Dog Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses


Dog prescription glasses are much more affordable than human eyeglasses. Compared to human prescription glasses, these glasses are a fraction of the price and can be easily bought at your vet’s office for less than $100. Many dogs even prefer them over their old glasses! Humans tend to wear eyeglasses more often than dogs. But why do we use glasses? This article will give you the answer. And hey, it will even save you from spending money on expensive eye surgery!

Rex Specs

Rex Specs dog prescription glasses are similar to ski goggles and are designed for dogs. They are made of durable, flexible, shatterproof plastic. The lenses are spherical and feature foam edging for comfort. They can be adjusted for your dog’s head size. There are no elastic bands. The lenses are attached to the head strap using nylon straps below the jaw. This means that the glasses do not fog when your dog wears them.

The Rex Specs V2 goggles feature a spherical design modeled after snowboarding goggles, which allows maximum peripheral vision. They come with two lenses, a clear one and a black sunglass-shaded lens. You can purchase replacement lenses and even get different colored goggles. These dog glasses are great for hiking, running, and just hanging out with the family.

To train your dog to wear their Rex Specs, you can watch videos or read articles to learn how to properly adjust your pet’s goggles. You can even try out sunglasses with clear lenses first, so your dog can get used to the new look. You can also try a shaded lens for your dog if you’d prefer. They’ll also protect the eye from UV rays.

Dog prescription glasses should provide adequate protection from harmful UV rays. The Rex Specs lenses should block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. These glasses are also a good idea if your dog lives in a hot or sunny climate, or is active in the outdoors. For instance, sunglasses can help reduce eye inflammation. The Rex Specs dog prescription glasses are a great way to prevent sun damage and protect your dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays.

Rex Specs lenses are scratch resistant

Rex Specs sunglasses are a great option for your pet dog’s prescription eyewear. These oversized sunglasses look and feel like scuba diving goggles. They come in a variety of different colors and sizes to fit any dog’s face. The lenses are scratch resistant and UV400 protected, and they are available in smoke or clear lenses. If you’d like to add a little whimsy to your pet’s look, try a cool lens wrap. Rex Specs lenses are UV400-rated, which means that they block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.

Rex Specs sunglasses are designed with your dog’s vision in mind, and they have a thin layer of foam around the bracing frame to improve ventilation and airflow. These glasses have specially-treated lenses to enhance the depth perception of dogs, which is difficult to replicate in humans. Although your dog may not notice scratched lenses as easily as you do, Rex Specs encourages you to use them until they’re completely beat up.

The lenses of Rex Specs are scratch resistant and ANSI Z87.1-rated for impact and UV protection. They also have a foam edging to help prevent lens fogging and are made of flexible, shatterproof materials. You can also purchase a variety of accessories for your dog to wear with its glasses. As a relatively new brand, Rex Specs haven’t been linked to any recalls, so you can feel safe buying them.

Rex Specs goggles are the top-rated dog prescription glasses on the market. They feature impact-resistant lenses. The QUMY dog goggles are your budget-friendly option. For a more fashionable look, check out Doggles Sidecar Goggles, which are both impact and scratch-resistant. Typically, these glasses are fitted with one or two lenses and feature a special strap.

Rex Specs lenses are tinted for dogs sensitive to bright sunlight

Dog glasses are essential for protecting your dog’s eyes, especially when they are exposed to bright sunlight or other environmental hazards. Rex Specs lenses are tinted for dogs that are sensitive to bright light and 99.9% UVA and UVB protection. These lenses come in a variety of tints for different needs and are available in six different sizes for various breeds.

The UV-400-rated lenses in Rex Specs protect the eyes of your dog from 99.98 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays. While a new dog may take weeks to get used to wearing a goggle, you can gradually introduce tinted lenses to make the transition easier. You can start with training goggles without lenses to prevent scratching the lenses. In the initial stages, use clear goggles and gradually move on to tinted lenses as your dog gets accustomed to wearing them.

Whether your dog is a working dog, a pet lover, or someone on a hike, Rex Specs goggles are an important accessory to invest in. While some dogs are more reluctant to wear them, they will accept them after a short training period. The glasses will protect the eyes of dogs from harsh sunlight, dust, and debris, while also allowing them to enjoy the same outdoor activities as their owners.

Rex Specs goggles come in a variety of colors. The blue/red mirror lenses mimic human ski goggles, while smoke-colored and mirror lenses give dogs a cool look. The lenses are also made of a breathable mesh that prevents lens fogging. The lenses drain quickly from water as well. You can also choose the lenses that match your dog’s eye color.

Humans wear glasses more often than dogs

Why do humans wear glasses? Perhaps it’s because they need them more than dogs. Visual acuity has historically been important for adaptive purposes. Some insults to the development of the eyes may lead to poor eye-sight, resulting in deafness, blindness, or even death. The sheer numbers of people who need corrective lenses is too high to be attributed to an infection alone. Then again, the numbers of glasses-wearing humans are steadily increasing.

Regardless of the cause, the reason that humans wear glasses is quite different from that of dogs. Human vision is 20/20 compared to a dog’s 20/75. Dogs are also worse at determining brightness differences. While they are far better at smelling, their sense of smell is also far stronger than a human’s. While dogs don’t usually need corrective glasses, human vision problems can be corrected with spectacles.

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