Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies For Sale


Chihuahuas are very lovable and loyal. They thrive on constant companionship and will usually claim one person as their own. They get along well with other dogs, but can be a bit clannish with their own kind.


Whether you’re looking for a long haired Chihuahpua puppy for sale or one of the other varieties, you’ll want to find the right breeder. The breeder’s care goes beyond the basic care of a dog and will also include basic training. This includes potty training and obedience training. The puppy will also come with a health guarantee and all of the information you need to raise the dog properly. Puppies are also provided with chew toys, food and blankets. Prices start at about $1500 and you’ll be asked to pay a 25% deposit. After the deposit is received, you’ll be able to take home your puppy. Typically, puppies will be ready for adoption between eight and twenty-four weeks.

Many breeders will require that their pups receive core shots. These shots protect them from common canine diseases. Many breeders also require strict spaying and neutering, and they also ensure that their puppies are cleared of common genetic diseases that are common in Chihuahuas. Regardless of the type of health care you need, you’ll be able to find a quality long-haired Chihuahua puppy for sale at a reputable breeder.

Chihuahuas are a popular choice for a new pet and a great companion. Whether you’re looking for a cute lapdog or a watchdog, this small dog is sure to please. Chihuahuas are adorable, intelligent and a great addition to your family.


Care for long haired Chihuahua puppies is similar to that for standard Chihuahuas. However, they must be socialized with other dogs and humans to ensure their health and well-being. The first step in socialization is to introduce the puppy to new situations. Make sure to supervise the interactions and watch out for any aggressive behavior.

Chihuahuas are little balls of pure energy and they need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. For this reason, it is important to take them on daily walks or let them play outside in a fenced yard. You can also provide toys inside for them to play with. Chihuahuas should be brushed regularly to keep them clean.

Long-haired Chihuahuas have a thick coat and should be groomed regularly. Their coat should be shiny and soft. When brushing, pay particular attention to the feathering and large ruff around the neck. To make their coat look beautiful, brush them regularly and make sure they are not too tangled.

Long haired Chihuahua puppies require more grooming and maintenance than their short-haired counterparts. However, their small size makes the task easier to handle. You need to dedicate time every day to brush the dog’s fur. This will help prevent mats from forming.


Young long-haired Chihuahua puppies are susceptible to hip dysplasia, a degenerative disease of the hip joint. This condition can cause pain, lameness and abnormal gait. It requires surgery or non-surgical treatment.

Long-haired Chihuahuas have a delicate bone structure. This is one of the reasons that they are susceptible to many health issues. Patellae, for example, are composed of three parts, and they are prone to dislocation. This can lead to abnormal gait, different degrees of pain, and immobility.

Long-haired Chihuahuas should be evaluated regularly for heart and pulmonary disease. While most heart problems are caused by a weak valve, some may not display outward symptoms. A veterinarian will perform tests and ask questions about your pet’s diet, lifestyle and exercise.

A Chihuahua’s skull is small, so it needs to be protected from accidental blows. A small blow to the head can cause permanent damage. Shivering is common in Chihuahuas. It occurs when the dog feels nervous or excited. It can also happen when the dog is cold.

Another condition that affects puppies is hypoglycemia, which affects the blood sugar. Fortunately, it’s treatable when caught in its early stages. Symptoms of this condition include listlessness, trembling and shivering. If your puppy has these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.


Chihuahua puppies can become aggressive during the first two weeks after giving birth. This is the result of powerful chemical changes in their bodies. These changes include increased production of oxytocin and less of the hormone progesterone. Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone” and is associated with maternal bonding. It also stimulates labor contractions and helps move the fetus through the birth canal.

In some cases, Chihuahuas may exhibit aggression when they are in pain. This is often the case with the Toy breeds due to their small size and high sensitivity to pain. These dogs may bite when children or adults attempt to push them or pull them. A veterinarian will be able to identify the cause of this pain and offer treatment options.

If you’re not willing to pay full price for a long haired Chihuahua puppy, consider adoption. These long-haired pups can be a wonderful addition to your home, and proper socialization will help minimize the likelihood of them becoming aggressive.

If you are considering purchasing a Long-haired Chihuahua puppy, you may want to consider their past history of aggression. They tend to be protective of their family and are good family pets, but have a reputation for being aggressive with small children and strangers. However, these dogs tend to bond with one person and are considered excellent guard dogs.


Long haired chihuas are a unique breed of Chihuahua. They are characterized by a thick, long coat and fluffy ears. These dogs are small but have big personality. They are also excellent traveling companions.

Chihuahuas are very loyal and enjoy being around their owners. Although they are small in stature, they are very intelligent and can live up to twelve years with proper socialization and exercise. They also get along well with other small dogs and children.

If you are looking for a long haired Chihuahua puppy for sale, it’s best to find a breeder who has a good reputation for raising healthy and happy pets. Typically, these breeders raise the puppies at their own homes. They make sure to take care of the puppies, and check their health. They will also provide you with a guarantee against illnesses.

There are many Chihuahua puppies for sale, and it’s possible to find one at a local breeder. In Alabama, Chihuahua Magic breeder Judy has been breeding chihuahuas for 35 years. She prides herself on breeding well-rounded, genetically sound puppies.

Besides being very beautiful, long haired Chihuahuas are very loyal and intelligent. They can also be stubborn and can be very protective of their masters. These dogs are great family pets. They have a healthy life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years.


Chihuahua puppies’ nails should be clipped regularly. You should avoid cutting the nails too short, which can hit the quick, a small vein in the center of each nail. If you have trouble grooming your puppy, leave the task to a professional dog groomer.

A dog groomer will start with the feet and spend some time there. They will then move on to the ears and the rest of the body. A short trim of the ear is known as the Summer Cut and can be done with dog grooming clippers. Some owners recommend this cut while others question the benefits.

A Chihuahua’s coat is made of fine guard hairs and grows out over a period of about two years. This coat is easily damaged by improper care, so it’s important to regularly brush your pet to keep the coat healthy and free of tangles. Brushing should last between five and ten minutes.

After brushing your dog thoroughly, you can begin the bathing process. Use a dog shampoo with special ingredients designed for dogs to keep the skin moisturized. Ideally, Chihuahua puppies should get a bath every three to four weeks. If necessary, you can bathe your dog daily, but keep in mind that too much bathing can dry out the dog’s skin. Always remember to rinse thoroughly afterward to prevent any skin irritations.

Long haired Chihuahuas are small dogs with many needs. You should make sure you research their health history and choose a long haired breeder who can provide the best care for your new pet.

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