types of teacup dogs

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Teacup dog is popular as a pet because they are small and they will be the puppy size even in their old days.  Teacups puppies for sale can sell for thousands of dollars and they have an adorable size that makes everyone want to have them.

The following are types of teacup dogs:

Pomeranian: even if the Pomeranians are known to be lapdogs, they were bred first for herding the animals and pulling the sleds. In the beginning, they would weigh up to 30 pounds; however, they have been bred to look small so that they can be companions instead.

Poodle:  it is a dog known because it is intelligent, it is sociable and athletic. It can become a good family dog.    The teacup poodle can weigh up to 4 pounds but the standardized size is up to 70 pounds. The best part is that they do not shade too much and this is good for the vacuum and a person who suffers allergies.

Beagle: what they do not have in their sizes, they can make up for the energy and for the friendliness.  The beagles can reach up to 15 pounds and this is larger than the teacup dog.  They can be trained easily and they can learn about games and treats.

Maltese: the Maltese are not only the oldest breed since they were around for 3000 years and it is considered to be royalty in the past.  The teacup options weigh around 4 pounds.  Since the dogs are small and they do not have too much energy, such dogs will be the best fit for people who wish to get a cuddle buddy.

Pomsky is also a type of teacup puppy for sale.  The Pomsky works as the cross found between the Siberian husky with the Pomeranian.  The puppies are different in their size and it will depend on the percentage of the breed that makes them up.  The mix will tend to have a high energy level so it is better to be prepared for different walks and different play.

Yorkshire terrier is a popular dog and they are of small size which means that the teacup variety is a popular hit.  Such tiny dogs may weigh 2 up to 3 pounds but they are known for their big–dog personality.  The Yorkies are vocal, confident, and protective.  They are loyal and they can be loving to the family.

Other types you can find at puppy heaven are Yorkshire terrier, Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, Pug, and Shih Tzu.

When it comes to buying teacup breeds,   you should learn also about the lifespan of the breed you want to buy.

If you cannot find a teacup, you can buy the smallest dog.

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