Pug Puppies for sale Los Angeles, CA

Pug puppies for sale Los Angeles Do you need a canine companion that will be a good fit for your Los Angeles, CA lifestyle? Check out the pug puppies for sale at Puppy Heaven. Pugs are perfect for the urban life that LA offers.

Teacup & Toy Pug puppies for sale in Los Angeles CA
Teacup & Toy Pug puppies for sale in Los Angeles CA

Our Pug Puppies for sale in Los Angeles

Pugs are a friendly, even-tempered breed that is ideal for families and individuals alike. Their endearing, wrinkly faces have become iconic across film and social media, so they’re a trendy fit for LA or anywhere else. With their compact size and intelligent, doting personality, they’ll fit into your life and space seamlessly.

At Puppy Heaven, we ensure that our Pug puppies for sale in Los Angeles are healthy, happy, and well-socialized individuals that are ready to come live with you. All our puppies are kept up-to-date on all their shots and come with a health guarantee that covers defects and disease. If you adopt a purebred puppy, they will come with their full pedigree and certification.

Our Puppy Policies

We at Puppy Heaven take great care to match each of our Pug puppies for sale  with loving homes, so we’ll quickly get in touch with you when you make an inquiry for our pug puppies. You can come to our physical location or video chat with us to see which puppy you want to adopt, and we’ll clearly communicate our adoption standards to you so you understand what to expect with a puppy in your home.

If you want to adopt one of our puppies and you live farther afield, we can arrange to ship your puppy to your nearest airport. We’ll use a special traveling crate with a water dispenser and provide careful care and handling to ensure your puppy arrives safely.

If you’d like to adopt any of our pug puppies, get in touch with us today! Send us an email at [email protected] or text us at (702) 344-6886. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the perfect puppy.


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A puppy can complete your family, whether it's a family of one or six. Puppy Heaven offers teacup puppies for sale in the Los Angeles area. Our adorable puppies are bred to the highest-quality standards to ensure your puppy is healthy and happy when you adopt them.

How We Take Care of Our Puppies

Our puppies are kept in superb conditions and receive regular checkups to maintain health and ensure they grow properly. Each puppy has up-to-date shots and is fully registered, so when you adopt one, you don't have to worry about whether your puppy is healthy. You can simply enjoy your new furry family member.

Why You Should Adopt From Us

Puppy Heaven has offered easy access to quality breeds and adorable puppies since 2004. We breed quality dogs to bring you puppies that will bring your family joy for years.

We use real photos for each puppy so that you can get to know the one you like. And while we can't guarantee availability, we're happy to notify you as new puppies become available.

When you adopt from us, you can also choose our financing option rather than worry about one upfront fee.

Look at our puppies below and contact us when you find the one you love.

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