Thank you for my furry baby!

Just got my 12 week puppy this week. Michelle was very helpful and responsive. She provided great customer service, assisted in making the deposit over the phone. She was very attentive and friendly answered all my questions and provided instructions for the puppy care and feeding. Assisted me when I was concerned about the puppy sneeze and cough. I enjoyed being able to see the puppies via FaceTime. The puppies look adorable much better in video than their pictures! The puppy arrived safely to my home with her blanket and puppy food. She (puppy) is pad trained about 75% (thank you for this puppy heaven!). I also like how accustomed she is to having her paws, eyes, and mouth touched makes it easier for grooming purposes. She is very hyper and happy. Unfortunately an hour after her arrival she had a reverse sneeze or some sort of sneeze and cough. Unsure if its due to the environmental change since Vegas was 80 degrees and where I currently am the weather was 45 degrees. Puppy Heaven did provide a puppy wellness check up result the dr who saw her prior to her departure wrote she was healthy. Took her to the vet today confirmed she is in good health aside from the ( cough/sneeze ) they gave me antibiotics for the respiratory infection should clear up in 7 days otherwise I’ll have to do a viral test. We did a parasite and worm testing as usual in puppy wellness overall she is a loving, happy puppy and we are grateful to have her!!
One thing I forgot to ask was if she had any cosmetic things I should be aware of or where she had gotten her vaccinations. After payment I discovered the vaccinations are done with the breeder not the vet. They do provide the vaccination dates with the payment confirmation form. I was just new to the breeder giving the vaccine instead of the vet. She has a little underbite i didn’t know of until after I got her and received her puppy wellness visit done in Vegas. Hopefully it won’t be an issue once she gets older she is absolutely adorable even with the underbite!

A puppy can complete your family, whether it's a family of one or six. Puppy Heaven offers teacup puppies for sale in the Los Angeles area. Our adorable puppies are bred to the highest-quality standards to ensure your puppy is healthy and happy when you adopt them.

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Our puppies are kept in superb conditions and receive regular checkups to maintain health and ensure they grow properly. Each puppy has up-to-date shots and is fully registered, so when you adopt one, you don't have to worry about whether your puppy is healthy. You can simply enjoy your new furry family member.

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