors awake, but it is also cute and makes for a great doggy doorbell. Here are some things to keep in mind before adopting a Samoyed:

Florida is a great state for Samoyeds. Several breeders are located in Florida, with the biggest being White Magic Samoyeds in Orlando. The dogs are born and raised in a family environment, and they go through a rigorous assessment process to ensure they’re going to loving homes. Patti Parma-Collier and Palmer Collier are members of the Samoyed Club of America and have been breeding Samoyeds for over 30 years. Their Connecticut location is close to Candlewood Lake, which is great for training and exercising Samoyeds. The water provides an outlet for the dogs’ high energy levels and they love to swim.

The coat is the most defining feature of a Samoyed. Their fur is long and lustrous and must be groomed regularly. Although their coats are luxurious, they are also time-consuming to maintain. Ideally, the coat is white, cream, or biscuit, with a pearly sheen. The coat is prone to shedding, so you should take care of it regularly.

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