Apple Head Chihuahua


The Apple Head Chihuahua is a type of Chihuahua that has a large head at birth. This characteristic can make the puppies weak and lethargic. Some of the common health problems that can arise with these dogs include hypoglycemia, a dangerous condition where the blood sugar levels fall rapidly. This condition can be caused by illness or improper nutrition. In extreme cases, the dog may need surgery to correct the condition.


The lifespan of an Apple Head Chihuahua ranges from 14 to 16 years. Despite the long life expectancy, the breed is prone to certain health problems. Some of the most common health problems are eye infections and patellar luxation. In order to help your dog maintain a long life, it is important to feed your pet a good quality diet.

The Apple Head Chihuahua is a small breed, making it very delicate. Children should be kept away from this breed because children can easily injure it. It is also more prone to head injuries because of its bulging eyes. The breed is best suited to households without young children.

Longevity of Apple Head Chihuahuas is largely determined by the breed’s health condition. A dog with poor health could be prone to heart problems, like arthritis and cardiovascular disease. However, these health conditions can usually be treated. Some may require medication or special diets. Other conditions may limit how much your dog can exercise.

The lifespan of an Apple Head Chihuahua is 14 to 16 years. They typically have litters of two to five puppies. They are typically fawn or brown and come in a variety of color patterns. They are very loyal and alert, but can be easily frightened.


The Apple Head Chihuahua is an excellent breed to have as a family pet. It is a playful, intelligent dog that will love to play with kids and will be loyal to the pack leader. This type of dog is ideal for apartment living, provided it has enough room to exercise outside.

The price range for an Apple Head Chihuahua can range from $300 to $800. This is due to the fact that it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as an official breed. However, the price of an Apple Head Chihuahua will not include its medical care, training, and additional care.

The cost of an apple head Chihuahua varies depending on its coat type, size, and color. The American Kennel Club accepts two coat types: smooth and long coat. Some breeds are more resistant to shedding than others. A shedding Chihuahua is often more expensive than a smooth coated one.

The price of an Apple Head Chihuahua puppy can cost as much as $500 or more, depending on the pedigree. Championship lineage dogs can cost more than $1500. Deer Head Chihuahuas are less expensive and can be as cute as an apple head Chihuahua.

An Apple Head Chihuahua costs between $800 and $1500. These dogs are great pets and can range anywhere from three to eight pounds in size. Apple Head Chihuahuas are also AKC-recognized. They are extremely loyal and easy to handle.


The Apple Head Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog breed, weighing between four and six pounds at full maturity. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and some dogs can grow up to eight pounds. Despite their diminutive size, Apple Head Chihuahuas have personalities that rival that of their larger counterparts. The dog’s personality is dependent on the training and socialization it receives, as well as its temperament and tendencies.

This tiny dog breed sheds very little, but it does produce a small amount of dander, which can cause allergies. Apple Head Chis are also known for their infectious charm. They love to play and enjoy the company of people, and they are the ultimate entertainer.

The Apple Head Chihuahua has a unique tendency to bark. This behavior can be trained to be less destructive by working with a certified trainer. The breed does need some exercise, but not overly so. A short walk is more than enough.

Another aspect of care that is often overlooked is dental care. While chews and dental care products can help clean your dog’s teeth, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly and take them to a veterinarian when necessary. Proper dental care is just as important during the puppy phase as it is in the adult phase. Even if your dog doesn’t show any teeth yet, the decay in the gums can lead to decay in the teeth.


The apple head Chihuahua is a small, compact, and agile dog. The breed gets its name from the dome on the skull, which resembles an apple. It has a charming temperament and a saucy attitude. Breeders focus on producing well-balanced dogs with an apple head.

Apple head Chihuahuas have a variety of colors. They can be black, red, white, or silver. They are also highly intelligent and loyal. They can be difficult to train, so be prepared to devote some time to socialization and training.

Among the health problems that an Apple Head Chihuahua can face include eye injuries and lung problems. The breed is more susceptible to brachycephalic airway syndrome, which is a condition that can lead to snoring. Breeders of apple head chihuatas should ensure that their puppies receive adequate exercise.

There are also deer head Chihuahuas, which are generally larger than the apple head Chihuahua. They can grow to over a foot tall and weigh 10 to 12 pounds. They also have longer legs and necks than the apple head, which is one of their main distinguishing features.

When choosing a breeder, be sure to ask for details on the health of the parents. Most reputable breeders conduct tests on their breeding specimens and make sure that they have the correct breed of the dog. They also will suggest having the puppy examined by a veterinarian.


The Apple Head Chihuahua is a small dog that can reach a height of eight inches and weighs up to six pounds. Its name comes from the dome-like shape of its skull. It is known for its saucy temperament and charming attitude.

The Apple Head Chihuahua is a highly intelligent breed, but can be prone to several health problems. Keeping an Apple Head Chihuahua requires training and attention. It is a good choice for families with older children or single adults who are not prone to dropping it. This dog breed must live indoors, and should not be left out on the porch or in a hot car.

The apple head Chihuahua can be a variety of different colors. Its coat can vary from fawn to fawn, with white markings on its chest and face. It can have either black or white eyes.

The Apple Head Chihuahua has a soft spot in the skull called the molera. This may not close, much like the fontanel in a human newborn. There are also deer-headed Chihuahuas, which have a deer-like shape to their head. These Chihuahuas can be either red, brown, black, or tan.

Although a Chihuahua is very small and can grow to be as tall as six pounds, the standard of breed doesn’t specify the height of the breed. Most Apple Head Chihuas grow to be about six to nine inches tall. However, some breeders may label them as teacups.


A chihuahua with Moleras apple head is born with a soft spot in the middle of its skull. Most often, this spot closes within a few weeks of birth. Its presence can be noticeable by adulthood, and it is rarely an abnormality. A Chihuahua’s moleras are not a sign of poor health, and they are not considered to be a danger to the dog.

The Apple Head Chihuahua has a broad, rounded head, large eyes, and a dome-like shape to its skull. The snout is slightly pointed. The ears are small and do not extend very far. The tail is short and straight.

A Chihuahua with Moleras is more susceptible to head injuries. This soft spot is located on the head and allows for easier passage through the birth canal. Earlier, moleras were considered a defect, but now it is regarded as an intrinsic characteristic. However, it can make a head injury more dangerous.

While moleras are a common affliction in chihuahuas, there is no correlation between them and hydrocephalus. Interestingly, moleras in Chihuahuas can occur in a variety of locations on the skull. Moleras in the head are most common in short-haired Chihuahuas.

The Apple Head Chihuahua is a small dog with a big personality. This dog is mischievous and brave, despite its small size. Untrained, the Apple Head Chihuahua can dominate a household.

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