Parti Yorkie Vs. Standard Yorkie


The standard Yorkie and the Parti are the two breeds of small dogs that are similar in appearance, but there are some differences between the two. Both dogs are Labrador Retrievers, but the Parti has a distinct appearance. For those interested in the Parti, the black-and-white coat is more appealing, but they are still Labrador Retrievers.

Differences between the breeds

There are a few important differences between a Standard Yorkie and a Parti Yorkie. These two types of Yorkies have similar health concerns, but their coats are different. While both breeds are susceptible to some health problems, a Parti Yorkie is especially prone to joint problems. For example, they may be prone to luxating patella, a condition that requires surgery in severe cases. Other health problems found in these two breeds include collapsed trachea, which can be corrected with medication or surgery. Finally, these breeds are prone to teeth and gum problems. However, these problems can be minimized with a strict dental hygiene routine.

While both breeds are small, they share many traits in common. Parti Yorkies are smaller than standard Yorkies. They will not grow taller than eight inches. They weigh anywhere from four to seven pounds, though they usually do not exceed eight pounds. A Parti Yorkie’s ears are triangular and sit on the side of its head. Their black curled toenails are typically unattached.

The history of the Parti Yorkie is relatively short. These terriers were once considered less desirable due to their tricolor coats. Although many traditional Yorkies also have the parti gene, breeding two traditional Yorkies can produce a litter of traditional-looking pups. Although both breeds share many characteristics, they are essentially the same in terms of size, health, and grooming.

Aside from the fact that Parti Yorkies shed less, they can also be more prone to various health issues. For example, both breeds are prone to patellar luxation, which affects the knees and results in lameness. These breeds are also genetically prone to degenerative eye conditions. Lastly, they are difficult to house train and may not get along with other pets.

Both breeds are similar, except for the color. Parti Yorkies are fun-loving, and adore being the boss. They are also independent and require a lot of dedication from their owners, but they do not need a lot of exercise. Instead, they are content chasing a ball. However, the Parti Yorkie requires a lot of grooming and dental care.

Health problems

A key difference between the two breeds is the occurrence of common health problems. Because Yorkies are purebreds, they are susceptible to a variety of common ailments. While a healthy dog can survive a number of conditions, it’s important to be aware of possible health issues. Yorkies generally die from congenital diseases, making this the 4th leading cause of pet death. A common condition afflicting the breed is portal vein malformation, which causes blood to bypass the liver, which can cause damage to other organs. Surgery is required for this condition, and symptoms include weakness, diarrhea, and vomiting. They can also exhibit behavioral issues.

Health problems affecting the Parti Yorkie are similar to those found in their standard cousins. They are both susceptible to joint problems, including Luxating Patella. This condition can be inherited or congenital. While it requires surgery to correct, a shorter coat makes grooming easier. Compared to the Standard Yorkie, parti Yorkies only need baths once a month, with neutral dog shampoo that won’t cause any skin irritation. They also require regular dental care, which includes brushing and flossing teeth at least three times per week. Regular nail trims and cleaning of the ears are also necessary.

Color: The Parti Yorkie has a distinct coloring pattern. The Parti gene affects the color of the coat. The standard Yorkie doesn’t have a tan color, so the dog can be white or black. The Parti Yorkie’s coat is made of two types of melanin, eumelanin and phaeomelanin.

The Standard Yorkie and Parti Yorkie have identical personalities. Although they are different in their coloring and size, both breeds are prone to the same health problems. Parti Yorkies are energetic, adorable, and affectionate, making them ideal for households with active lifestyles. Parti Yorkies are ideal pets for new dog owners looking for an active dog. They love the outdoors, are great for apartment pets, and require little exercise.

Both breeds are prone to the same health issues, but parti yorkies have a higher risk of deafness. The parti Yorkie has white spotting genes, which affect the production of pigment and inner ear structure. As a result, parti Yorkies have structural abnormalities in their ears. These can negatively affect their ability to hear. But parti Yorkies are more affectionate, and they have less sensitivity to allergens.


When it comes to the cost of a Parti Yorkshire Terrier, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1200 to $4,000. However, you may have to pay more if you want a high-quality pedigree. In addition, partis can be quite shy with strangers and other dogs. Moreover, it can jump off the couch or climb stairs, which can pose a safety risk.

When buying a Parti Yorkshire Terrier puppy, it is important to buy from a reputable breeder. It’s crucial to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders, as these breeds are not as high-quality. You can read reviews of the breeder and see if the dog is healthy and socialized. A good place to find a parti Yorkie is Heritage Hills, a breeder in Kansas City, where the puppies are very well-cared-for. Another great place to purchase a Parti Yorkie is Stonewall Ranch, a reputable Yorkie breeder. It’s important to note that parti Yorkies are in high demand, so you should pay a higher price for one.

At first, parti Yorkies were considered low-quality animals. This was due to their lack of genetic makeup. Some breeders didn’t want to risk their reputations by breeding these dogs, so they were secretly given away or destroyed. The breed almost went extinct, but fortunately, the emergence of the Parti Yorkie helped these dogs survive. They may be more expensive, but the difference in cost is not significant.

Apart from their price tag, a Parti Yorkshire Terrier is easy to train and has a mellow temperament. It’s easy to train, and it can be taught to learn commands such as heel, sit and down. Parti Yorkies are not particularly active, so they won’t require a lot of space for playing. They are great pets for families, but they may be unsuitable for small children.

While Parti Yorkies have parti genes, they are still purebred Yorkshire Terriers. This makes them more expensive than standard Yorkies. While many people don’t recognize them as equals, most Yorkie lovers accept their parti colorations. In fact, some breeders have reported that most AKC registrations of Yorkshire terriers are for parti-colored dogs. So if you’re wondering, what’s the difference between Parti and Standard Yorkies?

Adoption fee

Adoption fees for a Parti Yorkie are typically lower than those for a Standard-bred Yorkie. The Parti Yorkie was accepted by the American Kennel Club in 2000 and is considered a subspecies of the Yorkie. The Parti Yorkie is a small breed that is popular in the United States and Europe. The American Kennel Club categorized the breed as a Toy Yorkie in 2000.

While adopting a purebred Yorkie from a breeder may be cheaper than an equivalent-sized Standard Yorkie, the price can be high depending on the breeder, lineage, and AKC registration. Because Yorkshire Terriers are so popular, there is often a premium attached to them. The price of a purebred Yorkie can range from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. However, this is unheard of for the average pet buyer, and is typically associated with the most expensive bloodlines and show dogs in the most exclusive competitions.

While the Parti Yorkie adoption fee is slightly lower than the Standard Yorkie adoption cost, the difference is still significant. Adoption fees cover basic expenses such as medical exams and vaccinations upon arrival, socializing the timid animal, spay/neuter surgery (though some breeders will not perform the surgery). Some shelters also offer free or reduced adoption classes. Some shelters even offer subsidized obedience classes.

A standard Yorkie adoption fee is between $200 and $400. A Parti Yorkie adoption fee can be anywhere between $200 and $500. Adoption fees at reputable rescue organizations are between $100 and $800. Whether you adopt from a breeder or a shelter, the adoption fee is essential to support the rescue organization’s operations and supplies. For that reason, adopting a Parti Yorkie is a great option.

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