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The Yorkie-Ton De Tulear Mix Dog Breed


The Coton de Tulear and Yorkie are both small and sociable dogs. When combined, they make for one cute and lovable dog. The Yorkie Ton is a constant companion, eager for cuddles wherever you go. You’ll never run out of cuddles with this cute little dog! And they’re both highly intelligent and good with children.

Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in the mid-1800s in north England. Cotton and wool producers started breeding them for their vermin-control abilities. In 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the Yorkshire Terrier as a separate breed. In addition, the Coton de Tulear is a breed that originated in Madagascar. Originally, they were used to control rats aboard ships. This breed was isolated until 1960, when French tourists brought them to Europe. In 2014, the Coton de Tulear was recognized by the AKC as a distinct breed.

The Yorkie Coton De Tular mix dog breed is very trainable. They are highly adaptable to their environment and will take to their new home quite well. However, this breed of dog may need to attend puppy training classes if you are a first-time owner. It is important to remember that the Coton de Tulear is not a dog that can be left unattended.

The Yorkie Coton De Tular mix dog breed is known for its soft, fluffy coat. This coat is typically white or light gray in color. As an adult, the Coton measures around 8 to 15 pounds, depending on the other parent breed. When it’s a puppy, it’s all white, but it’s possible to find black, yellow, or brown spots on its body.

Coton de Tulear

The Yorkie Coton de Tular Mix is a cross between the Yorkie and the Coton de Tulear dog breeds. Cotons are typically low-energy and respond to gentle training with praise and treats. While they’re not high-energy, Cotons tend to tire out relatively quickly. They’re very adaptable and do well in most climates, although they tend to get cold quickly. This dog breed is not the ideal dog for those who don’t like to spend too much time alone.

The Coton de Tulear Mix dog breed is a very trainable dog. It requires daily brushing and may need to be taken to puppy training classes if you’re a first-time dog owner. It is a popular choice among dog owners, and is often a great pet for people with active lifestyles. In addition to being highly trainable, the Coton de Tulear Mix is also highly social and gets along well with children and other pets.

The Yorkie-Coton de Tulear Mix dog breed is small and sweet. They tend to weigh less than 13 pounds. Their tiny, miniature counterparts, called Teacups and Mini Yorkies, are the tiniest puppies. They have a soft, long coat and are generally bi-colored. Although these dogs are small, they are extremely affectionate and loving, and are best suited to families with older children and other pets.


The Yorkie-Ton de Tulear is a small dog breed, weighing between six and thirteen pounds at full maturity. The size of the dog depends on both its sex and parentage. Males tend to weigh more than females, while a puppy will weigh less than six pounds. Here are some things to know about this dog breed:

This small mix breed is an excellent choice for people who want a dog that is both intelligent and well-behaved. This dog breed is easy to train and is surprisingly adaptable, especially for its size. It doesn’t need much exercise and does not become overly yappy like many other small dogs. As the name implies, this mix is a great companion for apartment dwellers.

The Coton de Tulear originated in Madagascar, where it was forbidden to be owned by the elite. The breed was introduced to the United States in the 1960s and has since gained recognition from the American Kennel Club. The Coton de Tulear is a smart, loyal, and affectionate breed that enjoys attention. Its love for humans makes it a good choice for households.

Health issues

The Yorkie Coton De Tular mix dog breed is a versatile and active companion. This breed is highly trainable and can keep up with most family members even when they are not at home. This breed also enjoys being around people and can adapt to new environments with ease. The breed is best suited to an active family with plenty of time for outdoor activities.

Although there are no specific causes for tracheal collapse in Yorkies, it is one of the most common health issues for the breed. Overweight Yorkies are at greater risk of developing it. In addition, they can develop it when they pull on their harness or collar when playing. As one of the most common health issues of Yorkies, tracheal collapse is not only a discomforting condition for owners, but also a cause of great anxiety in these adorable dogs.

The Yorkie Coton de Tulear mix dog breed is relatively healthy but is susceptible to a number of health problems. While it is not the most common breed in the United States, it is still prone to developing urinary stones and hypothyroidism. It also has a tendency to suffer from dental issues. As such, it is important to ensure the health of your new dog by finding a breeder who has had both parents tested and has certificates for health clearances and tests.


It may be tough to know where to start with housetraining a Yorkie Coton de Tulear mix dog. The breed is known for its sweet demeanor and intelligence. However, if you’re looking to train this dog breed, don’t despair. There are many tips and tricks available to train this breed. Follow these tips to help you house train this breed and make your life a lot easier!

You should start with the basics. You should be patient and consistent in your training techniques. The Coton De Tulear is an extremely affectionate and sociable breed. It enjoys social interaction and will be vocal when it wants attention. Training is an ideal activity for this breed. Housetraining a Yorkie Coton De Tulear mix is relatively easy once you know how.

The first step in housetraining a Yorkie Coton de Tulear mix is to invite a friend’s dog over to use the yard. Generally, a dog will eliminate in places where another dog has gone. If this method doesn’t work, try using crate training. It’s important to be consistent and firm in your training techniques.

A healthy diet is also important when housetraining a Coton de Tulear mix. Both of these breeds need to be kept active every day, so make sure to take them out on walks. They need to be walked daily and have plenty of play time to burn off excess energy. Whether you get a Maltese or a Coton de Tulear mix puppy, a dog’s health depends on the type of food they’re eating.


The Coton de Tulear is an intelligent, affectionate and playful breed that can bark when something new is noticed or heard. Fortunately, this breed is easy to train, which means you don’t have to be an expert to get your dog to learn to respect you. Read on to learn how to train your Coton. Read this article to learn more about this small dog’s unique personality and behavioral traits.

While you might think the Yorkie Coton De Tularan mix is a pure breed, it may be a mixed breed. It may have a strong Yorkshire Terrier trait, as well as a bit of the roughness of a Brussels Griffon. Whether it is because it’s a mix of two breeds or its genetic makeup is unclear, these dogs make great companions.

A typical Yorkie-Ton puppy begins vocalizing around two to three weeks old. The American Kennel Club says these dogs are full of energy, but they’ll bark for almost anything and everything. You should be prepared for a romp with your new puppy, too. Barking is a natural instinct for this breed, and it’s a good thing that Yorkie-Tons are so friendly.

The Yorkie-Ton has a low drooling tendency. The drool is unintentional saliva that flows outside of the mouth. While this is completely normal, it can also indicate a health issue. If your Yorkie-Ton is constantly drooling, it might be a sign that something is wrong. Thankfully, this small breed of dog is hypoallergenic and a good choice for any home or environment.

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