Best Dog Breeds For Kids


If you’re looking for a family dog, you’ve come to the right place! These dogs are tolerant, patient, and loyal. They are perfect for kids and their families! Read on to find out more about the best dog breeds for kids. And don’t worry if you’re not sure what kind of dog you want – our article will cover the most popular breeds and their characteristics! We’ve also listed the best breeds for children based on their size and type.

Cocker Spaniels

When it comes to dog breeds for children, Cocker Spaniels are one of the most popular choices. They are small, friendly, and well-suited to apartment living. They need just as much exercise as any other dog breed and don’t require acres of land to roam. However, they still need daily activity, and a brisk walk or romp in the backyard will keep them trim. Cockers don’t enjoy being left alone in the yard for long, and they may dig to keep themselves entertained. A loving family dog, Cockers love to be included in activities and are great companions for kids.

As an ideal dog for children, the English and American Cocker Spaniels are great choices. They have a mellow temperament and are ideal for kids’ playdates. They don’t mind spending time with children, and they make wonderful therapy dogs. Collies, like the Cocker, are great family dogs. They love to play and are loyal to their owners. They are among the best dog breeds for kids.

Though the Cocker Spaniel is not the most difficult dog breed to train, the breed does have its share of health problems. One of the most common is AIHA, a condition in which the immune system attacks the blood cells, causing anemia. This condition can be treatable with medication, but most affected Cockers respond well to treatment. Another health problem affecting Cockers is hypothyroidism, which can lead to hair loss, obesity, and dark patches on the skin. Both of these problems are treatable with medication. Another common health issue of Cocker Spaniels is primary seborrhea, which causes the overproduction of sebaceous cells, causing greasy and oily skin.

Collies are one of the best dog breeds for kids, and for good reason. They’re compact and easy to train, and will respond well to positive reinforcement and will be loyal to your family. Collies are also excellent companions, and require regular exercise. Collies enjoy playing and running with children. In addition, they’re one of the best dog breeds for kids because they’re so smart and friendly.

French bulldogs

Among the best dog breeds for kids, the French Bulldog is a great choice. Aside from being one of the most popular dog breeds for kids, French Bulldogs are also very friendly and affectionate, making them an excellent choice for families with children. They have a moderate amount of energy, which matches the energy level of most children. Even though they are a strong breed, French Bulldogs are not aggressive or dangerous. Instead, they enjoy playing with children and creating lifelong bonds with them.

While they are great with children, they can also be very protective of their owners. However, they can be friendly and loyal when raised properly. It is crucial to ensure that you properly train a Frenchie to be around younger children. In addition, they need a lot of socialization and training as puppies. If you plan to keep a Frenchie as a family pet, you should consider the following French bulldog facts to make an informed decision.

Children are excellent visual learners. However, they should not be allowed to play with the family dog if they are too young to understand the meaning of respect. Otherwise, this relationship may become dangerous. In addition, French Bulldogs can develop protective behavior towards other kids, other dogs, and other people. This protective behavior is derived from their deep affection for their family. However, this doesn’t mean that a Frenchie will be vicious towards children.

If you want to purchase a French bulldog puppy, make sure you purchase it from a responsible breeder. Ask the breeder to show you the parents of the puppies. Good breeders will be happy to explain the medical history of their dogs. Ask if they’ve ever had any medical problems. Also, ask if the parents have bronchial obstruction, as it should not be passed on. The French bulldog’s parents’ medical records will also tell you more about the dog’s temperament and behavior.


For families with small children, poodles are great dogs. Although they can be large, poodles are gentle and affectionate. They are also very tolerant and don’t hurt smaller children, although some of them may snap at them if they feel threatened. To avoid a potential conflict, you should train a poodle with basic commands. This will help you establish boundaries and limit the dog’s irritability.

Although poodles are not the largest dog breeds, they are very intelligent. Their high energy level matches that of children. They are gentle, patient, and loving. Poodles are incredibly versatile, and you can choose from toy, standard, and miniature varieties. The standard poodle is the best choice for families with children, as it is larger and more durable, but is still smaller than the miniature variety.

Poodles are very intelligent, which makes them excellent pets for families with children. Poodles love to play and are great for training kids. These dogs can even participate in tracking and agility training activities. And because they are so eager to please, they are ideal for teaching kids tricks and exercises. But, be sure to focus on positive training, and ensure that poodles receive proper socialization and exercise.

Because of their gentle temperament, poodles are excellent with children. However, poodles are very vocal and may bark when they sense danger. They may also scare babies, so this breed is not recommended for families with small children. However, their high intelligence makes them an easy dog to train. If you plan to introduce a poodle to a new baby, it’s best to do it early on in its puppy stage.

Cairn Terriers

There are many dog breeds that make great pets for kids, but Cairn Terriers are one of the best. They’re affectionate, playful, and social with kids. Although some smaller dogs may not be up for rough and tumble games, Cairns can handle them. But they must be supervised and trained by an adult. Here are some things to consider when choosing a Cairn as the best pet for your family.

The Cairn is an active breed that will need lots of space to run around and play. However, you won’t need a large yard to keep them healthy and happy. An fenced backyard or in-house play sessions are plenty of exercise. Cairns require regular grooming, but their coats are easy to maintain. Cairn Terriers have a rich history that goes back further than Toto in the Wizard of Oz.

Because Cairns can be quite energetic, they should be supervised whenever they’re outdoors. Cairns can have a high prey drive and dig for food. Make sure to get them plenty of exercise every day, too, or they could end up with an ear infection or a heart problem. These dogs are excellent pets for families with young children. You can get your new dog in time to help your children with school or extracurricular activities.

Although Cairns are excellent dogs for children, they can be stubborn and need regular training. Obedience training and socialization should begin early, starting with puppy classes. The Cairn should also be taught the quiet command. Be consistent and positive when training, and avoid off-leash play in public. Cairns love to play and need daily walks. They are also great companions for kids.


A Beagle can make a great family dog, but it’s important to keep in mind that it needs to be properly socialized with children. The AKC recommends that Beagles be socialized with children between the weeks of seven and sixteen. This is because Beagles are very social and like to play catch, fetch, and hide-and-seek with toys. Children need to be exposed to this breed’s friendly personality to help prevent accidents.

Because beagles were bred as hunting dogs, they’re excellent family pets for active children. Their athletic build makes them perfect for long-term play and exercise. Kids will appreciate the social nature of this breed, which makes them a great companion for active families. Because beagles are so social, they bond easily with children. However, they may not be the best choice for a household with young children.

Although beagles are very smart and trainable, they’re still stubborn when it comes to house training. They need to feel that they’re not neglected in order to be trained, so make sure to supervise your children’s playtime. Taking the dog for a walk is a great way to give them exercise and burn off the energy that they’ve had in their bodies.

However, beagles can be challenging for young children. They’re very active, and need to be taken out often throughout the day and night. Therefore, families with young children should be sure to devote ample time to raising their beagles. This is a great option for families that want a dog that’s friendly with children. You’ll be glad you did. They’re great companions and guardians!

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