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Famous Celebrities With Goldendoodles


Whether you’re a puppy or a dog owner, you’ve probably seen Goldendoodles on the legs of celebrities. These stars have dogs that are as unique as their owners! From the Queen to the “Fonz” of “Happy Days”, this list features famous Goldendoodles and their owners. Check out who they are and their personalities in the following list of celebrities with Goldendoodles. You might even recognize your favorite star from the list!

Queen Elizabeth’s dog

King George VI and the Duke of Edinburgh gave free reign to the dogs in the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II’s goldendoodle Candy. Candy was named after the Queen’s favorite spot at Balmoral, and the royals gave them their own free reign. Today, the dogs live in the palace with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Prince Harry, meanwhile, has recently left the royal family for California, where he is currently living with his girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Corgis are one of the monarchs’ favorite dogs. The queen and her daughters grew up with several dogs. Queen Elizabeth has also owned a corgi since her birthday in June 2021. The royal family has a long history of royal dogs, and Queen Elizabeth is no exception. The corgis, a type of Welsh dog, are often associated with the queen. The Queen Mother and King George VI both owned Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs.

Willow, Queen Elizabeth’s goldendoodle, passed away in early 2018. The corgi, called Whisper, was bred with a goldendoodle by Princess Margaret. She had previously mated her own goldendoodle, Princess Margaret’s Dachshund Pipkin, and a goldendoodle named Candy. Both dogs were used by the monarchy to improve relations with the public and to provide therapy for her PTSD attack.

The queen’s affinity for corgis is not surprising – the corgi has been her dog of choice since she was a princess. During her long reign as queen, she has owned at least 30 corgis, and one is a goldendoodle named Lissy. The monarch’s lifelong devotion to her goldendoodle is an example for others to follow. It’s hard to see a pet lover not want a companion.

Jeff Goldblum

Actor Jeff Goldblum has a unique way of looking at life. Whether it’s a picture of himself as a centaur or a painting of Vincent van Gogh, Jeff Goldblum’s goldendoodles are always a part of his life. And now, these dogs are part of his cult-like following. Read on to learn more about Jeff Goldblum’s dogs!

Kacey Cuoco

The actress has a new senior dog in her household! She and her husband, Karl Cook, recently adopted a nine-year-old mastiff named Larry. The dog joins Cuoco’s chihuahua Dump Truck. The pair also own a goat and 20 horses. During the pandemic, the actress took in two piglets and adopted a puppy, Norman. The two stars posed with Larry for a photo on Instagram.

The actress is one of Hollywood’s biggest dog lovers and has adopted several dogs from shelters. However, she does not reveal how many dogs she owns, as she is concerned with illegal dog ownership. But she does own several of them, including Dumpy the senior Chihuahua. She also fosters another senior dog, named Dumpy, and shares pictures of the furry friend on Instagram.

Besides her equestrian pets, Kaley Cuoco also has horses. She has her own production company named after the goldendoodles, and even has an Instagram account dedicated to them. Whether she’s trying to attract attention or build a following, Kaley Cuoco is clearly the most dog-loving celebrity around! The actress has even been known to publicly reprimand a German pentathlon coach for hitting his horse.

Mariah Carey

The couple has always had jack russells. Most of them were rescued from shelters. They are all very well taken care of and have chefs to cook their food. Nick Cannon, Mariah’s ex-husband, has a special bond with the two goldendoodles, Mutley and Pow Jackson. In fact, Nick is so attached to the two goldendoodles that he has asked for sole custody of them.

Interestingly, Moroccan was born in Guam, an island in the Pacific Ocean. The pop star once spent thousands of dollars on Amazon to buy a goldendoodle, but has since regretted the purchase. Whether or not Mariah will keep the dog is yet to be determined, but her son’s fascination with Guam won’t go away anytime soon. The video has already received countless views and has gained a reputation as a “tech-savvy” singer.

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