Puppy Proofing the Apartment


One way to make your apartment safer for your puppy is to provide chew toys and safe dog bones. This will discourage your puppy from chewing up your carpet or doorways. You should also consider using bitter no-chew spray to deter your puppy from chewing. In addition to these methods, you should make sure that your apartment is lockable to prevent your puppy from escaping. These measures are sure to keep your puppy out of trouble!

Investing in a tall trash can

Investing in a tall trash can is a necessity when you have a large breed dog. This is because tall trash cans are irresistible to curious puppies, and they can be a source of injury. Some of the objects found in tall trash cans are bones, onion skins, garlic skins, empty cleaning product containers, and even trash bags. These objects can also pose a suffocation hazard. Another way to prevent puppy accidents is to install childproof locks on lower cabinets.

Creating a dog corner

When puppy proofing the apartment, create a designated corner for your pet. It doesn’t have to be an entire room, but it should be a safe, comfortable spot for your dog. Create a place in your living room or bedroom that your dog can safely go to during the day. Make sure your puppy has plenty of toys to play with, and put out plenty of water for them to drink. A corner in your apartment is also the perfect place to put a pet bed for your puppy. Keep a few toys nearby, too.

If your puppy is still very young, you should consider placing a crate in a corner of the apartment. This will prevent your dog from using your apartment as its bathroom. While crates are convenient for your dog, they can also be unsightly and dangerous. Make sure that you clean up any mess as soon as it happens to keep your apartment fresh and clean. You should also consider installing a baby gate to keep your pet in one corner of the apartment.

Make sure electrical cords are out of reach of your pup. During this time, puppies are very curious and can cause serious injuries if they get to them. Also, make sure to cover any electrical cords with chew-proof PVC tube. Be sure to make sure that you have disposed of any other potential puppy hazards as well. Razors, cleaning supplies, and food items should be stored in plastic storage totes until your pup is old enough to use them. You can also make sure to clean and organize kitchen drawers and bathrooms, and your medicine cabinet is a safe place for your puppy to use.

Another key part of puppy proofing your apartment is dedicating a room for your dog. This area should be a non-carpeted room, and should have everything your pup needs to stay safe. This space should have a chew-proof dog bed and supplies such as food, toys, and chewing pads. Don’t forget to provide a chew-proof dog bed without additional stuffing. Your apartment will thank you!

Keeping small objects out of reach

Keep everything out of your pup’s reach. Small objects, such as cleaning supplies, can be dangerous if they fall into their mouths. Also keep medications and other medications out of reach, as puppies can ingest them. For safety purposes, cover the toilet lids. Keeping all windows and doors closed is a good idea, as well. Blinds and curtains should be covered with screens and cords should be secured. Small objects, such as paper clips, can become choking hazards.

Small appliances, such as the plugs to hairdryers, can be tempting for a puppy to gnaw on. In addition to causing strangulation, chewed cables can result in an electrical fire. Keeping these items out of reach of your dog will make your life much simpler. If your dog chews on a cord, you will have to buy new ones and replace them soon.

Be sure to secure your toilet and trashcans. Keep them locked or put in a separate room. A curious puppy can drown if it accidentally falls into a trashcan. Similarly, lock up trashcans and cabinets. Also, keep all small electrical cords out of reach of your puppy. You can also use bitter sprays to deter your puppy from chewing glass items.

Another important part of puppy proofing the apartment is preventing your dog from chewing on your possessions. If your puppy loves to chew on clothing and shoes, they may end up making a wonderful toy. If you have expensive jewelry, hair ties, and coins, you should keep them in safe containers or locked drawers. Keep exposed cords and plugs secure. Dogs love to hide, so you might want to put up temporary blockades in your apartment so your puppy doesn’t find them.

Investing in child-safe latches and locks

To prevent your new furry friend from accidentally damaging your home, invest in locks and child-safe latches for cabinets and drawers. Investing in child-safe locks will prevent curious pups from accessing items like cleaning products and medicine. For doors and levers, you can install child-safe knobs or padlocks to prevent your pup from opening them.

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