Cockapoo Vs Cavapoo


There are several differences between a cockapoo and a cavapoo, including the size and temperament. You can read about the differences below. These dogs are both medium-sized, so if you are looking for a smaller dog, the cavapoo may be the best choice. They are also quite similar in health and activity level. To decide which breed to get, consider your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Differences in temperament

While both breeds are friendly and sociable, there are some notable differences in their temperament. Cavapoos are more laid-back and friendly with people, while Cockapoos are hyper and have boundless energy. Despite the difference in temperament, both breeds require daily exercise. Even though they are both highly energetic, they are not as destructive as their Cockapoo cousins. Both breeds enjoy daily walks and playtime, but their energy level can make them destructive when left alone.

There are a few key differences in temperament between the two breeds. While both breeds are playful, Cavapos can be highly vocal, especially when they want attention. While Cockapoos are often quieter than Cavapos, their barking tendencies can make or break the decision to purchase one over the other. Regardless of the differences in temperament between Cavapoos and Cockapoos, both breeds require daily exercise and playtime to remain happy and healthy.

One of the most notable differences between the Cavapoo and Cockapoo is their size. While the Cavapoo is generally smaller than the Cockapoo, some Cavapoos are nearly as tall as the Cockapoo. Because both breeds are crossbreeds, some Cavapoos are larger than Cockapoos, but some of them are smaller than the former.

Health problems

The Cavapoo is the healthier of the two breeds, but it does share some of the same health problems as the Cocker Spaniel. Both of these breeds can inherit a condition known as heart mitral valve disease (MVD) from their parents. A good breeder will vet both parents for known health problems to reduce your chances of getting these dogs. Whether you choose a Cavapoo or a Cockapoo will depend on your lifestyle and your own unique needs.

The Cavapoo and the Cockapoo are both low-shedding mixed-breed poodles. Despite their similar appearances, both breeds are friendly and outgoing dogs. Both are low-shedding, and they make excellent pets for families. But you should consider more than just looks when choosing one of these breeds for your home. Consider the health problems and personality traits of both breeds before making a decision.

Both breeds require regular exercise. Although the Cockapoo is more active, it still needs to be walked on a daily basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy Cavapoo enjoys playing with small children and forming strong bonds with their owners. While the Cavapoo tends to be more social than the Cockapoo, it may be finicky in its food preferences.


The Cavapoo varies in appearance depending on the parent dogs. This breed of dog is known for its short, low-shedding coat. This short hair is beneficial for cleanliness and health. Longer hair can collect pet dander. However, the coat type of Cavapoo varies widely. It can be floppy and light in curls, or it can be tight and coarse, just like a poodle.

Both breeds require regular grooming. Cavapoos with curly fur should be brushed daily. Wavy and straight fur should be brushed twice or thrice a week. It is important to brush the fur regularly to prevent matting. Not only is matting unpleasant for the dog, but it is also painful for its owners. A well-groomed Cavapoo is much easier to handle than a messy Poodle!

A healthy diet is essential for the growth of a Cavapoo’s fur coat. Whether your Cavapoo is a wavy or a straight coat, remember that he will need a healthy diet and regular grooming. In addition, make sure to take pictures of your puppy during this stage, so you can look back at the color changes later. This way, you will be able to relive the exciting journey of your Cavapoo!

While both breeds have distinct advantages, the Cavapoo requires the most exercise and mental stimulation. Although both breeds are low-energy, they need at least thirty minutes of daily exercise, and you should plan a playtime schedule that allows them to get plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Unlike their larger counterparts, both breeds require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. A properly trained Cavapoo can help keep the family active, happy, and healthy.

Activity level

Despite their similarities, Cavapoos and Cockapoos require different levels of activity. While the Cavapoos prefer to spend their days indoors, Cockapoos enjoy playing outside in the yard. The high energy levels of both breeds can lead to destructive behavior, especially if the dog is not properly exercised. This breed should be kept on a leash at all times, as it can become overly energetic and need to be walked regularly.

Both breeds require daily exercise, but the Cavapoo is more devoted to pursuing it. Both dogs are great with children and are easy to train. However, Cockapoos are more independent than Cavapoos, which can cause them to develop separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods of time. Although these two breeds are similar in personality and appearance, each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The Cockapoo is affectionate and makes a good indoor companion. However, this breed is notorious for its high energy level. Even if they are incredibly loving, Cockapoos require lots of exercise and should be supervised for long periods of time. Therefore, owners should plan on spending at least thirty minutes a day walking and exercising with their Cockapoo. They can be quite playful, but it is important to give them the proper amount of exercise to keep them calm.

Eye problems

The Cavapoo and Cockapoo are considered healthy breeds, though they do have some common health issues. A common eye problem among the Cockapoos is progressive retinal atrophy, a common condition among crossbreds. Both breeds have a tendency towards eye problems, although the latter is more prone to the condition than the former. Breeders of healthy dogs should also test their pups for eye problems. Look for puppies that have undergone eye tests and use F1 or F2 descriptions to indicate that their parents were tested for these issues.

Another potential issue is progressive retinal atrophy, or PRA, which is similar to retinitis pigmentosa in humans. This eye disease causes gradual bilateral degeneration of the dog’s retina. In severe cases, the retina may even deteriorate to the point of blindness. Both breeds are friendly and great with children, so you may want to consider getting a Cavapoo or Cockapoo to bond with your children.


The cost of a Cavapoo vs cockapoo is approximately the same. These two dogs like to have a set routine, but they are equally happy anywhere. They need a similar amount of food, and the cost of either breed will range between PS1000 and PS1400, depending on the size and colour. The price is likely to be higher for bi-coloured dogs, though.

While Cavapoos are generally more expensive than cockapoos, both dogs are ideal family pets. Both dogs are friendly, affectionate, and lovable and make great pets. They are smaller and less barky than cockapoos, and both have excellent personalities. However, Cavapoos may be a better choice for families who cannot devote a lot of time to exercise.

While both dogs are generally friendly with children, cockapoos are a bit more playful with younger children. Cavapoos love children, while cockapoos tend to be calmer with them. Both dogs can be good for families with young children. Ultimately, it depends on how well-trained and adjusted you are. And if you don’t plan to take your new dog out much, either breed is likely to be a good fit.

While both breeds are relatively healthy, the Cockapoo is more prone to eye problems. Progressive retinal atrophy is a common degenerative disease in Cavapoos, and they are also susceptible to ear infections and allergies. In addition to eye problems, the Cockapoo can also suffer from cardiac mitral valve disease, a common condition in King Charles spaniels. While there is no cure for this condition, it is important to get your pup tested for it.

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