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If you are thinking of owning a native Japanese dog, then you might be curious about the Shikoku. This breed is a hunting dog that is also highly intelligent and athletic. In this article, we’ll go over what this breed has to offer, as well as the most important information you should know before you adopt one. Whether you want a pet for hunting or just for companionship, this article will give you everything you need to know about this dog breed.

Shikoku is a native Japanese dog

The Shikoku is a Japanese dog breed that is native to the area of Japan. This breed is fiercely loyal to its master and loves to play with their owner. They can also excel at obedience and agility training. While this breed can live in apartments, it is best to get daily walks with this dog to burn off some of that energy. Moreover, the Shikoku enjoys agility and obedience training, and this can strengthen the bond between you and your pet. However, it does require a secure yard. Despite their good nature, they will often chase scents and follow prey.

The Shikoku, also known as the Kochi Ken, was originally bred in the mountains off the coast of Japan. This breed was domesticated by Matagi in the 1700s and is a native Japanese dog breed. It is an impressively rugged looking breed with a fierce and steely look. It is a rare dog in Japan and is even considered a living natural monument in the country.

It is a hunting dog

The Shikoku dog is a Japanese hunting dog, which developed in ancient times. It gets its name from the island of Shikoku in the Kochi Prefecture. It is a medium-sized dog, weighing between 35 and 55 pounds, and stands between 17 and 21 inches tall when fully grown. Although similar in build to the Akita and the Shiba Inus, the Shikoku is considered a primitive spitz breed. Its long ears are erect and its coat is thick, and its tail curls upward.

Although Shikoku dogs are highly affectionate towards their owners, they are also cautious around strangers. The dog will greet visitors by wagging its tail and nibbling at their tail. This type of dog should be socialized with children as young as possible. Socializing the dog early with children is important to avoid any mishaps. Children should be supervised when playing with a Shikoku dog, and Shikokus should not be left alone with small animals.

This Japanese breed is a perfect watchdog. They are territorial and suspicious of new people, and will respond to unusual sounds. A Shikoku Dog is an alert dog, and will chase rabbits, cats, and guinea pigs if given the opportunity. Although the Shikoku is a naturally-born hunter, they are not good with small animals, so make sure you keep them out of harm’s way.

It is intelligent

The Shikoku dog breed is an intelligent, sociable, and energetic member of the medium-sized dog breed. Males may reach 49-55 cm in shoulder height while females may reach 43-49 cm. Adult Shikokus typically weigh 16 to 25-kg. Shikokus typically live from 10 to 12 years if properly cared for. This breed should receive a moderate amount of exercise daily as well as an adequate diet. It should also be socialized with children.

The Shikoku Dog breed is known for its fierce loyalty to its owners. While it makes great companions for families, it can sometimes be territorial, and it can exhibit aggression towards other dogs and people. This breed is naturally prey-driven, so it is never a good idea to leave a Shikoku alone with small pets or kids. Although the Shikoku breed is extremely intelligent, it is also very easy for these dogs to develop bad habits. Be aware, however, that Shikoku dogs can quickly get into bad habits and can be hard to train.

Shikoku dogs have a long hunting history, and are highly protective. Unlike other breeds, they don’t like to be around strangers and need to be socialized with children and other pets. They are also very protective of their family and may attack small children if they feel threatened or sexy. As a result, Shikoku dogs should not be kept in an apartment with young children or families with small children.

It is athletic

The Shikoku Dog breed is an athletic and intelligent dog. This breed can be stubborn, but they respond well to positive training techniques and short training sessions. The Shikoku also needs to get plenty of exercise, particularly if you live in an area where the dog can run freely. It is an excellent companion who will also benefit from supervised play sessions. During this time, you can give them doggie puzzles and toys.

The Shikoku Dog breed is also known for its loyalty. Although they are not aggressive to strangers, they may be aloof when it meets new dogs or strangers. Their high prey drive is a natural trait that comes from their hunting background. This breed is very friendly to children, although they can be difficult to train. Young children should never play unsupervised with the dog, as they can be mouthy when they want attention.

The Shikoku Dog breed has a large, athletic chest. Like its parent Siberian Husky, this breed is an excellent companion for active people. Their athletic build and quick reflexes make them excellent companions. They are also very smart, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The Shikoku is a medium-sized dog that is extremely athletic and intelligent. It has a strong sense of direction and is highly sensitive to sound.

It is docile

The Shikoku Dog breed is known for its docile nature and gentle temperament. Though they are quite docile, they are protective of young children and are cautious when it comes to socializing with strangers. They also make great companions and are excellent pets for active people. They are native to Japan, where they evolved as hunting dogs and boar hunters. They are considered among the purest dog breeds in the world, and are often used as watchdogs.

The Shikoku Dog is a medium-sized spitz breed that originated in Japan. This breed is well-bred to hunt deer and wild boar, but has become more popular in the U.S. and elsewhere. This breed has long, fluffy fur and a distinctive head and body shape. The Shikoku is very docile and a perfect companion for people who love to hunt.

A Shikoku Dog is very docile and sociable, and can be raised with children and other animals. They must be raised around other pets, though, and should not be left unsupervised. Shikokus have a tendency to get along well with children, so they should not be left unsupervised with smaller children. They are also generally docile and sociable, which makes them excellent pets for children.

It is a companion dog

The Shikoku Dog breed is a popular companion dog. It does not require a lot of grooming and is an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. However, the Shikoku Dog breed can be prone to certain health problems, making it an unsuitable choice for people with allergies. The Shikoku drools a lot and can be disobedient if not socialized at a young age.

The Shikoku Dog breed is a relatively healthy dog, though they can develop certain health conditions and genetically transmitted diseases. As such, it is important to visit a vet whenever you notice any abnormalities in your Shikoku’s health. This dog breed reproduces by copulating with another dog breed. Shikoku dogs can live between 10 and 12 years in the home. They are also excellent with children.

The Shikoku Dog breed is a Japanese native with a wolf-like appearance and tapered snout. It is closely related to the Shiba Inu, another popular Japanese dog breed. The Shikoku is a great companion for people who enjoy the outdoors. It is intelligent and energetic, making it a great companion for those who love to spend their time in nature. They are also very good watchdogs.

It is socialized with other animals

The Shikoku dog breed is a very loving and loyal dog, but it has some temperamental characteristics. Shikokus tend to be cautious around strangers, especially dogs, and they are hard to train. Their natural hunting instincts make them hard to socialize. While they get along well with children, they are not a good breed for apartments or enclosed homes. However, if you plan on bringing a Shikoku home, make sure that you’re prepared to socialize it with other pets and children.

The Shikoku dog breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but it is part of the Foundation Stock Service, which is a first step towards full registration. Other recognized kennel clubs include the United Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, and Japan Kennel Club. In addition to these three organizations, the Shikoku is recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). The Shikoku breed is socialized with other animals and should be raised by an experienced owner.

Despite their soft mouth, the Shikoku can be very protective and can bite others. The dog may also nibble on your ear or arm. While this isn’t aggressive, the Shikoku breed may bark, growl, or bite when irritated by another animal or person. For this reason, it’s important to socialize your Shikoku early and often. The socialization period lasts for a year, but continued positive exposure can prevent the dog from becoming aggressive towards strangers.

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