How To Deal With Picky Eaters

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Finicky ( Picky ) Puppies: Tips To Help You Help Your New Puppy Eat

No. 1: don’t freak out, it’s OK!

No. 2: If you have not done so already, give your puppy some NutriCal. Place a pea-sized amount of NutriCal on your finger and let the puppy lick it off, if it does not lick it by itself you can swab it on the roof of its mouth.

No. 3: if you notice that your puppy isn’t eating well, try to feed him wet food first and mix it with his dry food. it’s also possible to mix it with wet cat food.

No. 4: if the wet food doesn’t work for your puppy, you can try boneless chicken thighs or chicken liver, boiled in hot water (NO SEASONING!) for 5 minutes. Let it cool off and mix it in with the dry kibble.

No 5: If your puppy still doesn’t wanna eat, it will be recommended to go check it with your veterinarian.

The most important this to keep in mind is that a teacup puppy is like a baby. It needs to feel that you will always love it and be there to take care of it no matter what. Never yell, punish or hit your teacup puppy if it doesn’t get the point right away.

Use only positive reinforcement methods with treats and voice praises and don’t give up!

Good Luck!

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