What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?


There are so many games you can play with your puppy, but some of the best ones involve scenting! Hide and seek and Frisbee are fun, but destructive games aren’t for your puppy! Try these fun games and see which ones you like the best! You can even teach your puppy new tricks! Listed below are some of my favorites:

Scenting games

Scenting games for puppies can be an effective way to exercise both their minds and bodies. Scentwork games for puppies can include hiding treats and toys in different rooms and rewarding them when they find them. Dogs can learn to follow cues very well, so scent games are a good way to help them develop these skills. Here are a few suggestions for scent games for puppies. To play scenting games with your puppy, follow these steps:

First, you can introduce a simple scent game to your puppy. By hiding a small treat, hide an object that catches your puppy’s attention. Once your puppy has located the object, give a cue, such as “stay.” Then, use the leash or crate to place the object where you can see it. It’s important to remember to praise your puppy for responding to your cue.

Hide and seek

If you want to introduce your puppy to hide and seek games, start by hiding in an obvious location. If the dog can’t find you, move further away and gradually increase the difficulty level. Make sure the dog can’t see where you are hiding, and use its senses to guide it. If you’re playing with an assistant, you can swap your role with the person hiding and reward your pup when it finds you.

Once you’ve positioned yourself behind a bush or a tree, call your puppy’s name and walk a few steps away. When you call your puppy, hold out your palm to signal him to come to you. You can also whistle when calling him and use the word “stay” to call him to come closer. The dog should immediately follow your call, so use a positive reinforcement like praise. Once he’s located, praise him for the job well done.

Hide the toy

You can make this game more difficult for your puppy by hiding the toy in places that you do not want your dog to visit. Then, when your puppy spots the toy, praise them and give them a treat. After a few tries, increase the difficulty of hiding the toy. As your puppy learns the game, you can add more complex hiding places. But, the first time you play it with your puppy, keep it simple and try to hide the toy in plain sight.

The size of the toy is important for its hiding ability. You can find a plush toy that comes in two different sizes and does not contain stuffing. This type of toy can be rolled up and hidden. Then, when your puppy finds it, you can let them play with it. This will help your puppy develop a strong sense of smell and will make this game more fun.


If you’re looking for a fun game that you and your puppy can both enjoy, try playing Frisbee games with your pup. Dogs are particularly fond of these toys because they involve jumping and landing. But if your pup has hip or joint problems, it might not be able to handle the sport. There are two main types of Frisbees, and each has its pros and cons. For beginners, you can get a soft-tipped Frisbee, which is made of rubber, foam, or nylon fabric. These discs are designed to be easy to throw, so you can even let your puppy fetch them.

Using a dog-safe frisbee is a great way to engage in healthy exercise with your puppy. Dogs can enjoy playing Frisbee games with you and with other dogs, but you must make sure that your dog is physically fit enough to play with the disc. If you have any doubts, consult your veterinarian to make sure he or she is healthy enough to play this game. Make sure to buy your pup a high-quality soft-mesh Frisbee to avoid accidental punctures and injuries.

Hide the food

Puppies are full of energy, and one of their favorite games is hide and seek. The best part about this game is that it’s completely self-made! Puppies will enjoy locating hidden treats and foods, and then later forget about them. This can be dangerous for both you and your puppy. Here are some things you should keep in mind when hiding food with your puppy. First of all, puppies are not likely to eat anything if it’s not in sight.

Another common behavior for puppies is hiding food when they’re playing with you. If you’ve ever seen a puppy hide a treat, you’ve probably seen them bury it. That’s because they view it as special. They think it’s a treat, and it’s not everyday food! It’s a good idea to start this behavior as early as possible, so your puppy can associate the food with treats.

Hide the ball

You can play various hide-the-ball games with your puppy to improve its sense of curiosity. The most popular ones are based on the high-speed version of the game, in which you hide the ball and have your dog find it, then retrieve it. These games can get very tiring for your pup and you can have a great time playing them with your puppy. You can also make your own versions of the games, such as a DIY t-shirt tug toy.

To play the hide-the-treat game with your puppy, put your dog in a crate or hold the ball for him. Then, hide some kibble or treats around your house. There should be at least five pieces of food. Once your puppy finds all the treats, give him a treat and praise him. Repeat the process several times until your puppy learns the game. After a while, he will get the hang of it.

Hide the toy in another room

To begin training your dog to find the toy, you can place it in another room. When you do so, make sure your puppy is watching. If you do not notice that your puppy is looking for the toy, you should try a different room. You can also place the toy in the same room, but hide it in a different location. Try to remember where your puppy will be when you hide the toy.

You can use tug toys or food stuffed toys to start the game. Puzzles and games can also help your puppy stay occupied and entertained. These activities are great for indoor activities and should not take too long. Vary the distractions and items used in the game to keep it interesting for your puppy. If your puppy starts to become bored with the same game, switch up the distractions or place the toy in another room.

Keep-away games

While keep-away games are a good way to get your puppy to sit when it is not in your presence, you should avoid using them as a punishment. While it is a natural instinct to protect your belongings, it is important not to punish your puppy with a stern ‘no’. Instead, try playing constructive games with your puppy. These games will be safer for both of you. Here are some of them:

o The keep-away game is a popular game among puppies and older dogs. It can be fun for both parties involved. The downside is that keep-away games can lead to serious consequences if your dog becomes overly protective of something. Luckily, there are seven other productive games to play with your puppy. Listed below are seven fun and productive alternatives to keep-away games. Keep-away games can be an effective way to prevent major problems from occurring.

Water games

While many dogs love to splash around, others may be a little hesitant to take the plunge. Regardless of your dog’s level of fitness, water games are a great way to keep them occupied while still providing them with the exercise they need. These games will not only tire your pup out, but will also help you stay cool, too! If you’re looking for fun ways to keep your puppy cool during the summer, water games are a great choice!

One fun water game to play with your puppy is dock jumping. This game requires two people to hold a hoop in the air, and your puppy to jump through the hoop into the water. There are several ways to incorporate a hoop into water fun. Dock jumping requires two people, and your puppy will love it! A few fun tricks to teach your puppy to play dock jumping include a floating object, a rope, or a toy.

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