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The Best Ways to Trim a Yorkshire Terrier’s Face


There are three main methods for trimming your Yorkshire Terrier’s face. These methods can be done using scissors, clippers, or a comb. However, before you get started, make sure you read the following tips before trimming your dog’s face. Keep in mind that whiskers are thick and coarse. Consequently, accidentally clipping them may cause your dog to become disoriented. To avoid this, make sure you sit your dog in a way that allows you to access the face. When trimming the hair around the eye, keep your hand over it to prevent any accidents. The hair above the eye should be left at a quarter-inch.

Using scissors

One of the most important parts of Yorkie grooming is the trimming of their face fur. Yorkies have long face fur and if it isn’t kept short, it will cover the eyes and become an eyesore. To trim your dog’s face, use scissors, clippers, and a comb. Trimming your dog’s face correctly will also give you a chance to show off the cute face of your Yorkie!

The most difficult part of trimming a Yorkshire Terrier’s face hair is removing the whiskers. Whiskers are much thicker and coarser than normal hair, so if you accidentally clip them, your dog will likely be disoriented. To make sure your dog is comfortable with your scissors, sit your dog up and access its entire face. When trimming the facial hair, begin by trimming the hair around the eyes. Hold a hand over your dog’s eye to prevent accidental clipping.

Using scissors to trim a Yorkshire Terriers face is a fairly easy task if you know the proper technique. Start by cutting the long hair between the eyes and using a thinning shear to cut the fluffy hair above the eyes. Be patient and work slowly. To ensure a good cut, prepare your dog beforehand by using treats and petting it with a soft cloth before cutting it with scissors.

Using clippers

When grooming a Yorkshire terrier, it is imperative that you pay attention to the face. A dog with long fringes of hair can block your dog’s eyesight. You should also prune the face hair to keep it clean and tidy. Clipping a Yorkshire terrier’s hair is different from clipping the coat, so be sure to pay attention to your dog’s facial features when trimming.

Using clippers to trim a Yorkshire terrier’s face is easy when you use the correct scissors. Make sure you start by trimming the head and neck. You can then choose the finishing touch by trimming the hair to match the curve of the first and second ear. Be sure to leave a 1/2-inch-long hair around the eyes and snout. Using clippers to trim a Yorkshire terrier’s face can be a fun activity for your pooch.

Clippers can be very dangerous for your dog. If your dog is afraid of them, make sure you use a clipper that has a guard of half-an-inch. Clippers can get very hot and can hurt your dog if they’re not carefully handled. Test the clipper on your wrist first to ensure it is not too hot. Using a slicker brush to back brush your dog’s face can help you determine if there is any missing hair or uneven shaving.

Using shears

Using shears to trim a Yorkie’s face is a relatively easy task for most dog owners. To start with, you should sit your dog up so that you can reach its face. Then, use thinning shears to trim the fur below the ear line. Holding them parallel to the skin, cut along the ridge. After trimming the face hair, use a comb or brush to blend the cuts together.

Yorkies are born with short coats, and they will begin to grow out hair around the 12-month mark, but this can happen earlier depending on the weather. Use shears to trim the hair from this area, as well. Remember to use a table that is the right height for your dog, as it will make it easier to reach every part of the body. It will also make cleaning up the chopped hairs easier later.

Before trimming a Yorkie’s face, be sure the dog is calm. If trimming their face is your first time, try spending time with your dog before doing it. You can play with them or take them on a walk to make the experience more fun. To keep the Yorkie calm, use treats to bribe them or take them to a professional groomer. During this process, make sure to hold a restraint to prevent the dog from wriggling and biting you.

Using a comb

Grooming your Yorkshire Terrier requires careful attention to the face. Excessive facial hair can be an irritation. Trimming your dog’s face is easy, but it requires scissors, clippers, and a comb. While this task may be tedious, it will give you a clean, well-groomed dog. Here are some tips to trim your dog’s face fur.

A short haircut is a popular choice for Yorkies. Depending on the length of your Yorkie’s coat, it can be trimmed to a precise length. Some Yorkie haircuts are summer-style cuts, which leave a little bit of hair on the face and lower legs. The comb should be placed above the collar to make it easier to trim the face.

Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier’s face and ears is time-consuming and requires a good level of care. Be gentle when trimming the Yorkshire terrier’s face, but don’t be afraid to experiment. With the proper guidance, you’ll be able to try different styles without causing your dog undue pain. And remember to always watch your dog while you groom him or her.


If you own a Yorkie, you need to pay special attention to grooming the face. Yorkies have very long facial hair that can obstruct your dog’s eyes if you do not regularly trim it. Properly grooming the face includes clipping and cleaning the hair on the dog’s head and face. Your dog’s coat needs to be kept clean as well as being free of tangles and dead hair.

Yorkies are high-maintenance dogs, and grooming them properly is important for optimal health. While they do not shed, their coat can become matted due to fecal matter. It’s important to brush your dog regularly, especially if you plan to show him off. Brushing your Yorkie’s face daily will help prevent problems with shedding and mats. To brush your Yorkie’s face, use a dog ear cleaner or a finger-brush.

When brushing a Yorkshire Terrier’s face, be sure to trim the hair around the eyes. Whiskers are thicker and coarser than normal hair, so accidentally clipping them will only cause disorientation. Always sit your dog up so that you can access the face. Trim the hair around the eyes to a quarter inch. Always place your hand over the eye to avoid accidental clipping. The hair above the eye should be left at a quarter-inch length.

Grooming shears

Taking care of your Yorkie’s face is one of the most important parts of caring for your canine friend. If you don’t trim the face hair regularly, it can end up covering your puppy‘s eyes. The proper trimming will leave your Yorkshire Terrier with a clean and trim face. In addition to trimming the hair on your Yorkie’s face, you’ll also want to clean his nails and keep his coat as clean as possible.

To properly trim the face of your Yorkshire terrier, you will need to use grooming shears. This will help you get the right haircut and style. The scissors will have a comfortable grip and will be easy to control. Moreover, they are screw-adjustable and will handle different thicknesses of your dog’s fur. They also come with a cleaning cloth and a storage case, making it easy to store them when not in use.

You can use regular clippers to trim a Yorkie’s face. If your Yorkie is particularly fidgety, you can use special grooming shears for trimming his ears. These clippers are especially good for trimming the face of fidgety Yorkies, as they will not cause pain for your dog. You should always brush your dog’s hair before you clip it. Using a regular clipper on a wet dog will cause an uneven cut.

Using a clipper

Using a clipper to trim shaved fur on a Yorkshire Terrier’s face is not difficult if you have the correct tools. Start by trimming off any excessive hair along the face. You can also use a thinning shears to cut excess fur. Make sure to use a #10 guard to protect your dog’s face. Cut the hair half an inch down on the front and back of the ear and a half-inch down each side. Next, remove any debris. This will make the apex stand out and draw attention to itself.

Choosing the right blade for your clipper is crucial. All clipper blades have two parts: a larger bottom blade feeds the hair into the top blade, which moves back and forth with the motor. This way, you can trim the face of your dog without worrying about damaging its fur. Also, remember to cut with the grain of the coat, leaving one of the blades longer.

After the trimming process, you should bathe your Yorkshire terrier. It is possible to skip the shampooing process for Yorkshire terriers, but you should still use conditioner to keep the hairs smooth. You can also use a hair dryer on a low setting. This will help to dry the coat and define the hairs. Afterwards, spray coat shine spray to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.


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