Maltipoo Vs Yorkipoo Comparison


If you’re looking for a small dog, consider a Maltipoo or a Yorkshire terrier. These two dogs are very similar, so you might be wondering what makes one better than the other. This article will explain the differences between the two types of small dogs and help you choose the right one for you. You’ll also learn about their health and life expectancy. You’ll also see which one is best for your lifestyle and household.


Despite their similar appearances, the Yorkipoo and Maltipoo are quite different dogs. While both are playful and energetic, there are some significant differences between the two. Although they are small in size, the Yorkipoo has a more active lifestyle. This breed does not tend to be aggressive, but it is smart and can be very energetic. You can expect the Yorkipoo to perform tricks for the benefit of your household and guests.

While both dogs have the same coat types, the Maltipoo has a longer and scruffier fur. A Yorkie, on the other hand, has a straighter coat. Both breeds are small, ranging in size from 7 to 14 inches in height. Each weighs between three and 14 pounds. Each dog requires a small amount of food, but both breeds are equally lovable.

When comparing the two breeds, it’s important to consider the temperament of each dog. A Maltipoo is more affectionate than a Yorkie, and they tend to get along better with other pets. A Yorkie, on the other hand, is more likely to hunt small animals and chase moving objects. Despite their differences in size, they are both very loving and will bond with their owners.


When comparing the two popular Doodle dog breeds, you will notice a few major differences. Maltipoos are smaller and generally have a lighter coat color than Yorkiepoos. They are both hypoallergenic, but the Yorkiepoo has a longer coat that requires more daily brushing. Both types of dogs are extremely bonded to their owners, making them excellent companions for many people.

The color of both the Maltipoo and Yorkipoo varies, but they share some characteristics in common. The former is black or white while the latter is brown or fawn. The color of each breed is determined by the parent breed. The former is smaller, yet still has the high intelligence and loyalty of its Poodle parent breed. Although there are no set standards for the Yorkipoo’s appearance, judging by its coat color, it is easy to see the Yorkiepoo’s superiority in many aspects.

While both breeds are extremely similar in appearance, Maltipoos have a curly coat. They are athletic, low-shedding, and very friendly. They are generally a little larger than Yorkipoos, but they are still not as tall as Yorkipoos. Despite their small size, both Maltipoos are happy and playful, and both lack the aggressive behavior characteristic of their Maltese relatives.


When choosing a pet, there are many things to consider, including the health of Maltipoo vs Yorkopoo. Both breeds are small, but they have a few traits in common. They are both very affectionate, and love to play and be around people. A Maltipoo can thrive in a household full of kids, but they are also known to suffer from separation anxiety. This can be caused by their high-maintenance coats, and can cause stress in both the owner and pet.

Although they are both small dogs, both breeds need daily exercise and regular walks to keep their energy levels up. The Yorkipoo is more stubborn than the Maltipoo, and requires more praise and treats to remain motivated. Compared to its smaller cousin, the Yorkiepoo tends to live inside the home, and needs frequent playtime to burn off excess energy. As with all breeds, the Maltipoo tends to be more active and social, which means that they need more daily exercise than their Yorkie counterpart.

Both breeds are extremely intelligent and playful. Their coats can be wavy or straight. However, both types can grow to be seven to fourteen inches tall and weigh between three and fourteen pounds. Their sizes vary depending on their parentage. A Maltipoo’s coat can be smooth or rough, and it can also be wavy. They are both small, but both can be very intelligent.

Life expectancy

When comparing life expectancy of Maltipoo v-Yorkie, it is essential to understand the differences in these two breeds. Although the Maltipoo has a longer lifespan than the Yorkipoo, both dogs are generally smaller in size. The lifespan of the Yorkipoo is approximately ten years longer than the Maltipoo’s. The two breeds are close in size, with the Maltipoo weighing in at about seven pounds.

Aside from their differences in size, the Maltipoo has a higher metabolism than its Yorkie counterpart. However, they both require the same proportion of dry and wet food. A diet that consists only of wet food can cause dental problems. Proper diet is important for your dog’s overall health and growth. Fortunately, both breeds have similar eating habits.

Although both dogs have similar physical characteristics, their coat color is a key factor to consider. While Yorkiepoos are generally more dark-colored, Maltipoos are white and cream. While both breeds are similar, the Maltipoo tends to be better with other pets. As well as this, both breeds are extremely devoted to their owners. However, it is important to note that both breeds require regular grooming.

Coat type

When you make a Maltipoo vs Yorkiepoo comparison, you’ll see that they are both very lovable, friendly, and affectionate dogs. However, if you’re looking for a playful dog that loves to play, the Yorkiepoo may be the right choice for you. Both types of dogs are excellent companions, but one has more personality than the other. You’ll also find that both breeds are very docile, so they are great for the home environment.

If you’re not too busy, the Maltipoo is likely to be a better choice. These energetic dogs love to play and spend time with their owners. You’ll need to make time to spend with them, or you’ll never get any enjoyment out of them. Similarly, a Yorkiepoo requires you to have enough time for balancing activity levels with periods of rest.

When comparing the Yorkipoo to the Maltipoo, be sure to ask about the size, personality, and coat. These tiny dogs range in size from seven to fifteen inches and weigh three to fourteen pounds. These cute little dogs are also excellent lap dogs. They have a smooth, straight coat, and long hair. Yorkipoos can be either red, apricot, or blue.

Barking at strangers

If you’re looking for a dog that is not a threat to your home, a Maltipoo or a Yorkiepoo may be perfect for you. Both breeds are small and playful, but they both have a tendency to bark at strangers and children if they aren’t trained. While the Yorkiepoo is more independent, the Maltipoo is more clingy and may suffer from separation anxiety.

Both breeds can be playful, loving, and very affectionate. They’re good companions for both individuals and families. While both breeds are moderate barkers, they shouldn’t be left alone all day. Both breeds are highly bonded to their owners and should be socialized with other pets in the household. While both breeds can get along with other animals, it’s important to remember that the Maltipoo needs human companionship to thrive.

If you’re worried about your dog’s barking, you should know that it’s an instinct to guard its territory. It’s likely to chase small animals, and even chase moving objects. But, if you’re not too worried about your dog’s hunting instinct, he’ll probably stay close to you at all times, whether you’re with him or away.


One big difference between Maltipoo and Yorkie is their barking habits. Maltipoos are more active than their counterparts, but they are equally as lovable. Like all dogs, they are prone to barking, but they respond well to training. Nevertheless, the Maltipoo will probably not like to be crated, so you’ll want to spend plenty of time training your new companion.

The Maltipoo breed is more active and energetic than its Yorkiepoo counterpart, so it’s best suited for owners who aren’t too busy. Similarly, the Yorkiepoo needs owners with time to balance their energetic behavior and periods of inactivity. The two breeds are equally smart, making them great candidates for training. In addition, both types of dogs are naturally devoted to their owners.

The Maltipoo is more affectionate and gentle, while the Yorkiepoo is a bit more energetic and sprightly. Both breeds are good with children, but the Yorkie might knock over a small child. Although they’re both great with other dogs and cats, they do have a tendency to nip and spit on rough playmates.

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