Irish Red and White Setter Dog Breed Information


This article contains information on the Irish Red and White Setter Dog Breed. This breed is a type of sporting dog in the United Kingdom. They are also included in the sporting group in the United States and Canada. This breed is a great choice for many reasons, including their temperament and ability to be gentle. If you are considering purchasing an Irish Red and White Setter, you’ll want to read this breed information.


The Irish Red and White Setter is a rare breed of dog that originated in Ireland. This breed is now recognized by many national kennel clubs, including the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, and FCI. This dog breed has been in existence for centuries, and it has many devoted followers worldwide. Here’s a quick history of this unique dog breed. Read on to learn more about the Irish Red and White Setter’s origins.

The Irish Red and White Setter has a short coat with extensive feathering. The coat should be glossy and straight. The base colour is white, and solid patches of dark red are allowed throughout the body. The face is white, but may contain flecks of red. A tuxedo-like face is acceptable, and a short tail is optional. The coat should be soft and silky.

The Irish Red and White Setter was nearly extinct after World War I, but Rev. Noble Huston and Mrs. Maureen Cuddy revived the breed. These two devoted people began collecting breed members and creating an association. In 1944, Maureen Cuddy established pedigrees for the breed, and the Irish Red and White Setter has been recognized by the AKC and the Canadian Kennel Club as a distinct breed.

The Irish Red and White Setter is an unusual breed, and its history can be traced back to Ireland. It is a bi-colored dog that has many positive qualities. It is better suited for hunting than its red counterpart. Furthermore, it is easier to train this breed than its red counterpart. And, of course, the Irish Red and White Setter is a great companion for kids. However, if you’re planning to get a puppy, make sure your child is older and capable of caring for it.


The Irish Red and White Setter is an energetic, family-oriented dog. These dogs like to run and take moderate-paced walks. However, they are not known to be particularly aggressive. They make good pets for older children and toddlers and get along well with other pets, including cats. A genetic test is available to determine whether your dog is susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy. Another health problem common in this breed is elbow dysplasia, which causes joint inflammation.

The Irish Red and White Setter has a medium-length coat with silky feathering on the head and ears. Its coat is mainly white with distinct patches of deep red. Its face and lower legs may also have flecks of red. It is a great hunting dog that thrives on the hunt. Irish Setters are a great companion for families looking for a dog that is both playful and loyal.

The Irish Red and White Setter has long legs and a robust body. Their coat is white with red patches, and should be straight and lightly wavy. They are loyal, affectionate companions who need active lifestyles. Irish Red and White Setters require regular grooming and assistance with housebreaking. Their high energy levels make them an ideal family dog. However, these dogs are slow to train. They need an active owner who can spend many hours outdoors with them.

The Irish Red and White Setter is large and well proportioned, with a height of between 57 to 61 cm and a weight of up to 60 to 70 pounds. Their coat is long and sometimes slightly wavy. Their ears hang downward. Their faces are rounded with prominent dark brown eyes. They are very lovable dogs and make excellent companions for families. And, once trained, their loyalty is unmatched.

Health problems

One of the most common health problems of the Irish Red and White Setter is bloat, which is also known as twisted stomach. To prevent bloat, break food up into smaller portions and use a food bowl designed to slow your dog down when eating. If your dog has bloat, avoid timing meals right after vigorous activity. Wait one hour before exercising your dog and give it a good meal before doing so. Surgical correction of bloat is available from a veterinarian.

One of the most common inherited eye problems in dogs is distichiasis, which is caused by abnormal hairs that rub against the eye’s surface. While this disease is not painful or curable, it can lead to corneal ulcers and chronic eye pain. There are several treatments for distichiasis, including the removal of hairs that cling to the eyelid.

Although IRW Setters are relatively healthy dogs and rarely have health issues, owners should be prepared for genetic conditions. For example, they are more susceptible to ear infections than other breeds, and you should always have your dog’s ears cleaned at least once a week. A clogged ear can be painful for both the dog and the owner. If you are planning to breed an IRW Setter, it is important to consider its lifestyle and size.

An Irish Red and White Setter has a short-haired coat, so you’ll need to groom your dog weekly. It has floppy ears, and it can get matted quickly. Embrace dog insurance plans are great for this breed, but don’t forget to check your puppy for infections. If you have a puppy, you should consider getting a plan that covers Irish Red and White Setters. You’ll be happy you did!

Exercise requirements

The Irish Red and White Setter dog breed requires at least an hour of daily exercise. A typical daily walk should be at least an hour long, and more intense exercise will be a more beneficial choice. Setters are also excellent dogs for dog agility, flyball, and other forms of canine sports. While this breed is known for its slow learning curve, you can make training fun for your dog by taking him to dog agility classes or dog parks.

The Irish Red and White Setter’s moderate coat requires a moderate amount of grooming. The dog should be brushed a few times a week, and should be bathed every few months. Irish Red and White Setters enjoy jumping in water, and need a lot of exercise to maintain their overall health. Exercise will help keep your dog happy and healthy, and you can reward them with hugs and treats if they get tired.

The Irish Red and White Setter is a very active dog breed that prefers long walks. They also enjoy playing outdoor games, such as hide and seek, and will need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Without a consistent schedule of daily activities, an Irish Red and White Setter can become destructive or high-strung. The Irish Red and White Setter is sensitive to tone and does not respond well to harsh punishment.

The Irish Red and White Setter is a loyal and obedient dog that will get along well with children and other pets. They love to interact with people, and can make a great hiking companion. If you can keep up with their energy level, they will make an excellent family pet. If you have time to exercise them, the Irish Red and White Setter will become a good dog for the entire family.

Care for your Irish Red and White Setter

Despite their generally healthy lifestyles, Irish R&W Setters are susceptible to certain diseases and conditions. Among these are thyroid issues, eye diseases, and hair loss. While they are not likely to cause major health issues, their presence may indicate a more serious problem. If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to contact your veterinarian for further advice. However, if your dog is already suffering from one of these conditions, these symptoms may not mean that your pet has a disease.

While the Irish Red and White Setter doesn’t require much grooming, you should brush his or her coat at least two times a week. You should give special attention to feathering as this breed tends to shed moderately and does not have seasonal moults. Besides regular brushing, your Irish Red and White Setter also needs regular bathing and grooming. The breed is known for its high energy level, and it would be a great companion for people who like to run and hike.

The Irish Red and White Setter is a robust dog with an impressive coat. It is medium-length, and is white with red patches on it. Its fur should be kept dry and unwaxed. The Irish Red and White Setter is also a very friendly and loving companion. Despite their size, they are very active and energetic, making them great family pets. However, they need an active owner to keep them happy and healthy.

The coat of the Irish Red and White Setter is relatively short and has extensive feathering. To prevent mats and matting, it is essential to brush the coat regularly to ensure its proper condition. The coat of the Irish Red and White Setter must be white and red, so be sure to brush the hair regularly. This breed is active and energetic, making it an excellent companion for a family. It is also a wonderful companion for hunting birds.

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